Manic and fleet, tensed for action and wired to the gills, the Ofanim are the Easy Riders of the celestial realm. Forged from the stuff of speed and madness, they are Heaven's swiftest instruments and, once set in motion, implacable, unstoppable forces of action.

The resonance of the Ofanim is motion -- they just don't stop. With an almost abrasive insistence on action, this Choir produces the most tangible short-term results. Whenever an Ofanite needs to go somewhere, his divine perception of the Symphony instantly reveals the quickest path. A constant traveler, he has an intuitive knowledge of the lay of the land. The city-dwelling Ofanim are particularly useful, and their navigation skills truly miraculous. They don't ever use their turn signals, they don't ever take the scenic route.

Though exuding extreme haste, they are also very whimsical creatures -- though others prefer the more traditional term, "insane." By even the loosest celestial standards they seem crazed. The typical Ofanite likes to watch television as he paces, one hand clenched around the remote control as channels speed past, ranting loudly and gesturing wildly like a spider monkey on amphetamines.

Of all the Heavenly Choirs, the Malakim have the hardest time getting along with the Ofanim: the speedsters' mad frivolity is directly at odds with the warrior caste's cold seriousness.

The primary dissonance of the Ofanim is inaction. If they see the opportunity to indulge their natures, they feel compelled to do so. Being imprisoned, or bound, or otherwise unable to act may frighten an Ofanite, but being physically free to act and not doing so will terrify him. Inaction in the face of an overwhelming compulsion is darkly dissonant, and has driven as many Ofanim to the grave as it has dropped into Hell -- where these Fallen resurface as Calabim.

Manner and Appearance
In their celestial vessels, Ofanim appear as giant wheels of holy fire, whirling across the sky. Their human vessels reflect their manic natures: wide-eyed, thin-lipped, gaunt, unkempt and disheveled, radiating heat from a four-chambered heart beating too quickly. Their eyes may betray their madness but show no trace of fear.

Ofanim are creatures of great percussion. In modern times this translates as everything from frequent, random cymbal crashes to techno across Europe at 140 bpm.

Racing from one edge of the world to another, they are the border crossers and message bearers, celestial workaholics in the ultimate high-pressure office. The other Choirs respect the Ofanim a great deal, though they sometimes also pity them.

Ofanim Game Mechanics

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