The Secret

by Rob Wolff / Bodhi

Campaign Reference Material:... read them if you've got time... Jesus Died in Kashmir; Secrets of the Templars; Holy Blood, Holy Grail

Introductory Story

I sat at my desk, thinking about how much I love being a cop. Long hours, underpaid, people yelling at you when you hang around too long, people yelling at you when you don't show up on time... I guess there's no pleasing people. It's not their fault that they're only people. Thank God I'm not people; I don't think I could handle the job if I was.

I looked down at the pile of papers on my desk. I read somewhere that a clean desk is a sign of an unhealthy mind, and vice versa. Looks like I should be in for an upcheck on my next psych evaluation... this desk couldn't get more crowded if I tried. I know that there's a computer down underneath there somewhere, but I just don't seem to get the hang of those things. I never liked Jean's way of doing things... I prefered it when things were simpler. Oh well, you've gotta move with the times.

Obviously, somebody else preferred things when they were simple as well - like them well enough to kill for a little piece of memorabilia. I opened the file that seemed to be nagging at me from the corner of my desk. I read, for about the thousandth time, the photocopies of the various police reports from the museum break-in. I mean, I understand that reading's the greatest thing since sliced bread (oh, man, remember when that came out ?...) and I'm all behind the literacy campaign down at the department, but come on?!?! Killing some museum guard over a book? Who cares if Leonardo da Vinci scrawled some notes down in this stupid little pad.

Well, obviously, some bibliophile cared an awful lot. Enough to kill.

I just couldn't let this one go. I had a funny feeling about this one. Not my normal range of funny feelings, the ones that I can trust because I'm supposed to trust them... this was the kind that my brother cops got. You know... gut reaction.

I had sent out a couple of feelers, but so far, no leads. I'd left for message at some big-time da Vinci scholar down at the University, but so far she hadn't got back to me. I was about to file this one under "unsolved, ... forget about it" when the computer under all my paper beeped, telling me in this sexy-sweet female voice that I had new mail.

Which wasn't that strange, except that I don't think I'd turned the thing on in the three years its been under there. I've never sent or received e-mail in my entire, very long life!

When I uncovered the screen, there was indeed an e-mail message waiting for me, blinking on the screen.

It said, simply, "The Museum. Drop it. It's for your own good."

Damn, I hate it when my gut is right! I hate it more when I refuse to listen to it. Looked like I'd be putting in for more over-time...


Gaming Style

Think X-files, Oliver Stone, conspiracies, the cold war, secrets, secrets, secrets...

Sequence of Events

The following events should take place throughout the course of the campaign, but the campaign is not, I repeat not, limited to these events.


  1. Somebody kills a guard at the museum in the course of stealing a newfound da Vinci private diary.
  2. The book is discovered, and found to contain a reference to "The Priory of Zion", the Knights Templar, and a list of Angelic names.
  3. The Priory of Zion is discovered to be a secret society, based over the centuries, whose purpose is secret, but who seem to be devoted to the protection of a certain lineage/bloodline. One of the grand masters was Leonardo daVinci, but others have included Sir Isaac Newton, etc.
  4. The Knights Templar are investigated, and found to be a disbanded order of Knights dating back to the crusades. Phillippe IV of France helped to discredit them, claiming that they worshipped a demon named Baphomet, and that they had fallen from grace. He got his puppet Pope in Avignon to disband the order, and branded them heretics. However, they continued on in secret. The Templars apparently kept the secret of the San Greal, or Holy Grail.
  5. The players run up against a demon servitor of Kronos, who warns the players to stop their investigation.
  6. The list of Angelic names all turn out to all belong to Cherubim, but they've all also mysteriously been Outcast.
  7. None of the Cherubim are found to be Fallen, nor destroyed, nor redeemed. They've all become outcast, at different times throughout the millenia, but that seems to be the extent of it... save that they're all listed by a secret society.
  8. The players run up against an angel servitor of Yves, who warns the players to stop their investigation.
  9. The two servitors of Fate and Destiny are discovered to be,... well, not exactly enemies, but not exactly friends...but somehow linked by a mutual purpose.
  10. The players discover a secret sect of Albigensians who seem to also be interested in protecting this mysterious bloodline, the Children of the Blood.
  11. The players must contact an Outcast Seraph, who also has not yet fallen, and through a series of ever-revealing mysteries are led towards the true Secret.
  12. Legends are discovered of an Archangel of Preservation, but nobody knows of his history or whereabouts. If Yves is consulted, he warns the players off.
  13. The players run into the New Knights Templar, or Society of Preservation, a secret society made up of "Outcast" Cherubim, selected servitors of Fate and Destiny, and Children of the Grigori.
  14. The players must decide what to do with their newfound secret knowledge... a secret so shocking it threatens the entire make-up of the war.



Many different theological and archaeological experts have put forth theories about the existence of a bloodline belonging to Jesus Christ. Jesus did not die on the cross, but instead, was smuggled out by his followers to continue his work in the East. His bloodline, or progeny, were smuggled north by Joseph of Aramathea, and the words San Greal (or holy grail) were mistaken for the words Sang Real (or Holy Blood). Thus, the bloodline of Christ was taken North, to safety, and guarded as it flourished.

God's influence, and the influence of Celestial beings, is therefore blended with the Symphony directly in this fusion of Man and Celestial. These individuals have, buried deep within them, Celestial-type Ability linked with complete Harmony with the Symphony. As men, they are part of the Symphony; as progeny of God, they have Celestial Potential. They would have Angelic/Demonic Power, yet not disturb the Symphony as they are an integral part of it!

If every mortal man has a Destiny (best possible outcome), and a Fate (worst possible outcome), then this Bloodline has the same outcome for both possibilities: namely, to become so powerful as to provide a powerful third force in the great war. This force would not be Celestial, nor would it be Diabolical: it would be Humanistic! A Child of the Blood who becomes a Soldier (for either side), has a Destiny/Fate that is entirely interested in preserving Humanity's interests to the exclusion of either Heaven's or Hell's. They would, by their very nature, fight to keep the great War going on in perpetuity, so that Humanity could go on existing.

Yves knows that this would further diminish the chances of Heaven beating Hell in the great War. Kronos knows that this would further diminish Hell's chances of beating Heaven in the great war. Either way you look at it, a Third Faction in this war, based entirely in the Corporeal Realm and yet capable of Supra-Corporeal power... without disturbing the Symphony... would be too much to handle. Thus, an agreement was made.

Such individuals cannot be recruited as Soldiers, lest their added knowledge and abilities awaken their dormant Potential. They are like Nuclear Weapons, waiting to go off, in a war that is mostly waged using swords and guns.

If neither side can harness their potential, then both sides must take pains to ensure that such potential is never utilized. Likewise, the bloodline must be preserved, as nobody trusts the other side to not "hide" one extra Child of the Blood, and try to turn it towards their own purpose.

The analogy with nuclear weapons is extremely precise. They are too powerful to use, yet neither side trusts the other not to hold one out should they attempt "unilateral disarmament" by destroying all the Children of the Blood.

It was decided by Yves and Kronos that they would assign certain Servitors to watch over these humans, and to ensure that no Celestial or Diabolical ... especially the archangels and princes... ever gained knowledge of these Children of the Blood. It is their belief that others who rule wouldn't hold the unique perspective that Fate and Destiny give one, and would lack the wisdom to not to try to use them.

Whenever a Cherubim finds out about this secret society, they immediately see the necessity of keeping this Secret. However, since they must exhibit Devotion, any Cherubim cannot in all good conscience keep a secret from their Master for very long. Thus, they begin to generate dissonance, and eventually fall out of grace with their master. Indeed, due to the inevitability of this, many of them leave service voluntarily, become Outcast, and then vow to guard the Children of the Blood. These individuals are incapable of generating more dissonance, as they have made the ultimate sign of devotion - voluntarily leaving Heaven's Graces for the Greater Good. They form the backbone of protection for the Children of the Blood.

The Templars, who's real purpose was to guard the Sang Real (Holy Blood), gladly accepted the assistance of these Guardian Angels. Unfortunately, greed and distrust led Phillippe IV to disband the Templars, and the mission had to go underground. The Priory of Zion was formed, and the mission was passed on to this body of individuals.

Thus, some humans, some "Outcast" Cherubs, certain servitors of Fate and Destiny, and the certain Children of the Grigori, all are members of an elite Illuminati, who all keep the secret of a potential Third Faction in the great war.

They must never let this secret be released to general knowledge, as most Celestials and Diabolicals, most especially the war-factions, would immediately begin grooming Children of the Blood as Soldiers for their side. However, both Kronos and Yves understand that the ultimate Fate and/or Destiny of such a Soldier is to have the interests of Humanity at heart. Thus, the secret must be kept, the Bloodline must be maintained just in case, and the Children of the Blood must be guarded. No Celestial or Diabolical may know of this without swearing primary fealty to the New Templars. Failure to do so leaves no choice but to destroy the Celestial/Diabolical in question.

Thus, if the players insist on uncovering the Secret of the Children of the Blood, and the existence of the New Knights Templar, then they will find themselves either unwillingly devoted to keeping this Secret, or Destroyed!

However, membership has its privileges....


Special Notes

If you're wondering, all of the things that I have mentioned in the previous plotline are actual groups, individuals, and theories in theology/archeology. Read the references listed before flaming with me comments about the premise being "too far fetched".


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