INWO Variant: INWO for Newbies

World Conquest 101 (The INWO Book p. 26) is a good way to teach newbies the fine art of Illuminati. However world domination is a complex business so here are a few ideas for simplifying the game.

1: Ignore the Secret attribute. The Secret groups are good fun to play with, but Secrecy itself is best left until later.

2: Most of the New World Orders affect groups' Power. As one of the biggest complaints by newbies is about the amount of mathematics required during an attack, ease their pain by removing the NWOs.

When you do introduce NWOs, make them slightly simpler by prohibiting their use during attacks.

3: Goal cards are subtle and devious. They also unfairly penalise newbies who have no idea of what to expect when faced with a collection of Crminal Violent groups. Lose them.

4: Some cards are wordy (Immortality Serum, Partition, Sieze the Time!) or unfairly penalise newbies (Rosicrucians, Crop Circles, The Great Pyramid). Remove them. [Steve Hatherley]

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