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Mixed stuff of original posts, Bodhi's responses, and Ms. McCoy's additional comments... then Ms. McCoy wrote...

Frankly, one of the *saddest* setups I can think of is if an Elohite and Lilim got together and then the Lilim got hit with a Geas that demanded she work against him. He would have to work against her, unabashedly, no holds barred, all information gleaned out of the relationship used against her. She'd have to do the same, or become dissonant. (And I don't know if Superiors can remove Geasa! Even if a Lilim went bright, she might *still* have to fulfill the Geas, or become Dissonant and Fall...) Both with agony in their souls, working against each other, maybe even to kill each other... Serious tragedy.

On the other hand, a Lilim might understand the Duty that drives an Elohite (it's like being Geased to the Symphony's will) enough that, if they both survived, they could get back together. Maybe.

Now THIS is soap-opera stuff I could sink my teeth into! I like this idea!

... and personally, I'm SURE that any Lilim who can understand and empathize enough with an Elohite (emotional commitments always subserviant to Duty and Responsibility) is going to be forgiving enough to get back together afterwards. After all, she is absolutely subserviant to the same things, regarding her geasae (sp?)

Hmmm... I never noticed how similar Elohites and Lilim are!

Walk in Beauty,

Rob Wolff / Bodhi

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