• "A key may only be acquired from someone who likewise holds the same key. Most of the (very) few remaining groups which hold knowledge of the keys hold only two to four of them, while a few more favored groups may hold as many as six." - The Keys of Solomon by Eric Hallstrom
  • ""Anything capable of storing and/or emitting energy can be made to explode." - Mike's Maxims for Maximizing Military Mayhem (Malakite)" - Jangling by Moe Lane
  • "Vapula has never been known for his self-restraint when it comes to new and psychotic ideas, but this latest one has put more than a few people on edge." - Orbital Mind Control Lasers by Michael Cleveland
  • "The two items ... are devices that can be made in a wholly mundane fashion, but interact with the War on a non-mundane level. This is something of a difficult business -- the trick is to find an observable quantity which can be traced to a datum of interest about celestials." - War-Oriented Mundane Devices by William J. Keith
  • "Believe it or not, just about everyone agrees that one of the tragedies of the Purity Crusade was the destruction of the dragons." - Nagahide by Moe Lane
  • **Flaming

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