Tupac Amaru Story

by Joel Cardella


Nearly twelve weeks ago, members of the leftist Marxist Tupac Amaru rebels seized several hundred people at the Japanese embassy in Peru.

Several of Marc's Servitors were inside when the various waiters, servants and cooks threw off their disguises and revealed their agenda. In the days that followed, due to some excellent diplomacy by Marc's agents, hundreds of people were released, with these same agents among them. Although the agents begged to stay, the rebel leader, Cepras, said no. He didn't want them to sway his people away from their objectives any longer. However, a Kyriotate serving Marc was secretly able to remain.



Not blocks away is an Infernal tether, having been there from the many guerilla wars that happen almost routinely in the Latin America provinces. Humans, in their typical fashion, have blundered into the arms of the enemy. The seneschal sent a Shedite working off some dissonance to the embassy. There she encountered the Kyriotate. But with the tether so close, and the noise it makes, neither could alert anyone else to the other's presence. (Assume that neither knows any Song which would help them, either). They also will not leave the place to the other. They have agreed not to possess any of the guests or the rebels, because of the paranoia of the Amaru. Every time someone comes out of the Marches when they return to their bodies, they are disoriented and remember nothing. The rebels may think they are being gassed and blow the place. So they possess the various vermin living within the embassy estate.



The Host won't interfere, given the proximity to the tether. The Diabolicals won't abandon the tether for fear of it being unguarded. In fact, they've beefed up security quite a bit. But (there's always a But, isn't there?) one of the remaining 72 guests is integral to one of the PC's Superiors plans. This human must be recovered at any cost, without alerting the Diabolicals to what is happening. But the PC's shouldn't know why. They might not even know who!



Katarina Hernandez, a local Peruvian detective, has been assigned to the case. She will do whatever it takes to help the PC's obtain their objective. But (another but!) Hernandez is a Lilim, working for Dominic. She has several geases on her not to reveal her identity or her Superior. She has been assigned to tempt the PC's into blundering, especially those working for a hostile Superior. She will goad them, guide them, instruct them, even geas them into doing something which will accomplish their personal goal but also which would prove them dissonant, and thereby under Dominic's microscope.





Also remember that anyone the PC's speak with will probably speak Portugese or Spanish as their native language. Some may speak English as a second language. Without the Song of Tongues or a Language skill, well...it could be difficult.


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