Thoughts on Immortality - plot seed

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Apologies if I'm just reiterating something that has been stated previously. I also apologise for anything that may seem a little far fetched or cliche.

With all this talk of I got to thinking of the Genesis stuff about how God sent Adama and Eve out of Eden lest they eat of the tree of life and live forever. Of course, the following plot seed is severely dependant on whether or not you feel that Eden is a geographical location in the Corporeal.


A group of research scientists in Antartica, testing the various Antartican resources. Mostly geologists looking for fuel and other resources.

One day, an intern discovers a series of caverns that lead below the surface. He gets down there and finds a garden. He stops of at a tree and sees lovely orange colored fruit. He peels one and takes a bite. he feels a warmth radiating from within. The fatigue of climbing through the caverns washes away from his limbs. Just in time, he ducks as a tongue of flame waves past his head.

He takes a quick look, and sees a man wielding what appears to be a flaming sword. He runs. However, not fast enough. He looks down, and sees a lick of flame appear through his chest. He blacks out.

His colleagues find his body at the base of a sheer cliff. His clothes are singed as though he were standing too near a fire. As they move to lift him, he stands on his own....

That was 45 years ago. The intern has not aged a year in all that time. Finally, however, research has given him the tools that he needs to find the hidden garden once again. He has garnered aid from the military to dig down into the Antartic continent. The Tree of Life will be his...

Plot ideas:

1) I don't think that someone like Saminga is going to sit on his heels and allow this to happen. Odds are, he's going to pull in every favor to make sure that it doesn't happen. However, will the Angels continue God's will and not allow the humans get to the tree. However, wouldn't this put them working with the demons?

2) The military comes down on Antartica and starts pushing away all researchers. Many of these researchers may be from non aligned nations. Could this be the confrontation that makes Gabriel call on the Trumpet?

3) A cherub's attuned is dying of a non curable disease. The Tree of Life could be the only cure. To what lengths will he go?

4) It's all a hoax. There is no Eden and this history is all a construct. This is actually a ploy to lead a bunch of Celestials to a fall.

Just my thoughts on Immortality. An interesting cross, though, would be the idea that in this case, immortality could be a blessing. Then you take the Wandering Jew, in which immortality is a curse. Hmm...



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