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N E W   R E L E A S E S 

Shipped August 16, 2018
Shipped August 6, 2018


They are all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere. In Illuminati, you increase your wealth and power to take over the world until only YOU reign supreme.

Now, this classic game of conspiracy and world conquest has been updated to include current events and up-to-date references! Illuminati is for two to six players and contains 110 cards with new card back designs. It features new art created by Lar deSouza, known for his 2008 Shuster Award-winning online comic Least I Could Do.

As a winner of the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction Boardgame, Illuminati is one of the all-time greats. Now that it has been modernized for the 21st century, you'll wonder whether it's really only a game as you scheme your way to world domination!

Includes rules, 110 cards, 8 giant-sized reference cards, 2 sheets of money counters, and 2 dice. Stock #1387, ISBN 080742099807. $34.95.

Munchkin Side Quests

When you need a short detour from the business of killing monsters and betraying your friends, try Munchkin Side Quests! This 30-card expansion can be added to any of your Munchkin games, and it's illustrated by Ian McGinty, who has previously drawn for the Munchkin Collectible Card Game and Munchkin Magical Mess. Get secret in-game goals that you can complete to cash in for a reward AND, just maybe, surprise everyone with a new way to win the game!

30 cards and a rulesheet. Stock #4264, ISBN 080742099791. $9.95.

Shipped July 23, 2018


Triplanetary depicts ship-to-ship space combat in the Solar System using a vector movement system. It was designed by Marc "Traveller" Miller and first released in 1973. A second edition was released in 1981, but it's been out of print since then.

Now, this long-lost game returns with a larger map and 5/8" counters! The new edition contains an alternative combat system for those who like more detailed space warfare, but the original rules are the default and play just as well as they did in 1973.

Triplanetary is fun to play solo, and has scenarios for two, three, and four+ players. The quick, intuitive movement and combat rules are unchanged. All the scenarios from both editions have been collected, and new campaign rules added. This edition is lightly edited by Steve Jackson, who has been a Triplanetary fan since his college days.

One game map, two dry-erase markers, a counter sheet, a six-sided die, and a rulebook. Stock #1386, ISBN 080742099845. $49.95.
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Munchkin Fowl Play

Get all the silly chicken, turkey, and duck jokes you've ever wanted with Munchkin Fowl Play! This mini-expansion is illustrated by John Kovalic and written by Steve Jackson – the original Munchkin duo. Plus, it comes with original fantasy backs so you can add poultry flavor to all your Munchkin games!

15 cards and a rulesheet. Stock #4263, ISBN 080742099852. $5.95.
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R E P R I N T S 

Shipped August 16, 2018

GURPS Steampunk (Reprint)

An Age of Discovery

The 19th century's heroes were adventurers, pioneers, and scientists, from explorers in the African jungles to inventors in basement workshops. They transformed the world. Enter an age of high adventure -- the Age of Steam.

GURPS Steampunk offers you everything you need to build a Steam Age character or campaign:

  • Rules for steam age technologies, including power plants, vehicles and analytical engines.
  • "Weird sciences" from etheric physics to psychical research, translated into GURPS rules.
  • A guide to 19th-century history and geography, politics, and customs.
  • The evolution of weapons and warfare in the real 19th century and in alternate TL5+ settings.
  • New advantages, disadvantages, and skills, including TL5+ versions of scientific skills.
  • New character templates to get your players started: the clergyman, the demimondaine, the detective, the inventor, the navy officer, the sportsman, and many others.
  • Campaign seeds for several alternate steampunk worlds.

If you love the science fiction of Verne or Wells; if you want a campaign filled with airships, analytical engines, etheric cannon, and other wonders; if you want to dam the straits of Gibraltar, journel to Percival Lowell's Mars, or struggle to free the future from Morlock tyranny . . . then GURPS Steampunk is the book you've been waiting for.

2000 Origins Award Winner
Best Roleplaying Supplement

146 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-6029, ISBN 978-1-55634-838-9. $24.95.

Shipped August 16, 2018

GURPS WWII: Weird War II (Reprint)

Everyone's heard the stories of World War II – now take a look at the stories your teachers couldn't tell you in high school. Nazi mystic archmages, SS super-"human" troops, secret antarctic bases, "foo fighters" – and that's just what the Axis was up to! Now your characters can fight the occult Nazi menace as well. Race for the Ark of the Covenant, steal Nazi tomes, and fight the Werewolves in this unique supplement to the GURPS WWII system.

146 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-6030, ISBN 978-1-55634-839-6. $24.95.

W 2 3 

Shipped August 16, 2018

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 2: Tomb of the Dragon King

It's dangerous, disturbing dragons . . .

Bold adventurers are recruited to retrieve a lost artifact. But the tomb wherein it dwells is crawling with lizard cultists, lurking monsters, and – of course – a few dragons. Can the delvers use their swordfighting, sneaking, and spellcasting abilities to complete their quest and get out alive? GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 2: Tomb of the Dragon King is a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy adventure designed for four to six 250-point adventurers with guidelines for adapting it to other groups. It provides maps for all key areas, a description of a new trap, and stats for several new monsters – including dragons in assorted sizes.

37-page PDF. Stock #37-0345, $8.00.
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Shipped August 2, 2018

Pyramid #3/118: Dungeon Trips

Heroism is always classic.

It's never been a better time for crypt-crawling fantasy exploits! With this month's Pyramid, the PDF magazine for roleplayers, you'll get new tools and toys for two systems that deliver the goods to dungeon delvers! Unleash the power of your buckler by becoming a shield-bearer in the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. Explore an abandoned mine using either The Fantasy Trip or Dungeon Fantasy. With the roll of some dice, create random encounters for Dungeon Fantasy . . . or turn them into inspiration for The Fantasy Trip. With this month's Pyramid, you'll get the newest in old-school gaming!

40-page PDF. Stock #37-2718, $8.00.
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Shipped July 19, 2018

Pyramid #3/117: Hot Spots

The world awaits!

With the GURPS Hot Spots series, gamers have traveled the globe across the eras. Now the spirit of Hot Spots infuses this month's Pyramid, the PDF magazine for roleplayers. Discover Paris at the turn of the 20th century to dabble in art, crime, or resistance. Visit Victoria in the world of Transhuman Space. Relax at a Renaissance noble's villa with your guide Matt Riggsby, author of GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Venice. This issue of Pyramid is your passport to adventure; go make history!

40-page PDF. Stock #37-2717, $8.00.
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