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Some remarks taken from one of
Derek Pearcy's emails to the In Nomine List.
This is Copyright 1997 Steve Jackson Games.

**Flaming Feather**


Blandine, Archangel of Dreams

Some dreams are more solid than others, and Blandine's servants are charged with protecting dreamers and helping them battle their fears. The minions of Beleth, Princess of Nightmares, are her dire enemies.

David, Archangel of Stone

His angels strengthen people by forcing them to endure terrible labors. David believes this is necessary if humanity is to survive the times ahead.

Dominic, Archangel of Judgment

Dominic and his servants have been charged with maintaining order by rooting out corruption in the Symphony, even among angels. Especially among angels.

Eli, Archangel of Creation

'Do what thou wilt,' he told [his angels], 'but be cool.' Left his duties in Heaven, and has been seen wandering Earth.

Gabriel, Archangel of Fire

Gabriel is too unstable to manage God's armies, too disturbed to rehabilitate and too powerful to destroy.

Janus, Archangel of the Wind

In a typical scenario, an angel of Janus comes to town, scopes the place out, and mayhem ensues. Actually, almost any adventure of these angels ends with, 'and mayhem ensues.'

Jean, Archangel of Lightning

He and his Servitors don't think very highly of humanity. 'But in spite of their tiny cranial volumes,' he admits, 'they still manage the occasional flash of insight.'" Jean is the Archangel of inspiration, of illumination and technology.

Jordi, Archangel of Animals

Ignore the lie that is 'civilization,' the shared hallucination which humans call society.

Laurence, Archangel of the Sword

Laurence is a Malakite, honorable to a fault, and the supreme commander of God's army on Earth.

Marc, Archangel of Trade

He and his servants are divine diplomats, Heaven's negotiators.

Michael, Archangel of War

As the most powerful angel, in mind and in body, Michael bested Lucifer in hand-to-hand combat and personally kicked his red ass out Heaven's door.

Novalis, Archangel of Flowers

She is a powerful female principle; her Word in the angelic tongue resonates with tones of growth, nurturing and peace.

Yves, Archangel of Destiny

Yves is not omniscient, but he knows the names of all things, everything that has been written down, and -- as Archangel of Destiny -- all the best and brightest possiblities for the world.

**Flaming Feather**


The Demon Princes

Andrealphus, Prince of Lust

Andrealphus' Djinn, who couldn't care less anyway, are the best at faking affection. They have the uncanny ability to keep a person in mental 'cuddlespace,' that post-coital afterglow during which a person is most susceptible to a demon's powerful will.

Asmodeus, Prince of the Game

Asmodeus and his Servitors are Lucifer's secret police, responsible for hunting down renegades and other traitors to the infernal armies.

Baal, Prince of War

His demons are sent to Earth to encourage the self-destruction of humanity and to help other demons defend against the angelic menace.

Beleth, Princess of Nightmares

The creatures of Beleth defend themselves from life by becoming the most terrifying things in it.

Belial, Prince of Fire

Belial would let the whole world burn before admitting defeat.

Haagenti, Prince of Gluttony

The world is starving -- it must be fed. Just don't stand to close, or you might lost an arm. (Mmmmm. Arm.)

Kobal, Prince of Dark Humor

It is Kobal's talent to skillfully pervert the art of humor into mockery, hatred and despair. His demons serve Evil by turning thought into laughter, concern to callousness, reverence to blasphemy -- all in the name of good clean fun.

Kronos, Prince of Fate

He and his Servitors are the only demons with a true connection to the Symphony at large, charged with perverting its workings from the inside out.

Malphas, Prince of Factions

. . . but in the end, we have no allies at all. Each of us is a faction of one.

Nybbas, Prince of the Media

Television has forever changed the way mankind thinks and dreams. Nybbas' plot to mold the psyches of humanity is working all too well.

Saminga, Prince of Death

The Demon Prince of Death always prefers dead puppets to living mortal servants. As this might indicate, Saminga isn't particularly bright.

Valefor, Prince of Theft

Ever since humanity learned to tell one cave from another, it has struggled with the concept of ownership. Valefor delights in the conflicts between those who have and those who want.

Vapula, Prince of Technology

The Prince of Technology loves gadgets, and has absolutely no conscience about their side effects.

The demons also, technically, have Lilith (Princess of Freedom) on their side, but not being a true demon, she's an unreliable ally.

**Flaming Feather**


If you've played any of the prerelease playtest versions, you'll notice there were a few changes made to the final lineups. Some renaming, some shuffling, a few additions. I'd rather people take what was finally printed as gospel, so to speak, instead of being biased toward or against any Superiors as being "old" or "new" -- besides, I like the way they turned out.

Actually, I couldn't believe we managed to get 26 Superiors (27, with Lilith) squeezed into the core book. It was quite a chore. We'll be introducing a small handful of new Archangels in the coming year, and just as many Princes, but we're not going to deluge you with new Superiors. We'd rather flesh out the ones we've already got. (And don't worry, we're not going to do books and books of new Choirs and Bands, either.)

Currently proposed Archangels:

Currently proposed Demon Princes:

. . . and of course, how could we forget Furfur, the Demon Prince of Rock and Roll, the star of Night Music.

**Flaming Feather**

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