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That's what I was getting at really, just some way of getting over the occasional bout of writer's block. Anyhow, I digress, I can go for the capsulated plot approach ( assuming that I understand you correctly ). I just love anything that complicates things for my players, and here are some humble ideas. If anybody has anything like this that they're prepared to pass on then please feel free to mail them to me! At the moment, I'm running a version of 'No Dinero' from H&H, and its going into its sixth or seventh session now, which is not bad when our sessions tend to be about eight hours long. All due to nonsense like this...

1) A cherub in a law enforcement role is assigned to protect a doctor receiving death threats. The doctor is *a good man* yet he is being criticised/threatened for his stand on abortion. He supports the woman's right of freedom of choice. Where does the cherub stand on this?

2) A disturbance in the Symphony leads the characters ( angels or SoGs ) to the scene of an accident. A small child has been hit and killed by a customised 'muscle car' which the PCs may recognize as an infernal, corporeal artifact. The driver is dazed and visibly shaken. He is taken into custody and later released on bail. Do the PCs go in both guns blazing? He's actually a mundane, but the car belongs to a demon who got sent packing back to hell sometime ago, and this guy somehow acquired it. The car itself has a 'cunning' intelligence ( and dodgy brakes ) but is nothing exceptional. The demon nevertheless might have friends looking for it, or maybe he has another vessel now and is back for it himself?

3) A top model plummets to her death from her high rise condo in a similarly noisy way. Recently she has been promoting the wearing of fur on the catwalks. Did she anger a Malakite of Jordi, or had she upset her master, the Demon of Extinction, in some way? Maybe neither, but she was somehow connected with the Demon of Anorexia, and the fur bit was a red herring?

4) In the lobby to City Hall/ A Famous Skyscraper/ Police Plaza, etc, a perceptive PC spots curious markings on the floor. They are the remains of a mostly erased pentagram...


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