The Old Stomping Grounds

By: Peter Frederick <>


<A Local TV New Broadcast> "Tonight on Channel Ten Late Night News. Long distance swimmer breaks world record, Michael Jackson harrassed by look alike fan and the Missing Link or just another Hoax?"

There are a number of hooks you can use to open this adventure. An Academic acquanitance of the characters' might put the information their way, they might hear about it on the news or in a local paper, they might hear some disturbances in the Symphony or they might get some inside word through a Celestial contact.

From a Corporeal contact, the Characters will be told that evidence is mounting that a "prehistoric" anthropoid is wandering the wilderness near to the characters' City. Even the more serious and sceptical sources will be of the opinion that this is more than the usual hoax. Those close to the Wilderness might pick up faint disturbances in the Symphony of the type made by the focused use of Essence. If one of the characters has a connection to Laurence then he might be approached to assist with a "situation." The Celestial contact will tell the characters that an Angel suffering from Celestial Amnesia has projected himself to Earth in an unusual Vessel. Since he was under the care of Laurence's Servitors they would like him found and returned to Heaven as quietly as possible.

What is going on here?

Once upon a time there was a Cherub of Uriel named Shinar. Shinar was a very old Servitor of Uriel, having had a long career and being one of the small number of Angels who visited Earth before the rise of modern man. During Uriel's crusade Shinar had a number of his vessels destroyed and suffered some reduction of Celestial forces through clashes with pagan and impure spirits. The losses pushed Shinar deep into Trauma and in the reorganisation after Uriel's withdrawal his Heart was put in the care of Laurence, along with a number of others who were in Tramua at the time.

Recently Shinar recovered from his Trauma very confused. With the loss of over half his Celestial forces, Shinar had lost a reasonable chunk of his memory and waking in a strange place decided to get out of there and figure it all out later on. He raced off into the Ethereal Marches where he lost his pursuers. Looking for a way off the Ethereal Plane, Shinar wandered into the dreams of a group of teens on a camp who had been telling each other stories of the local "Bigfoot." Shinar followed the dreams back to the Corporeal Plane and took on the last vessel he has, a gigantopithicus.

After awaking all the teens, and starting the rumours of a bigfoot/missing link, Shinar lost himself in the wilderness. Finding himself back in a wilderness setting and in a vessel and role that brings back deep memories of his first experiences, he has fallen into the role of protector of the lost and helpless. Unfortunately his reactions to some aspects of the modern era have drawn decidedly mixed attention.

Where do we go from here?

Well, the rest of the adventure is basically finding Shinar and talking him in. Not too difficult if you are left alone. He will be very suspicious of anyone using Songs, not highly regarded in the neolithic era, or using modern technology (i.e., anything a person from 1 A.D. wouldn't recognise/understand). Besides that he is a very reasonable Celestial. The only thing likely to make him really jump is the news of the "ascension" of Uriel and anyone who harps on it might get a neolithic knuckle sandwich.


Mortals - There are a range of Mortals who may be in the Woods hunting the missing link / beastman. Scientists, media sensationalists, occultists and big game hunters might all put in an appearance. The characters should be trying to put them on the wrong track, and if possible provide them with answers to the sightings that they will accept.

Celestials - Local Servitors of Jordi might not be happy about the characters tromping around their home, even if the situation is explained to them. The characters might also have to come between teh Jordites and some of the Mortals mentioned above.

Demons - Drawn by the similar clues as the Characters. Perhaps sent by Asmodeus on a tip off. Servitors of Asmodeus could even be included in one of the groups of Mortals.

Grigori - who better to find the lost Angel then those who where here when he was? It might be that the Grigori, or their Children, will be drawn to Shinar from some memory of relationships with Angels before they became corrupt.


If they have done well then Shinar will have been returned to Heaven to be re-orientated and there will be no signs that anything unusual happened. More likely there will be some very confused Celestials and Mortals who will be trying to find out what happened and will be getting aroud to the characters to find out sooner or later.

If they did get Shinar back, then he will remember them later, for good or bad, and they will likely have some sort of thanks from Laurence.

Shinar - Cherub of Uriel

Corp Force 4  Str  8  Ag    8
Ethe Force 4  Int  8  Prec  8
Cele Force 2  Will 4  Percp 4

Vessel: Level 4 (Gigantopithicus); Body Hits 64
Role: Level 5 (Neolithic Hunter); Status 1

Skills - Fighting 5, Dodge 5, Lg Weapon (spear) 5, Throwing 4. Move Silent 5, Tracking 4, Survival 4, KS Neolithic Animals 4, Language Neolithic Indo-Aryan 3, Craft (Stone working) 5, KS Herbal Medicine 4

Songs - Tongues Cele 5, Healing Corp 4

Artifacts - Spear - LWeap (Spear) +2

Cherub of Purity Attunment - A Cherub of Purity will know instantly if anyone is trying to corrupt anyone they are attuned to. With a perception roll they may discover more about the corruption, ie who is making the attempt, how and what the corruption is (ref's decision).

Rites - remove corruption from a place, object or person.


**Flaming Feather**

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