Angels Don't Play This HAARP

By Gary Anastasio (


The scream in the Symphony could be heard as far away as Portland. A huge disturbance ripped through the quiet, new age, community of Eugene causing the local celestials to be utterly destroyed. No demons were in the area when the disruption occurred, only the heavenly hosts suffered casualties. The angels are sent to Eugene to try to discover what caused the death of their comrades. Once they arrive in Eugene, they will discover that the angelic tethers have also been destroyed by the disruption. They will also discover that the local inhabitants have been suffering from migraine headaches and other strange maladies. Homicide rates are also increasing as well as cases of suicide and depression.

As the angels continue to explore the town of Eugene, it will be hit once again with the disruption that drew them to investigate. This disruption will be of a lesser magnitude, but they will still feel it's effects as it rips at their celestial forces. The source of the disturbance will be unknown due to it's thunderous boom through the symphony.

As the angels investigate, a telephone will ring near them. They will detect a slight disturbance from the phone which should prompt them to answer the call. The woman on the other end is Meriah Nelson, a Soldier of Lightning. She emplores the angels to meet her at a rest stop off of I5, just south of Portland. She claims to know what has caused the death of the celestials.

The Meeting

The angels meet Meriah at dusk at a uninhabited rest stop about twenty miles south of Portland. Her beat-up Subaru wagon sits in the parking lot. She waits nervously near the phone booth, gun in hand. Meriah hesitantly approaches the angels. She levels her gun at them and asks them who they are. Once she has determined that they are indeed angels, she pulls out a computer disc and a laptop computer. She shows them the schematics of the HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program). She tells the angels that she was working for a group of angels in service to Jean (all which are now dead). They had discovered a plot by servitors of Vapula to create a weapon that would be able to target large areas and destroy celestials. It seems that they have perfected it and used it's full capabilities on Eugene as a "test run."

As the angels talk with Meriah, three black helicopters will loom overhead and attack the angels and Meriah. The high-tech copters are mechanicians of death created by Vapula. They blast at the angels with unholy bullets (level/3 +10 power) flung at them from a high-speed gatling guns. The angels must defend themselves as well as Meriah from the attack. The angels need to be crafty to survive this attack. They will either be victorious, or forced to run for their celestial lives.

After the battle against the unholy black copters, the angels should make haste to Alaska, where the HAARP array is located. It is up to them to try to shut down Vapula's murderous weapon before any other celestials are destroyed, or worse yet, a major city bombarded with the deadly celestial rays.

The Wilds of Alaska

The angels make their way into Alaska. The celestials will find that travel in the northern wilderness is difficult and fraught with perils. They take a small charter plane into Alaska and begin their journey in the city of Anchorage. From here they will have to travel northeast ìinto the bush.î The complex is outside of Gakona Alaska. They will find a single overgrown dirt road that will take them towards the HAARP array. This road will be marked with ìkeep outî signs and will be heavily guarded by military personnel. The road is also warded by the "Black Unit" and will alert them to any unwanted intruders.

The angels will have to overcome the Djinn attunments, as well as electronic surveillance, to make their way towards the HAARP compound without detection. If they are detected, they will be met with deadly force from earthly and infernal sources. The military will use advanced weaponry as well as infernal death machines designed by Vapula to safeguard the HAARP facility. The angels will be up against more then they probably bargained for.

The HAARP Array

The HAARP array is one of the most heavily guarded installations in the Alaskan wilderness. From the outside it looks like a giant, sophisticated radar array composed of 180 towers that stand 72 feet tall. The complex covers 23 acres of land. A large building that is titled "Alaskan Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys" stands like a sentinel near the array. Only a few guards can be seen walking the parameter of the high fenced-in facility. Hamut and his Djinn are most heavily attuned to this area. Any disruption in the symphony will alert them to the celestials.

The angels mission at this point is to disable the array as well as discover who is behind the infernal project and make sure that they are dealt swift, heavenly justice. This will lead them into a direct confrontation with Dr. Demarius, a word-bound Balseraph of Vapula, who is in charge of the HAARP project. Demarius will not take kindly to the heavenly hosts and will use whatever is at his disposal to A) Keep the HAARP from being destroyed, and B) Slaying the angels who are interfering with his demonic plans.


A powerful infernal artifact designed by Demarius to attack the celestial bodies of angels (and demons). It causes celestial damage equal to the essence used in the device (the HAARP can store twenty essence!!!) multiplied by the check digit. It also causes an effect of the Song of Thunder as well as the Ethereal song of Entropy. This weapon is highly sophisticated and requires the Computer Operation in conjunction with the Ranged Weapon skill to use. It recharges essence at sunset and can be fueled by Celestials channeling essence into it.

The HAARP projects electromagnetic energy (2 Gigawatts) into the Ionosphere. It can be used to disrupt communications, detect incoming missiles, affect weather, and disturb human mental processes as well as disrupt the symphony and destroy celestials.

The Final Battle

The angels, with Meriah's help, must make their way to the control room of the HAARP. Here they discover a mad scientist's dream! The control room looks like the set from a James Bond movie. Giant video monitors and supercomputers line the walls. Dr. Demarius will be beginning a sequence that will fire the HAARP's deadly energies at city of angels, L.A.! A countdown can be seen running on a giant video screen behind Demarius. L.A. can be seen on the monitor as the target for a 100% EM attack. Hamut will be here as well as any surviving "Black Unit" Djinn. The angels will be up against powerful demonic foes.

The angels must find a way to stop the hellish HAARP from bombarding L.A. with it's deadly celestial rays. Demarius will move to protect himself and the HAARP using songs. He then will join the battle using his Unholy EM pistol. Hamut and the Black Unit will furiously attack the angels to stop them. Destroying the control room will not stop the HAARP from it's attack Demarius has set up back-up computers to continue with the attack sequence. The only way to stop it is for Demarius to turn it off or realign the targeting pattern.

Meriah is the key for the angels success. While the angels and demons battle it out, Meriah will attempt to realign the targeting computer to attack the HAARP complex and destroy the demons. If she completes the realignment, she will alert the angels to evacuate the complex. If Meriah is killed during this conflict, it is up to the angels to attempt the realignment. If they fail either way, L.A. will be bombarded with electromagnetic energy that will cause major power outages as will as destroy any celestials in it's path. Humans will suffer also as the homicide/suicide rate dramatically increases. A boom in the Symphony will be heard across the globe as Hell unleashes one of it's most deadly weapons in the War. Heaven will tremble in fear.


If the angels are successful they will have averted a major disaster for Heaven and Earth. They will be commended for their efforts by being awarded with higher Distinctions by their Archangels. Meriah will be put into service to an angel of Jean who will be in charge of dismantling the infernal HAARP as well as searching out other similar installations. The angels will have gained respect among the Heavenly Hosts.

If they lose... They will have Hell to reckon with. Angels will be destroyed in mass numbers if L.A. is hit by the HAARP. The angels will probably have their vessels destroyed by the demons during the conflict. Earth will be in grave peril. Vapula and Baal will have gained much favor from Lucifer. Other arrays will become operational and Hell will have a major weapon to destroy celestials. Other Princes will become worried about the growing power of Vapula and Baal. A lot of noteworthy demons will have died in the L.A. blast. This will have angered other factions of Hell. The War will be stepped up a notch with Hell as the dominant force. In other words... the angels must not fail!

Demarius, Balseraph of Vapula
Demon of Electromagnetic Energy

Corporeal 4 - Strength 6, Agility 10, Body 56
Ethereal 5 - Intelligence 11, Precision 9, Mind 55
Celestial 4 - Will 9, Perception 7, Soul 36

Vessel: Human/5 (Charisma +3), Role: Government Scientist

Artifacts: Infernal EM Pistol/4 (+3 Power, +1 Accuracy) Does damage Multiplied by the Essence spent on attack (up to celestial forces). The EM Pistol can cause corporeal and celestial damage.

Songs: Attraction (Celestial/6), Charm (Coporeal/4, Ethereal/4, Celestial/6), Form (Ethereal/3), Motion (Ethereal/5, Celestial/4), Shields (Ethereal/4)

Skills: Computer Operation/4, Detect Lies/5, Electronics/6, Lying/5 , Ranged Weapon (EM Pistol)/3, Knowledge (Electromagnetics)/6, Ranged Weapons (HAARP)/5,

Attunments: Balseraph of Technology, Invention
Distinction: Baron of Technology

Rite: Demarius regains Essence whenever he uses Electromagnetics for evil purposes.

Background: Demarius has risen through the ranks of hell since the industrial revolution. He took an intense interest in the hazards of electromagnetics and began to seed twisted human minds with thoughts of destructive ways to use the energy. He has recently acquired his "Word" after he perfected the HAARP Array. He has since proven to Vapula that he has earned his title and has been granted the Distinction of Baron. Demarius has been involved with various perverted uses of electromagnetics. He has influenced governments and played a major role in the C.I.A.'s MK-Ultra program before becoming head of research of the HAARP Project. He stole his knowledge of electromagnetics from Nicloa Tesla, a brilliant inventor who was influenced by Jean. After gaining the information from the unsuspecting Tesla, Demarius destroyed the inventors life. He rules the project with a demonic fist. He is not a demon to be underestimated.

Hamut, Djinn of Baal

Corporeal 5 - Strength 12, Agility 8, Body 132
Ethereal 3 - Intelligence 4, Precision 8, Mind 12
Celestial 4 - Will 10, Perception 6, Soul 40

Vessel: Human/6, Role: HAARP Security Specialist

Artifacts: Unholy Sword/5 (+4 Power, +1 Accuracy)

Songs: Form (Corporeal/5), Healing (Corporeal/3, Celestial/3), Motion (Corporeal/4), Numinous Corpus (Claws, Fangs, Wings/5), Thunder/4

Skills: Dodge/4, Fighting/3, Large Weapons (Barbed 2 Handed Sword)/4, Move Silently/2, Ranged Weapon (Rifle)/4, Tactics/5, Tracking/3

Attunments: Djinn of War, Art of Combat, State of Ophis
Distinction: Captain of the Infernal Armies

Background: Hamut is the epitome of the demonic warrior. He is an honorable demon who is favors tactics and cunning over brute force in a fight. He has served the Armies of Hell since his creation during the Crusades, where he fought angels and humans alike. He also fought with the Nazis during World War Two. He gained his Distinction of Captain after his missions during the Viet Nam War. He has hand picked the Djinn under his command. Most of them have served with him during the War and have a strong sense of loyalty toward him. When Vapula approached Baal to petition for aid in protecting the HAARP, Baal did not hesitate to assign Hamut and his Black Unit to the job.

Djinn in Hamut's Unit (5 Demons):
The Black Unit

Corporeal 4 - Strength 8, Agility 8, Body 56
Ethereal 2 - Intelligence 4, Precision 4, Mind 8
Celestial 3 - Will 6, Perception 6, Soul 18

Vessel: Human/3, Role: HAARP Security Soldiers / The Black Unit

Songs: Form (Corporeal/2), Numinous Corpus (Fangs/3)

Skills: Dodge/2, Fighting/3, Move Silently/2, Ranged Weapons (Rifle)/3, Tracking/2, Tactics/2

Attunments: Djinn of War, Art of Combat
Distinction: Knights of the Black Order

Background: All the demons of the Black Unit have been hand picked to by Hamut to serve Baal and the Armies of Hell. They are all highly trained, dangerous combatants, and will fight as a well oiled machine of destruction. They have served under Hamut's command since the Viet Nam War. They are an hellishly evil lot.

Meriah Nelson, Soldier of Lightning
Computer Hacker/Spy

Corporeal 2 - Strength 3, Agility 5, Body 12
Ethereal 3 - Intelligence 7, Precision 5, Mind 21
Corporeal 2 - Will 4, Perception 4, Soul 8

Songs: Light (Corporeal/2)

Skills: Computer Operation/4, Driving/2, Electronics/4, Knowledge (Hacking)/4, Knowledge (Espionage Tech)/3, Move Silently/2, Ranged Weapon (Pistol)/3,

Attunments: Generator, Remote Control

Background: Meriah became involved in the War after coming in contact with Servitors of Jean while she was hacking into the computer of a perverted corporation under the control of Vapula. The Angels of Jean approached her and made her into a Soldier of God. They continued to investigate the corporation and eventually discovered the HAARP. The angels were killed after a mission into the HAARP central computer core. Meriah was the only member to survive. The leader of the angelic band downloaded all the important info on the HAARP into Meriah's computer before his death. She is now on the run from the forces of Hell.

HAARP Military Soldiers

Corporeal 2 - Strength 4, Agility 4, Body 16
Ethereal 2 - Intelligence 3, Precision 5, Mind 6
Corporeal 1 - Will 2, Perception 2, Soul 2

Skills: Fighting/2, Ranged Weapons (Rifle)/3, Tactics/2

Background: Unwitting human pawns in the War between Heaven and Hell.

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