Sex, Lies and Kyriotates

By Various hands

**Flaming Feather**

"Damian O'Dea" (, regarding a thread on the list entitled: "Lies, convenient and not-so-convenient..." writes:

The thread title inspired me to come up with one of my worst ever puns, I think. Which I had to inflic- um, _share_ with everyone.

Perhaps someone cleverer than I could come up with the plot for a story called

"Sex, Lies and Kyriotates"

Sorry. I'll go away now ;p

Charybdis GreyDragon ( replies:

Ohhh... OUCH! A charming little tale about a Lilim, a Balseraph and a Kryriotate?

and Jeff Miller ( suggests:

A plot come to mind involving a conflict between a Kyriotate of Eli and a Balseraph of Andre. (allied with Nybbas just to make the pun deeper).


[More as they show up...]

**Flaming Feather**

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