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Shipped March 27, 2014

AADA Road Atlas V2: The West Coast

Go West, Young Duellist

For nearly 200 years, the West Coast has lured the young and adventurous with many promises and beautiful locales. But the West Coast is not paradise. Danger lurks behind every corner, a threat behind every wheel. How can a visitor know where the beauty ends and the beast begins? Consult . . . The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide, Volume Two: The West Coast.

The West Coast is the second volume (following the popular East Coast edition) of an ambitious project by your American Autoduel Association. The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide will tell you everything you need to know about each region, including the roads, political situations, police procedures, tourist attractions, and even the best restaurants and truck stops.

Find out the real story behind:

  • Los Angeles's Civic Senate: Is it democracy at its finest, or anarchy at its worst?
  • Kreegan's Edge, a land/sea bandit gang terrorizing Northwest shipping.
  • The Orange County Agricultural Enclave.
  • Aqua Sueve, the most enigmatic screen star ever.
  • and more . . .

But The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide is more than just an atlas of the West Coast. It also contains the following valuable material for fans of GURPS Autoduel and Car Wars:

  • A complete description of the Scout Commando Corps, including their organization, activities, ranks, and even merit badges!
  • Campaign guidelines for GURPS Autoduel GMs, with advice for setting an adventure in any part of the West Coast.
  • Mini-adventures for GURPS or Car Wars, each set in a different part of the region.
  • "Flash of Steel," a complete adventure for GURPS Autoduel. Harry Coppola's latest budget-busting epic could be the biggest money-maker in Hollywood history -- or the biggest flop. When the only copy of the final edit is stolen by one of the nastiest cycle gangs in Los Angeles, are you tough enough to get it back?

(This is a digital reprint of a supplement designed for Car Wars and GURPS Third Edition.)

67-page PDF. Stock #30-6302, $2.99.

Shipped March 20, 2014

Pyramid #3/65: Alternate GURPS III

New Tools for Tinkerers

You can do anything with GURPS . . . but sometimes, you want to push the envelope even more. This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- offers new GURPS character-creation options, rules you can use, and ways to work together like never before. This game-tweaking issue includes:

  • "Bucket of Points," GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch's innovative new way to look at character creation that lets the GM have balance and versatility.
  • "Team Up!", new rules that will have your heroes working together and combining abilities like never before.
  • "Alternate Guns Specialties and Techniques," a way to overhaul the existing categorizations of the Guns skill that makes shootists simpler and more realistic.
  • "Social Points," this month's Eidetic Memory installment from GURPS Basic Set co-author David L. Pulver that shows what happened when David offered more options for social characters . . . including a fully statted character from that campaign.
  • "Natural Weapons," presenting a new advantage that can model unusual inborn abilities -- plus 11 samples from the unnatural world!
  • "Everyman Tasks," a look at activities that everyone should be able to do without much difficulty, from the mind of GURPS Social Engineering author William H. Stoddard.
  • "By Default," an alternate method for solving the problem of heroes with sky-high attributes and not much else, presented by GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling author Douglas Cole.
  • "A Full Complement," another Sean Punch-penned article that provides new ways to help out others through complementary skill use.

This month's Pyramid also features a Random Thought Table where you know what you're getting, plus an Odds and Ends that includes an option for GURPS Powers: Divine Favor, as revealed by that tome's scribe, Jason "PK" Levine. Whether you're making characters, making friends, or making a trip to the shooting range, you're sure to find something here that will make life more interesting!

37-page PDF. Stock #37-2665, $7.99.
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Shipped March 13, 2014

Uncle Albert's 2038 Catalog Update

Make 2038 Feel Like the Future!

Uncle Albert's 2035 Catalog rocked the autoduelling world. For the first time, Uncle Al's amazing array of autoduelling accessories was available by mail-order to the general public. But Al didn't stop there! Time marched on, and so did technology. Uncle Albert's 2036 Catalog Update kept the duelling public in touch with all the latest advances.

And now, two years later, Al's done it again! The Duellist's Pal has collected over 70 more weapons, gadgets, and accessories into Uncle Albert's 2038 Catalog Update. Duellists across North America already know the value of Uncle Al's fine products, and here you'll get dozens of options for offense, defense, munitions, accessories, and personal items. Drive offensively into the future . . . today!

43-page PDF. Stock #30-7130, $3.99.
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Shipped March 6, 2014

GURPS Magical Styles: Dungeon Magic

Stylish Spell-Slingers

Some traditional fantasy wizards learn their art as apprentices to archmages, some attend formal academies, and still others are guided by philosophies rather than teachers. This influences what spells and tricks of the trade the magic-user learns, and what guild, brotherhood, or order he eventually joins. Two equally talented mages might master specialties so different that they have little more in common with each other than with non-wizardly spellcasters such as clerics and shamans.

GURPS Magical Styles: Dungeon Magic aims to bring such depth to GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. It applies the rules and guidelines in GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles to cook up seven sorcerous societies that suit any dungeon-delving campaign:

  • The Fluidists, easygoing philosophers who seamlessly merge air, water, and movement magic into a unified "flow."
  • The Guild of Iron Mages, conservative guildsmen whose magic complements skill at forging and wielding weapons of war.
  • The Old School, secretive traditionalists adept at curses, necromancy, and other black magic.
  • The Order of the Sun, masters of big-bore magical devastation . . . meaning anything that burns or explodes!
  • The Sisters and Brothers of Echoes, peaceful idealists who use magic to promote the arts and brotherhood.
  • The Tower of Pentacles, wisdom-seeking thaumatologists with the thankless job of maintaining the magical balance.
  • The Wizards of the Mirrored Gaze, enchantresses and illusionists out to bend society to their power-hungry will.

Each group comes with a magical style, unique spells and materials, and design notes explaining everything. But that's not all! You also get a great deal of additional color (views, alliances and rivalries, regalia and armaments, and more) and a character template suitable for use in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy or any high-powered fantasy. Just the thing for gamers who want to avoid "cookie-cutter" wizards, add wizardly politics to their adventures, or run an all-wizards campaign!

44-page PDF. Stock #37-1655, $7.99.
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