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September 23, 2018: Take A Detour With Munchkin Side Quests

Munchkin Side Quests hit stores recently, and like many of our Munchkin mini-expansions, it's the perfect addition to any game. However, it's a unique expansion, as it adds a brand new deck to your game, with new end-game conditions. This little box of cards packs a big game-changing punch, and we wanted to make sure you knew it!

Side Quests adds a deck of secret goals that players will get throughout their game. These goals can vary, from Beat The Boss (where you need to beat a Level 20 Monster without help) to something like Overpowered (which requires you to have three or more Powers in play at the same time). Not playing Super Munchkin or another game with Powers? Simply draw a new secret goal! The cool thing about this 30-card expansion is that you have options for any version of Munchkin, but you aren't required to play a particular version to use these goals and have fun. 

Not only . . . [more]

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