Kat Blademaster

Katana Kats

Like the Highlander Badgers, the Katana were created for a consortium of rich businessmen, some actually Japanese but all fascinated by Japanese feudal culture . . . or at least that depicted in movies. Taught the way of Bushido and the loyalty of the samurai, they now inhabit the fallen cities of their former masters, following the path of the blade. While the original 'clans' of each of their masters was a unique fur pattern, now they are as varied as the domestic cats from which they were crafted.

The Katana are based on domestic cats, with a culture from feudal Japan.


Samurai in Full Armor

Katana Kat Samurai in Full Armor

One miniature.
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The armored samurai is the core of any serious Katana force.


Katana Kat Blademaster

One miniature.
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A Blademaster is only concerned with the pursuit of his art.


Katana Kat Ashigaru

One miniature.
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Not everyone can be samurai, but that doesn't make these naginata-wielding warriors any less dangerous.


Katana Kat Ronin

One miniature.
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A masterless samurai. Wandering, ragged, beaten, and usually half starved, he may lend his sword for a bowl of fishheads, but he will never surrender his pride!