Chess: Second Edition Changes - September 1997

The Second Edition of Knightmare Chess has a few changes to card text and other details, all of which are listed here. This list was painstakingly developed by Hunter Johnson, and painstakingly HTMLized by Sam Falco. Changes to cards are listed in alphabetic order by card name. Only cards that have been changed are listed.

Three types of changes were so common that Hunter just gave them numbers. The numbers are listed under 'Card Change Notations Defined."

Cards with Changes, in Alphabetic Order:

A B C D E F G H I & K L M N & O P R S T U, V, & W

Changes To The Box:

Changes To The Rules Sheet:


Anatomy of a Card:

Building a Deck:

Turn Sequence:

Continuing Effects:

The Checkmate Rule:


Special Pawn Rules (new section)



Common Deck:


Wrap Up:

General Changes to the Cards:

Card Change Notations Defined:

  1. "Play this card on your move" becomes "Play this card on your turn".
  2. "This effect is added to your regular move" is dropped.
  3. "immediately after your opponent's move." becomes "immediately after your opponent's turn."


Abduction: "you remove any of" becomes "you remove any one of"
Annexation: (1)
Assassin: (1)


Betrayal: (2)
Blessing: (1)
Bog: "Queen, Bishop or Rook" becomes "Rook, Bishop or Queen", (3)
Bombard: (1)
Breakthrough: (1)


Challenge: becomes unique
Chaos: (3)
Confabulation: "two of your pieces" becomes "two of your pieces (other than Kings)".

"new piece that can" becomes "new piece. It can".
"be affected by" becomes "is affected by".
"Confabulated Pawns cannot promote." added.
"Until the combined piece" becomes "Until the piece".
Curse: "Until the end of the game." becomes "Until the affected piece is captured."


Dark Mirror: (1)
Doomsayer: "When you play this card, your opponent had the option of naming a piece immediately." added.
Doppleganger: (1)
Dubbing: (1)
Dungeon: "except his King" becomes "except a King".


Earthquake: "Pawns in the new first and last ranks are affected as above." becomes "Pawns are affected as above."
Evangelists: (1)
Evil Eye: (1)


Fanatic: (1)
Fatal Attraction: "no piece (belonging to either player)" becomes "no piece of any color (except Kings)"

"is also trapped" becomes "becomes trapped".
Forced March: (1)
Fortification: "chessboard, in a straight" becomes "chessboard, between squares, in a straight".


Ghost Walk: (1)
Guardian: "it is the Pawn's first move" becomes "the Pawn is in the second rank", 1)


Hidden Passage: (1)
Hostage: "is taken." becomes "is captured."

I & K

Irresistible Force: both "next"s are italicized.

"is taken!" becomes "is captured!", (1)
Knightmare!: (3)


Long Jump: (1)
Lost Castle: (1)


Madman: "If the Pawn ends this move in the last rank, it is not promoted" is dropped, (1)
Man of Straw: (2)
Man-Trap: "When you play this card," is dropped.

"opposing" is italicized.
The second paragraph is joined with the first.
Masquerade: (1)

N & O

Neutrality: "any time it is moved" is italicized.

"Once captured, it regains its normal color." is dropped.
"lost." becomes "captured."
Onslaught: (1)


Pacifism: (2) "the end of the game." becomes "the affected piece is removed from the board."
Passing in the Night: both "two"s italicized.

"before your move. This effect is added to your regular move." becomes "on your move, instead of making a regular move." [Should have been "on your turn". Likely erratum.]
Peace Talks: "lose that piece." becomes "that piece is considered captured."
Plots Within Plots: "Within" gets initial cap in the title.
"moves" is italicized.
"the second card you play says" becomes "each of the cards says".


Resurrection: (1)
Revenge: "regarded as captured." becomes "captured."
Riposte: the second paragraph is joined with the first.


Sanctuary: (1)
Split Knight: (1)
Squaring the Circle: "A Pawn which reaches the last rank with this card is not promoted." is dropped, (1)


Think Again!: (2)
Toll: "it is considered captured." is dropped.

The second paragraph is joined with the first.
"his move is canceled." becomes "his turn is canceled."
Tournament: (1)

U, V, & W

Under Elf Hill: (1)
Vendetta: "cannot" is italicized.
Winged Victory: (1)