Vap to the Future?

By: Elizabeth McCoy (

Time-travel, Prince of Technology style...

One day, in the PC's area, they start hearing *bad* Symphonic disturbance. They get to the source, and everything seems normal. (Cruel GMs will describe something odd right after this -- such as the cybercafe/bordello that's been there for, oh, ages... Yes, normal.) But the echoes are still continuing...and getting worse, jangling the entire Symphony.

Then appears a messenger... Pick a Superior: Yves, Jean, Kronos, or maybe Vapula. (Or someone else, of course -- but these are the main players.)

**Flaming Feather**

Yves and Jean: Something strange is going on, changing the Symphony on Earth (Heaven is far). If it isn't stopped, the ripples will destroy all the Heaven-Tethers! Obviously someone is trying an end-run around the War -- out-flanking with some way to travel through, well, time. Fortunately, the Yves/Jean team can get pretty inventive when they put their heads together (and might even get some help from Eli in this case).

Meet the Ofanite-possesed Delorian -- a volunteer has been bound into a time-machine vessel. No PCs need drive, though there's still a steering wheel. (PC Ofanim may argue about this with the car, of course.)

**Flaming Feather**

Kronos: Vapula's gone and done another experiment. It has to do with time-travel. Makes a lot of noise, doesn't it? Little problem. The Princes of Tech and Fate were going to go along themselves, to keep an eye on how things were going. Well, Tech's unavailable for comment for some reason (we're looking into it, with some of the Game), and Kronos is here, and the changes being altered seem to be intent in boosting Vap's Word until his power will rival Kronos'...or Lucifer's... Fortunately, we still have one of the devices around, so you lot can go after them and find out what's happening and *fix* it.

Meet an artifact that's probably full of bugs...

**Flaming Feather**

Vapula: Okay, it's like this. The High Programmer himself kinda got himself put into some kind of temporal bubble, and the Temporal Team ran off on their own. And, well, some of the changes aren't the ones the boss ordered. In fact, it's looking like the leader of the Temporal Team (a Wordbound Shedite Baron of Gremlins) is working on a coup -- enhancing his Word (pick something that will scare your players -- MicroSoft, for instance) over Vapula's!

We can't have *that*! Meet an artifact that's got a few less bugs than the one Kronos' people have.

**Flaming Feather**

Okay, you've got your PCs loaded up into something at least a little obnoxious. You've got them to the temporal location with appropriate side effects (c'mon, you know you want to make them hit 88mph and leave flaming tracks! Watch the Ofanite-version do it by turning its wheels sideways and making a circle. Did Jean remember to pack Dramamine in the glove compartment?). They get to look around and remember when they were youngsters (or at least younger) and yep, things sure did change.

And they get to discover that it's a *lot* easier to make noise when you're outside of the Symphony *and* your proper time! In fact, any time they do something that "tweakes" their "future history", they make noise. This has its good points (they know when they're doing something "wrong") and its bad points (can you say, shooting up a signal flare?).

Other things to bother them with... inability to summon their Superior, inability to use Rites (handwave it -- they're outside of time, so they can't access their Superior's Word as easily), having to dodge other celestials in the area because they don't want to cause more paradoxes... Tracking down the offending Team of Tech, dodging or battling the *other* teams (of NPCs, as listed above) who are trying to do the same thing -- and, of course, giving into temptation (or following orders, for demons) and doing a little temporal meddling themselves, to benefit *their* lot. (Personally, Superior-wise, or Side-wise.)


Will they be able to succeed in their missions,
without erasing themselves, their Superior(s),
or their Side? Only Time will tell...

**Flaming Feather**

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