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Uncle Albert's 2038 Calendar

A Year of Dates With Uncle Albert

Uncle Albert's tried it all: magazine ads, television, mail-order catalogs, even skywriting. To get his message about new inventions and the latest technology at the lowest prices to even more people, the Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop crack marketing department has decided to try an old stand-by from the good old days -- the promotional calendar.

It's a Calendar!

Although presented as a 2038 calendar, complete with "historical" dates from 1981 to 2038, this is actually a fully functional 1988 calendar. The months and dates are all correct for the year 1988 (and it can also be used in 2016 and 2044). Hang it on your wall! Impress your friends! Confuse your enemies!

It's a Car Wars Supplement!

Each month features a new Car Wars gadget from Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop! Complete game stats are given for each item, and each one is "official" in the Car Wars game system. No fair peeking, though -- an item becomes official on the first day of the month it is featured, and not a day sooner.

30-page PDF. Stock #30-9001, $2.99.
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Ogre Classic Counters

This print-and-play counter set can be used to supplement or replace the counters in Ogre Designer’s Edition.

These counters are also available for purchase (while stocks last) at as commercially printed, die-cut sheets on 1.5mm-thick chipboard.

6-page PDF. Stock #37-5011, $FREE.
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Pyramid #3/58: Urban Fantasy II

The City: More Magical Than Ever!

Forget the city guidebooks; consult the spell books! This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- is another look at tying fantastic gaming to urban environments . . . of the past or present! This issue's contents include:

  • "Safe as Houses," a GURPS guide on how to defend structures from paranormal threats. Keep the baddies from violating your domain, or learn how something can become a Bad Place as described in GURPS Horror.
  • "Traits for Town," a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy look at character aspects most useful to those who spend more time near the tavern than combing the crypts -- presented by Dungeon Fantasy series architect Sean Punch!
  • "Belial's Bastards," this month's Eidetic Memory from David L. Pulver (architect of GURPS Technomancer). This mystical motorcycle gang will terrorize any setting where monstrous riders can harass a town.
  • "Hunting the Cabal," a guide to making the villainous organization of GURPS Cabal an integral threat to a GURPS Monster Hunters campaign. It includes fearsome insight into how the Cabal uses the Ritual Path Magic system.
  • "The Wraith of Precinct 13," an urban threat that shows what happens when a cop goes to the other side of the law . . . and then goes to the other side of the living!
  • "Festivals of the Unknown," a way to add holidays to an urban environment of any era with the roll of some dice.

This month's Random Thought Table shows how magic intersects (or doesn't) with life in the city, Odds and Ends has an adventure that will keep the heroes coming back, and Murphy's Rules throws the book away entirely. With this month's Pyramid, you'll never look at an alleyway the same way again!

39-page PDF. Stock #37-2658, $7.99.
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Mean Streets

Good Agents Don't Stay Dead . . .

You're a top agent for Texas Intelligence -- and somebody just killed you. Now you've awakened as a Gold Cross clone, to finish the job your former self had started. Your assignment:

  • Penetrate Houston -- a ruined, ravaged city of gangs, led by a dictator named Golden Moses;
  • Steal the detonators -- vital devices, salvaged from a sunken nuclear sub, now about to be used to launch an atomic attack against the nation of Texas;
  • And escape -- driving through the worst urban jungle in North America!

From the Psycho-Delics to the Slimes, every gang in the city will be out to kill you. Be ready to deal with hostile cars, choppers -- maybe even tanks -- to win your way to freedom through Houston's Mean Streets!

Mean Streets is a programmed adventure for Car Wars. You should have the Car Wars Deluxe Edition, or the Car Wars Compendium and a set of maps and counters. It can be played three ways:

  • As a solo adventure -- no opponent needed.
  • As a two-person game -- one takes the part of the agent and the other runs the gang vehicles.
  • As a Game Master's guide to vehicles and encounters for a multi-player roleplaying adventure.

Included are complete Car Wars stats for 18 different vehicles. Good luck, and drive offensively!

67-page PDF. Stock #30-7402, $4.99.
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Ogre Miniatures: Combine Laser Turret (Reprint)

Laser weapons are the ultimate in anti-missile technology. The Laser Turret is the basic version. The laser turret provides a deadly umbrella over your base area and adds 12 points to your army.

This figure stands 22mm tall and the base has a footprint 22mm square.

This is a single unpackaged, unpainted miniature in 1/285 scale. It is shipped in a ziplock bag, along with any other miniatures ordered. This is the same miniature that was briefly available in Combine Set 9, which is now out of print.

Design and sculpture by Philip Miller.

1 unpackaged Combine Laser Turret. Stock #10-0305, $11.95.

Boat Wars

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go in the Water . . .

If you thought the roads were tough in 2040, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Boat Wars takes the action and excitement of Car Wars off the land and into the water!

This supplement gives you complete, official rules for movement, combat, and construction of boats and hovercraft. It also provides details on sharks and other aquatic menaces, aquabikes, gadgets, and more! Included are full-color counters for all the vehicles in the game, and a large blue-water map to play on.

Boat Wars is a Car Wars supplement (you will need Car Wars or Car Wars Deluxe to play) that includes:

  • More than 100 full-color counters for boats and hovercraft.
  • Two boat turning keys and other movement templates.
  • Two geomorphic 21" × 32" map sections, showing safe channels, islands, and the tricky water in between.
  • A 24-page rulebook.

The maps for this supplement were originally printed on oversized paper, so this PDF contains two formats: the original map size, for those with access to oversize printers, and modified versions that span multiple regular sheets. The original Boat Wars set came with two copies each of two different maps; this PDF version only includes one copy of each . . . just print two copies of each map!

58-page PDF. Stock #30-1307, $7.99.
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Car Wars – Muskogee Mayhem

They're Not Just Clowning Around!

"Pistol" Pete Hendricks welcomes you to the Muskogee Fairground and Family Emporium, eastern Oklahoma's premier tourist attraction! There's something for everyone here:

Racing and duelling fans come to the Fairground Racetrack, the largest independent track in North America. You've seen them on MuskogeeVision -- now experience the power of gas-engine racing for yourself!

You're into obstacle racing? You're in luck -- the Fairground has the world's first themed ob-race, "Great Moments in Oklahoma History."

Want a place to bring the family? The Family Emporium has everything from twin Ferris wheels and a carousel to the Big Green Monster roller coaster to the Virtual Arena™, where autoduellists can face hazards beyond anything the real world can offer. "Pistol" Pete's restaurants are the best in the state, and the dance floor is open every night.

Of course, you may also find bandits, thieves, screaming mothers-in-law, homicidal hitchhikers, cycle gangs, ARFs, and killer clowns . . . but we did say Muskogee had something for everyone.

Muskogee Mayhem is a Car Wars adventure pack, consisting of a 24-page rulebook, 88 full-color vehicle counters, and four 21" × 32" maps that fit together to form a giant 42" × 64" racetrack/duelling arena. It is not a stand-alone game; you will need either Car Wars Compendium and some pedestrian counters (we recommend Car Wars Expansion Set 2) or Deluxe Car Wars to play.

The supplement was originally printed on oversized paper, so this PDF contains two formats: the original size, for those with access to oversize printers, and modified versions that span multiple regular sheets.

93-page PDF. Stock #30-7145, $7.99.
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Car Wars – Muskogee Mayhem (Expansion Set 9 Upgrade)

Upgrade Your Classic Fairground!

Do you already own Car Wars Expansion Set 9 -- Muskogee Fairground & Family Emporium, and just need the expanded information from Muskogee Mayhem to add more autoduelling antics to this ever-popular destination? Then this e23 exclusive is for you! This version is identical to the full Muskogee Mayhem supplement, except it doesn't include the gargantuan maps that were part of the original Expansion Set 9. With those maps and this downloadable 24-page sourcebook and counter sheet, you'll have complete Mayhem!

If you do need the full Fairground experience, turn your sights to the unabridged Muskogee Mayhem supplement -- also available on e23.

29-page PDF. Stock #30-7145X, $4.99.
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New!  * Coming September  * Coming October  * Coming November  * Further Out  * Previously Shipped...  * All upcoming releases – text only, no cover art

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