INWO Variant: UFOs Classic

When the UFOs are revealed as the Illuminati at the beginning of the game, before Plot cards are drawn, the player of the UFOs may choose one Goal card from his deck to put underneath the UFOs. This Goal card does not count against the limit of Plot cards the UFOs may hold, and it may not be exposed, or stolen by any means. The UFOs may place that Goal card into their hand at any time, but may not replace the card under the UFOs once they do so.

Under this variation, the UFOs do no have the ability to hold multiple Goal cards in their hand.

Commentary: This is a lot like the classic UFOs goal condition. It would make the UFO's Goal much safer than an ordinary goal card. This variation doesn't define what would happen if you Unmasked as the UFOs, though; this is not a big problem, however, because Unmasking as the UFOs is pretty rare anyway. [Ralph Melton]

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