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Shipped September 9, 2013

Munchkin Unnatural Axe

Munchkin Rides Again!

This set includes 108 more cards for the game of killing monsters and taking their stuff! Play a new race: Orcs! Face foes like the Hydrant and the Tentacle Demon. Equip yourself with dread armor like the Spiked Codpiece. Recruit allies like the Shoulder Dragon. Wield mighty weapons like Druid Fluid, the Slug Thrower . . . and, of course, the dread Unnatural Axe!

This set includes six plastic female Munchkin pawns, matching the Unnatural Axe cover. We even included four blank cards so you can add your own insane jokes and abusive rules!

This is an expansion for Munchkin. It is not a stand-alone game.

Boxed expansion with 108 cards, rules, and six plastic pawns. Stock #1492, UPC 837654321867. $19.95.

Castellan (international edition)

Two players work together to build a castle. Wall and tower pieces link to form courtyards. The player who finishes a courtyard claims it with a Keep.

Your cards determine what pieces you get each turn . . . but you decide where to put them. If you're clever, the pieces played by your opponent can end up scoring for you!

Castellan includes 110 detailed castle pieces and 28 cards, and plays in less than an hour.

If you combine the red/blue and green/yellow Castellan sets, you can play with three or four players.

108 plastic pieces, 28 cards, and rulesheet. Stock #1907, UPC 837654321607. $34.95.
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Munchkin Tricky Treats

It's Halloween, and you know what that means -- it's time to dress up, kill monsters, and take their sweet, sweet CANDY!!!! Put on your Zombie Costume, grab your Favorite Machete, and show that Sparkly Vampire who's boss! But be careful . . . you may fall prey to The Prim Reaper or the worst Halloween fate of all . . . Healthy Snacks!

Finseal pack containing 15 cards. Stock #4218, UPC 837654321874. $4.95.
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Munchkin Boxes of Holding Set 2

We get it. You own a ton of Munchkin cards. You need to get at them fast. We've got you covered.

Set 1 contains two sturdy cardboard boxes. One's for Doors and the other's for Treasures, and they each hold 500 cards apiece! It also includes two new Munchkin cards unavailable anywhere else!

Set 2 has Door and Treasure boxes (with different art!), then adds a third box big enough for all the Dungeon cards we've made so far, the Seals from Munchkin Apocalypse, and room for expansion! Plus, three more unique cards!

Three sturdy flat-packed cardboard boxes and three cards. Stock #5564, UPC 837654321850. $12.95.

W 2 3 

Shipped September 26, 2013

Crash City

If You Don't Like the Way We Drive, Get Off the Streets.
And the Sidewalk . . .
And the Lawns . . .

There's never a dull moment in Midville. Between the local autoduellists, the trigger-happy pedestrian group called the MONDOs, and the heavily armed police, life can be pretty exciting. As if that weren't enough, the local cycle gang -- Black Jesse's Crusaders -- would like nothing better than to burn the town to the ground.

Crash City is a Car Wars supplement (you will need the original Car Wars rules to play). The game goes best with three to six players. Two scenarios are supplied, and players can easily invent their own scenarios using the Midville street map.

Game components include 160 full-counter counters painted by Denis Loubet (police cars, the Ambunaught, cyclists, pedestrians, chain, police, MONDOs, and more); two 21" × 32" map sections; and a 24-page rulebook.

The maps for this supplement were originally printed on oversized paper, so this PDF contains two formats: the original map size, for those with access to oversize printers, and modified versions that span multiple regular sheets.

54-page PDF. Stock #30-7101, $3.99.
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Shipped September 23, 2013

Munchkin Flower Patch

Stay out of trouble with the Munchkin Patch!

Official Rules

1. The Munchkin Patch must be sewn to a visible article of clothing you are wearing. Just having the patch confers no bonus!

2. Once per game, when another player uses a Curse, Trap, or Disaster on you, you may reflect it back at him by saying "No, don't throw me into that ol' Munchkin Patch!" You must brandish your Munchkin Patch at him as you say this.

3. If you have different styles of Munchkin Patch, you can use each patch once. Multiple copies of the same patch do not give you extra uses!

One 3" patch. Stock #9313, $5.00.

Shipped September 19, 2013

Car Wars Arena Book

Test Your Skill!

Although frantic four-wheeled firefights can take place almost anywhere, the most popular locale for autoduellists remains the arena. Whether it's for the fame, the money, or the fact that map sheets are easier to set up than road sections, Car Wars fans love arenas. Here we're pleased to offer over a dozen of the best.

Three arenas -- Hammer Downs, New Boston, and the Double Drum -- are ready to print. The other 11 arenas are each presented in a quarter-scale format and designed to fit on a single 21" × 32" Car Wars map sheet. In addition to the physical layout and facilities of the arenas, you'll find information on events and tactics for each arena. As a bonus, you'll get special rules for Flying, Ditches and Gullies, Water, Falling, and Banked Curves. Finally, it includes a sheet of counters useful in arena encounters. This has everything you need for arena action; all that's missing is you!

The maps for this supplement were originally printed on oversized paper, so this PDF contains two formats: the original map size, for those with access to oversize printers, and modified versions that span multiple regular sheets.

71-page PDF. Stock #30-7131, $4.99.
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Shipped September 12, 2013

Pyramid #3/59: Conspiracies

Uncover the Truth . . . or Work to Conceal It!

The shadows are known for their secrets. Will the heroes shed their light on the darkness, or be swallowed by the gloom? This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- looks at conspiracies big and small. This issue we offer a doozy of a dossier:

  • "Conspiracy in Action!" -- Sean Punch's look at how to add conspiracies to GURPS Action . . . regardless of which side you work for! It includes rules for adjusting Action to cloak-and-dagger worlds, and provides two action-flavored conspiratorial lenses to add to Action templates.
  • "The Conspirators' Enemies" -- A collection of ready-made GURPS templates and sample characters for those who would strike at the world's puppeteers, written by GURPS WWII: Grim Legions author Michele Armellini. Choose from roles including infiltrator, propagandist, analyst, and more . . . or enlist the aid of one of the would-be heroes herein!
  • "Penguin Dreams" -- What makes a comic-related fanzine worth killing for? The truth is buried in a small-scale conspiracy suitable for any modern campaign, revealed in this month's Eidetic Memory by GURPS Reign of Steel chronicler David L. Pulver.
  • "Straight to the Flush" -- A detailed look at how to handle games of poker (and similar pastimes) in GURPS, presented by GURPS Psionic Powers author Jason "PK" Levine. Smoke-filled back rooms with high-stake gambles will never be the same . . . no bluff!
  • "One Perfect Day" -- This systemless conspiracy-flavored campaign framework puts the investigators on the path to figure out how far an Earth-loving group will go to solve the problem of overpopulation.
  • "Welcome to the Terror Drone!" -- A consideration of the surveillance method that's growing in popularity: unmanned drones. Gamers who explore any modern or near-modern era can discover what "truths" these remote-piloted devices might reveal, ranging from mundane reconnaissance to unbelievable mind control.

This month's Random Thought Table looks at how to be in the middle of a conspiracy, Odds and Ends shares more possibilities for gamblers, and Murphy's Rules is three tons of awesome in a one-ton crate. If the truth is out there, the heroes need to be even more out there to find it!

38-page PDF. Stock #37-2659, $7.99.
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Shipped September 5, 2013

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling

Master Grappling . . . or Face Defeat!

The canny warrior knows that grappling is fundamental to fighting. Any melee -- from a brawl to a swordfight -- could suddenly move into the clinch. Some fighters even specialize in such tactics!

This is a hard subject to get a hold on, however; volumes have been written about leverage alone. GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling brings this depth to GURPS. Expansions to the GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Martial Arts rules include:

  • Trained Strength. Discover how technical proficiency complements raw power.
  • Control Points. Transform grappling from an all-or-nothing affair to a matter of degree.
  • Position Revisited. Achieve leverage by jockeying for not only posture, but also facing and orientation.
  • Armed Grappling. Control and entangle your foes with a surprising variety of melee weapons.
  • Combat Options. Narrow your focus with the One Foe option, exploit Committed Attack to force a posture change, pass a limb to trap your opponent, and more.
  • Techniques. More than 30 of them -- some new, some modified. Use an Escaping Parry to break a clinch, or Change Position to establish a weight advantage.
  • Fighting Styles. Learn Jacket Wrestling or Shuai Jiao -- and distinguish between between bear and lion attacks -- with six classic styles plus four specifically for animals.

Whether your campaign features athletes wrestling for prizes and honor, lawmen who must control and disarm suspects, or historical warriors trained to fight to the death, Martial Arts: Technical Grappling will add detail and realism to your battles.

This supplement requires GURPS Martial Arts for GURPS Fourth Edition.

51-page PDF. Stock #37-1644, $9.99.
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Shipped September 5, 2013

Ogre Designer's Edition Quick Start Rules

These "quick start" rules for Ogre Designer's Edition are designed to help new players get started playing right away. The classic Mark III Attack and Mark V Attack scenarios are included.

Latest version: 1.0

Visit the official Ogre site for more information, resources, and product support.

11-page PDF. Stock #37-5003, $FREE.
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