Cloned Sheep

by Joel Cardella

A Scottish scientist has successfully cloned a sheep.

This happens much to the dismay of Jean but to the delight of Vapula. In fact, Jean, seeing the direction the scientist was heading, was ready to cut him off when Yves stepped in.

"It is his destiny," said Yves. "Once he has completed this thing, you may have him. But not before."

Jean was furious, absolutely livid. But he acquiesed to Yves Word, and had his own Servitors standing by to replace the scientist when Yves gave the signal. They will use a semi-permanent variation of the Song of Form, will replace the scientist, then somehow continue his research. The imposter will find some way discredit his work, and the sheep clone will be found inviable. Then the entire project will lose funding and be dumped.

Now, Vapula is quite concerned about Jean's lackluster attitude toward the whole situation. He begins to think that Jean is going to make an attempt on the scientist, (doing exactly what Jean is planning to do). But he is nervous about Jean's inaction. So he sends his own agents to intercept the Scottsman before Jean can make a move.

[At some point along this road, the PC's have entered the story.]

The PC's, Jean's Servitors, and Vapula's agents all get to the laboratory at more or less the same time. They find a dazed and confused guard there, who tells them that the scientist is gone.

Guard: "Three guys in Halloween masks came and nabbed him. I tried to stop 'em, but...I dunno. I guess I fell asleep, or something..."

PCs: "Halloween masks? What did they look like?"

Guard: "Funny...they were all dressed like the Devil. Ya know, horns & stuff."

Enter Jean and/or Vapula (metaphorically, of course). Although the PC's may work for any Superior (Infernal or Divine), they are told they need to find the scientist NOW. And they need to find out who these "Halloween masked guys" are, as if they didn't already know.

Luckily for them, the guard remembers a detail. In his dazed state, he heard them talking about something called "eesluh duh leebray".


Behind the Scenes

The scientist has been nabbed by a group of Renegade demons. They have a theory: if this guy can clone sheep, he is not far from cloning humans. They now have a source of unlimited human vessels for which they don't have to use their own Essence to craft. Not using their own Essence means not betraying their positions. Eternal life, as it were.

The demons have their own interesting story. It seems that there's an underground network of Renegades. Perhaps 30 or so, in various guises and enterprises, all around the world. This network is run, more or less, by Richard DuChamp. He is a wealthy, ne'er do well gadabout, with nothing better to do with his money than cause suffering unto others. He accomplishes this by harboring and helping the Renegades.

In turn, the Renegades provide him with entertainment. He has supplied them with a remote lab and the equipment necessary to continue the experimentation. He thinks that cloning is funny.

The remote site is an island near South America called Isla del Libre, "Freedom Island". It is in a tropical zone, is about 600 square miles total, and in very thick jungle overgrowth. Impossible to see anything from the air. But hey, what's an adventure without a good jungle hike?

The Renegades will do whatever it takes to protect their identities, even if it means killing the scientist (not by their own hands, of course) and bailing out of the network.

The scientist is really far away from cloning humans, but he isn't letting them know it. He will play the game until he finds an avenue of escape. He is sharp, alert but easily intimidated and overpowered. He will do his best to stall them as long as possible.


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