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M A R C H   2 0 0 9 

Shipped March 30, 2009

Frag Gold Edition

Game starts. Enemy in sight . . . Frag him! Grab his stuff! Run! Get a bigger gun! Grab some armor! There he is again! Frag him! Run . . . you're hit! You're down. Respawn! Grab a weapon! Start again!

Frag is a computer game without a computer -- a "first-person shooter" on a tabletop. Move your fighter and frag your foes. Draw cards for weapons, armor, and gadgets. Move through the blood spatters to restore your own health! If you die, you respawn and come back shooting!

The new Gold Edition offers upgraded components: a HUGE two-sided solid gameboard, plastic figures, erasable character cards, and 18 (!!) dice, to roll really BIG attacks.

Boxed game with 112 cards, six plastic pawns, 18 dice, six erasable character cards, one dry erase marker, rulesheet, counters, and a two-sided color gameboard. Stock #1901, ISBN 978-1-55634-774-0. $34.99.

Shipped March 2, 2009

Munchkin Booty 2 Jump the Shark

Jump the Shark . . . or you're fish food!

Return to the high seas for more Munchkin Booty action. Fight the Hammerhead Shark -- and the Phillips-Head Shark, too. And greatest of all is the terrible Moby Duck!

So kill them and take their stuff.

On the munchkin side, there are lots of new Ships, and a new Class: the Explorer! He gets a Treasure when he helps in combat, and he can pull cards back into his hand!

This set features four monsters with a new weakness: Current or former members of the real-life Armed Forces get a bonus against them!

112 cards and rulesheet, in a tuckbox. Stock #1461, ISBN 978-1-55634-784-9. $19.95.

R E P R I N T S 

Shipped March 30, 2009

Burn in Hell (Reprint)

Cleopatra. Blackbeard. Attila the Hun. Richard Nixon. John Wilkes Booth.

Collect the souls of the damned! In Burn in Hell, you try to assemble the tastiest "Circles" of history's sinners. Trade souls with your rivals . . . or just steal the ones you need. Collect groups of Mass Murderers, Cannibals, or even Clerics . . . or build sets of the Seven Deadly Sins. Burn in Hell will keep you on your toes -- can you see the sets that fit together for the most points? Can you steal a rival's key card before he can make a Circle?

Each card includes a great Greg Hyland caricature and a biography of the soul. You'll have a lot of fun reading (and arguing) about why each of these people was invited to the Permanent Pitchfork Party. And to rule in Hell, you must use strategy and cunning, because this game's not over until the last soul is snatched . . .


Boxed game with 168 full-color cards, score pad, pencil, and rulesheet. Stock #1420, ISBN 978-1-55634-666-8. $27.95.

Shipped March 2, 2009

GURPS Magic (Reprint)

Now available in softcover (at a lower price!), this book is completely revised for GURPS Fourth Edition. It combines the spells from the Third Edition GURPS Magic and GURPS Grimoire, plus dozens of all-new spells, for the ultimate tome of magic!

Within these pages, crackling with mystic energies, you'll find:

  • The core magic system for GURPS, expanding on the material presented in the Basic Set . . . rules for learning magic, casting spells, enchanting magic items, and more!
  • Complete alchemy rules . . . creating magical elixirs, using them, and even researching new ones . . . with an extensive list of known elixirs and their powers.
  • Alternatives to the core magic system, including complete rules for improvised magic and rune magic. There are also guidelines for the GM who wants to change how magic works in particular worlds in a multi-world campaign.
  • Plus special material from the GURPS Magic Items series and Wizards.

This is a powerful book, indeed. Use it wisely.

240 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-0101, ISBN 978-1-55634-795-5. $29.95.

Shipped March 2, 2009

GURPS Fantasy (Reprint)

Create a world that could never be! GURPS Fantasy is the complete toolkit to let you build a campaign of heroic deeds and wondrous magic. It discusses the genre in depth -- with all its subgenres and inspirations (myth, novels, movies, etc.) -- allowing you to handle any kind of fantasy.

GURPS Fantasy gives detailed, concrete advice for assembling fantasy settings -- from the basics of the landscape itself, through its inhabitants and cultures, to the details of believable histories and politics. It also examines the nature of supernatural forces, and discusses the impact of wizards, monsters, and gods. And, of course, it looks at the many ways that magic and users of magic can work in a fantasy world.

And, perhaps most important, it advises GMs and players alike on the kinds of characters appropriate to fantasy -- including ordinary folks, people with fantastic powers, and nonhumans.

Whether your model is Tolkien, Jordan, or Leiber, this book will let create a town, a country, or an entire world. The softcover reprint contains the same material, with black-and-white interiors and a lower price.

(This is not an update of the Yrth setting presented in the old GURPS Fantasy. For that, we have GURPS Banestorm.)

240 black-and-white pages, softcover. Stock #01-1001, ISBN 978-1-55634-796-2. $29.95.

Shipped March 2, 2009

GURPS Space (Reprint)

The Future Is Yours!

It's the ultimate toolkit for building strange new worlds and alien civilizations. GURPS Space puts campaign-planning advice and space science at your fingertips, so you can create a setting that is plausible and fun!

  • Does your game feature gritty asteroid miners, or blaster-waving fighter jocks? Choose the space travel and technology that give the right feel for your campaign.
  • Looking for character ideas? Here are templates and advice to help an adventuring group get together and stay together.
  • Do you want a bug-eyed monster, or a realistic ecosystem? Use the alien-design chapter to build them all!
  • Need a planet? How about an asteroid, or a Dyson sphere? The worldbuilding chapters provide step-by-step instructions.
  • In a hurry to play? Each step of the world- and alien-design instructions lets you roll randomly and get results that make sense. Roll up your next planet and let the adventure begin!

GURPS Space will help you create campaigns of every style, from science fantasy to space opera to realistic. Recreate your favorite science-fiction background, or develop an original world of your own. With GURPS Space in your hands, the future is yours!

GURPS Space requires the GURPS Basic Set Fourth Edition. The information and advice on technology, worldbuilding, and alien design can be used as a resource for any space-based game.

240 black-and-white pages, softcover. Stock #01-1002, ISBN 978-1-55634-797-9. $29.95.

W 2 3 

Shipped March 26, 2009

GURPS Psionic Powers

Behold the power of the mind! GURPS Psionic Powers takes the freeform options of GURPS Powers and turns them into ready-to-use packages of psychic strangeness. You can use the abilities as presented, confident that they are built from -- and entirely compatible with -- the rest of the GURPS Fourth Edition character-creation system (including GURPS Powers, which is not required to use these packages, but is recommended).

Even better, you can use the entire system in a campaign: GURPS Psionic Powers distills the complexity of hundreds of possibilities into individual powers and power groups. Why bother trying to figure out what advantages, enhancements, and limitations you need to describe psychic netrunning (part of the Ergokinesis group) or dream-stealing (just one aspect of Psychic Vampirism)? This book does all the hard work for you, and each power is described in levels, making it easy to represent stronger psychic gifts. In addition, the new rules and suggestions allow the entire system to work together to simulate many types of psychic ability.

Whether you take it for individual parts or use it as a cohesive whole, this supplement is your one-stop shop for mental mastery. With GURPS Psionic Powers, the mind is an open book!

After reviewing the pure crunchy goodness of GURPS Psionic Powers, I've been forced to conclude that I have a rival for the title of GURPS rules guru.
-- Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch, GURPS Line Editor

85-page PDF. Stock #37-0132, $11.99.

Shipped March 19, 2009

Pyramid #3/5: Horror & Spies

This month in Pyramid, the PDF magazine for roleplayers, we look at "Horror & Spies." Within the 40 pages uniting these two venerable genres, we look at:

  • GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch's "X-Terminators," new templates and lenses for GURPS Action that build on the roles found in GURPS Loadouts: Monster Hunters.
  • A Cold War espionage/horror adventure for GURPS written by James Cambias, co-author of GURPS Space.
  • A generic espionage agency that can be used to battle the darkness . . . or eliminate those who know too much!
  • A horrific group of artifacts -- the Bricks of Mar-D -- that can serve as the campaign framework for spies and shadows to clash.
  • Ready-to-print encoded sheets that can be used on their own or tied to two of the articles in this issue. (It also includes an HTML program to generate your own code sheets!)

In addition, Pyramid serves up another batch of the things that make a magazine fun, including odds and ends, Murphy's Rules with Greg Hyland, reviews and recommendations that fit the theme, and a "Last Word," where we ask an industry luminary to pick a word or phrase related to the issue's theme. This month, Eloy Lasanta, creator of the Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. RPG, gives the last word on horror and spies.

41-page PDF. Stock #37-2605, $7.99.
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Shipped March 12, 2009

GURPS Locations: Metro of Madness

On the streets above, humanity serves as the pulsing blood that flows through the city, keeping it alive and vibrant.

Below the streets is a separate pulse . . . one that beats just as loudly, echoing in the darkness.

Welcome to Samuel Luke Subway Station.

GURPS Locations: Metro of Madness describes an unusual subway station where the shadows harbor strange secrets, the daily routine masks strange happenings, and nothing is as it seems. From troglodytes to trapped spirits, from monsters hiding in plain sight to mysteries hidden in the architecture, from animal empaths to sinister psychopaths, the Metro of Madness bubbles over with adventure possibilities:

  • Maps for all three levels of the station.
  • Templates for people likely to be found around the station, including urban explorers, pickpockets, cultists, and serial killers!
  • More than dozen noteworthy NPCs tied to the area, who might cross heroes' paths for good or ill.
  • Descriptions of the unique supernatural threats and phenomena of the station, including spirits of the subway, mural wisps, and a chthonic demon.
  • Spells related to subways and their stations, and a completely new form of magic: rail shamanism.
  • Campaign and adventure ideas for incorporating the Metro of Madness into a variety of settings, from cyberpunk and supers to steampunk and In Nomine.

Have your tickets ready . . . for madness!

35-page PDF. Stock #37-1411, $7.99.
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Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS Classic: Horror

Horror has always been one of the most popular GURPS settings, and GURPS Horror is its definitive resource. The Third Edition of this classic sourcebook was revised and updated by Kenneth Hite. It replaces the previous edition historical settings with three brand-new campaign frames designed specifically for horror play. The focus is widened from supernatural horror to include psychological, cosmic, conspiratorial, and other subgenres. And many monster types are given racial templates so they can be used as PCs!

With all new illustrations by Christopher Shy, this book will terrify players in new and unexpected ways . . .

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

131-page PDF. Stock #30-6004, $7.99.
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Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS Classic: Magic

The World of Magic

Sorcery, Thaumaturgy, The Black Art, Necromancy, Alchemy, or the Great Art. By any name, arcane knowledge brings great power to its possessor . . . for good or for evil. Here is the complete guide to that knowledge for GURPS.

GURPS Magic presents a colorful, detailed magic system -- and much more. It is designed for easy modification . . . for the GM who wants to create his own background, or set adventures in the world of his favorite fantasy author. And it's flexible. Players can create any sort of wizard character they choose, from eager apprentice to mad hermit, from saintly healer to sinister necromancer.

This book is completely compatible with the magic rules in the GURPS Basic Set Third Edition. It amplifies the material there, as well as adding more than 300 new spells! Also included are a complete system for improvisational magic, optional rules for "inherent" magic abilities, special advantages and disadvantages for mages, and a system to let the GM create his own types of clerical magic.

If you're ready for a world of magic, it's in your hands . . .

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

131-page PDF. Stock #30-6023, ISBN none.. $7.99.
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Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS Classic: Greece

The land we call Greece was the home of one of the greatest cultures the world has ever known. With GURPS Greece, you can experience the challenges of the heroes of myth: Contend with the love and the wrath of the gods as you set out on epic quests. Fight for loot and honor, or earn a bitter death on the plain before the gates of fabled Troy. Win prestige as a statesman in the city Assembly -- or lose everything as the people turn against you and send you into exile.

GURPS Greece includes detailed timelines and maps describing the world as the Greeks knew it, information on their religion, rules for the magic of the Hellenic myths, and a bestiary of the monsters and animal foes faced by Greek heroes.

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

131-page PDF. Stock #30-6075, $7.99.
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Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS Classic: Egypt

When Greek historians first declared the pyramids to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, they had already been ancient for almost 3,000 years. The nameless Pharaoh confronted by Moses before the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt was one of an unbroken string of 200 "living gods" in that country. Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, Rameses, mummies, evil priests of Set: the names have resonated in the Western world for five millennia.

There's a lot of adventure to be found in 5,000 years . . .

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

131-page PDF. Stock #30-6083, $7.99.
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Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS Classic: Religion

The Universe. Some Assembly Required.

So you want to dance with the gods. You want a priest who can call down bolts of power from the skies. You want to cure the diseased and dying, and you want hordes of fanatic followers to bow to your every command.

What you need is GURPS Religion.

GURPS Religion gives you everything you need to delve into the mysteries of creation and divine power. It opens up whole new vistas of roleplaying. Recreate gods from fantasy and myth, or create your own pantheon and answer the cosmic questions . . .

Who created the universe, and why?

Is there one deity or many?

Are the deities wise and benevolent, or are they rash and vengeful?

How do the characters get divine power?

GURPS Religion allows you to design a complete cosmos. It also helps you decide what part (if any) the gods play in characters' day-to-day lives, and how to create the social institution we know as religions.

There are also sections on designing clerical characters, and rules for the magical powers granted to the faithful.

Power, magic, birth, death, and intrigue. The world of the gods is vast and complex. You can be a pawn of the Powers That Be. Or you can make the universe bend to your will.

You have the knowledge. You have the power. Create the Universe!

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

179-page PDF. Stock #30-6510, $11.99.
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Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS Classic: Who's Who 2

Stranger Than Fiction -- and Stranger Than Ever

The second volume of 52 real-life characters for historical and time-travel games introduces an even more varied collection of personalities.

  • From the Bronze Age to Punk Rock, the Mayan Empire to Japan,
  • From priest-kings to rocket scientists, philosophers to courtesans,
  • From steppe-lords to saints, playwrights to tyrants . . .

Through brilliance or luck, charisma or courage or sheer lunacy, these are the people who stamped their very different images on history. When your players face them, in battlefield, court, or laboratory, they can change the world -- or at least, come away with quite a story.

Each character is represented by a full GURPS character sheet, biographical notes, and scenario ideas from the subtle to the bizarre -- ready to use in games, or adapt as NPCs or adventurers.

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

131-page PDF. Stock #30-6528, $7.99.
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Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS Traveller Classic: Alien Races 1

Two Major Races . . .

In contrast to the Imperium, the human-descended Zhodani have long embraced psi powers. Within their vast interstellar empire, crime is almost unknown, workers are uniformly happy in their jobs, and mental illness is as easy to cure as a paper cut, thanks to advanced powers of the mind . . . and periodic visits from the Thought Police.

The Vargr are a race of aliens descended from transplanted Terran canines. Removed from Earth hundreds of millennia ago, the Vargr have continued to develop on worlds millions of miles from their planet of origin, and now control hundreds of worlds, under almost as many separate governments.

Both are formidable rivals to the Third Imperium. Alien Races 1 for GURPS Traveller has everything you need to set a campaign in the Zhodani Consulate or Vargr Extents. It includes starship deck plans and vehicle designs, weaponry, rules and templates for creating player characters and NPCs, up-to-date history and cultural information, and much more.

Three Minor Races . . .

Also included are three significant "minor Races" from Zhodani and Vargr territory: the tyrannosaurian Drakarans, the arachnoid Clotho, and the newly discovered, enigmatic Sheol. Almost unknown in Imperial territory, these races are growing powers in the Zhodani Consulate and the Vargr Extents.

Endless Trouble!

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

147-page PDF. Stock #30-6603, $9.99.

Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 1 Kamsii

The Pleasure Planet

This is the first of a series of 32-page GURPS Traveller books, each a detailed look at a single planet.

Written by Loren Wiseman and Steve Jackson, this book describes a planetary theme park -- a whole world dedicated to entertainment . . . but with a hidden dark side. From family fun to lavish decadence, from hundred-mile kiddie rides to recreations of the court of Caligula, Kamsii has it all. The Kamsii Company says everybody will have a good time, and nobody crosses the Company. Not twice.

Inside you will find:

  • Complete history of Kamsii and its place in Imperial culture.
  • Kamsii today: its society and people, its tourist attractions, Guests, Troubleshooters, and more.
  • Star map and statistics for all worlds within jump-6 of Kamsii.
  • Adventure seeds for Kamsii as written, and alternate versions you can customize for your own campaign.
  • "I'm From Kamsii" -- how to use this world as a detailed PC or NPC background.

Come to Kamsii!

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

35-page PDF. Stock #30-6801, $2.99.

Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 2 Denuli

The Shrieker World

The second of this GURPS Traveller series! Planetary Survey 2, by Loren Wiseman and Shawn Havranek, presents the homeworld of a recently discovered intelligent race . . . the Shriekers. Unfortunately, all that most of Humaniti knows about the Shriekers is that their eggs are precious jewels. Will you help the Shriekers, or help wipe them out for profit?

Included is:

  • The history of Denuli . . . the rise and fall of its native race and the world's connection with the Imperium.
  • Denuli today . . . a world with great potential for cooperative biological research . . . or brutal exploitation.
  • Color star map and statistics for all worlds within jump-6 of Denuli.
  • Adventure seeds for Denuli as written, and alternate versions to fit many different campaigns.
  • Complete data on the native Shriekers, as NPCs or player characters.

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

35-page PDF. Stock #30-6802, ISBN none.. $2.99.

Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 4 Glisten

Jewel of the Marches

The "Jewel of Deep Space," the Glisten system has no habitable world, yet it is the capital of the Glisten subsector, site of a Scout base and a major shipbuilding yard, and home of the Mining School of Glisten. Its rich asteroid belts combine an advanced technology with an almost inexhaustible supply of raw materials. Glisten is a major industrial and economic powerhouse in the Spinward Marches.

In addition, nearly every planetoid in the Glisten system has its own local culture and society. The diversity of the hundreds of worldlets makes Glisten a wonderfully rich backdrop for almost any type of adventure.

This book concentrates on the five asteroids which make up "Glisten City," the government and business center of the system. Trade, business, scientific investigations, and high-level politics rub shoulders with gritty asteroid miners, huge factory complexes, shipyards, and interstellar intrigue.

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

35-page PDF. Stock #30-6804, ISBN none.. $2.99.

Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS WWII Classic: Iron Cross

In Depression-era Germany, civilization went wrong. Explore the inner workings of the Third Reich in GURPS WWII: Iron Cross, a full-sized supplement for GURPS World War II.

From the Berlin councils that launched Germany's armies, to the snow-swept Russian plains where they bled dry . . . with details on weaponry, organization, tactics, and training . . . GURPS WWII: Iron Cross will let Allied players know their foe.

Written by GURPS World War II author Gene Seabolt, GURPS WWII: Iron Cross is a valuable supplement and information source for any WWII gaming group.

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

131-page PDF. Stock #30-8003, $7.99.
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Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS WWII Classic: Dogfaces

They were the Greatest Generation. When the world itself was in danger, they manned the front lines, drove the tanks, landed on the beachheads . . .

They were the dogfaces.

Dogfaces is the definitive roleplaying sourcebook for U.S. ground forces in World War II. Whether it's storming the beaches of Normandy, outdueling German tanks in the Ardennes, or retaking the Pacific island by island, the infantry, armor, and artillerymen of the U.S. Army and Marines were the backbone of the Allied war effort. With the attention to detail and historical accuracy that GURPS is known for, Dogfaces gives you all the information you need for roleplaying this vital part of mankind's greatest conflict.

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

131-page PDF. Stock #30-8005, $7.99.

Shipped March 5, 2009

GURPS WWII Classic: All the King's Men

Winston Churchill promised the British forces would "never give up, never surrender." Now you can fight as one of His Majesty's own in GURPS WWII: All the King's Men! Watch as the storm clouds gather over Europe in the late '30s . . . and an unprepared England declares war against a Germany in its fighting prime. Experience the fear and heroism of Dunkirk, the sweltering seesaw of Africa, and the final triumphs of the Anglo-American campaigns as a battered British Empire pulls victory from the jaws of darkest defeat!

All the King's Men describes soldiers from across the British Empire, the way they were recruited, trained, and sent to war, the men who led them, and the battles they won and lost.

You'll also find a cross-section of British weapons and equipment -- from the very good to the very bad, from sidearms to the battleship King George V -- and a host of campaign and adventure ideas for GMs.

So, keep your chin up and get your lads in the thick of it -- sharpish!

(Note that this is an e23 reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

131-page PDF. Stock #30-8009, $7.99.
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