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S E P T E M B E R   2 0 1 4 

Shipped September 22, 2014

Munchkin Halloween Pack

Rather than rot the teeth of your trick-or-treaters this year, why not rot their minds with a Munchkin Halloween Pack? Each of the twenty packs contains four Munchkin cards and a quick explanation of the game. And no one has to have a bellyache in the morning!

Includes twenty identical card packs!

20 identical packs of four Munchkin cards each in one package. Stock #1513, UPC 837654322284. $4.95.

Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Explore the Dungeon!

Move around the dungeon, fighting monsters and collecting treasures!

Munchkin Treasure Hunt is a fun boardgame for up to six players, ages 6 and up -- now everyone in the family can be a Munchkin! (Don't worry . . . you don't need to know how to play any other Munchkin game to enjoy Treasure Hunt.) Treasure Hunt comes with a board, two custom six-sided dice, 96 colorful cards, four blank cards (so you can write your own!), six character standies, and a rulesheet.

The munchkins (that's you!), move around the board. If you land on a monster, use the Monster cards to find out how tough it is, then roll a dice and use your Treasures (like Protective Kittens or a Broccoli Smoothie -- EEEUUWW, YUCK) to beat it.

When you run out of Treasure cards, whoever has the most gold in their hand wins the game!

Munchkin Treasure Hunt
2-6 players
Ages 6 and up
Playing time 1 hour

A 10.5"x 10.5" box with 100 full-color cards, two six-sided die, 6 pawns with plastic stands, a 16"x16" gameboard, and rulesheet. Stock #1521, UPC 837654322161. $29.95.

Munchkin Panic

The Munchkin Monsters have invaded the Castle Panic Towers and are on the rampage! Anne-Marie De Witt has designed a crazy, clever, and addictive new game based on designs by Justin De Witt (Castle Panic) and Steve Jackson (Munchkin) in what is a semi-cooperative game of all-for-one meets all-for-me!

Players combine cards to hit Monsters before they destroy the Castle. Each defeated Monster becomes a Trophy and gives up its Treasure to the victor. If players work together to defeat the Monsters, they up their chances of survival and the player with the highest point count becomes the Master Munchkin. However, if players get too greedy, the Monsters will stomp the Castle to the ground while players are busy fighting over Treasure!

Two worlds collide in this game of hopeful, desperate, and addictive twists featuring the iconic Munchkin art by John Kovalic and the innovative play design of Fireside Games and Steve Jackson Games.

Boxed game includes gameboard, Rulebook, 118 cards , dice bag, 6 walls, 6 towers, 3 tokens, and 1 Munchkin d6. Stock #FSD 1004, UPC 850680002050. $39.95.

W 2 3 

Shipped September 25, 2014

AADA Road Atlas V1: The East Coast

Civilization Is A Relative Term

The East Coast is easily the tamest, safest, most fully recovered region in the United States. There are even a few areas where weapons aren't necessary!

But the region is still dangerous, perhaps more so because of the sense of false security that is so easily developed. How can you tell the safe stretches of highway from the ambushes? Consult . . . The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide, Volume One: The East Coast.

The East Coast is the first volume of an ambitious project by your American Autoduel Association. The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide will tell you everything you need to know about each region, from the roads and the police to the best attractions and even food.

Find out the real story behind:

  • The Hill Clans of Massachussetts.
  • The Mild Ones, the most polite (and efficient) cycle gang around.
  • Drang Nach Iowa; what it was and why it failed.
  • The Newark Police.
  • The Pennsylvania Highway Authority.
  • and more . . .

But The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide is more than just an atlas of the East Coast. It also contains the following useful material for fans of GURPS Autoduel and Car Wars:

  • A complete rundown on EDSEL, the Eastern Driving Safety Enforcement League. Includes their philosophy, organization, equipment, tactics, and a state-by-state list of EDSEL chapters -- complete with information on relative popularity, strength, and each chapter's leader.
  • Campaign guidelines for GURPS Autoduel GMs, with advice for setting an adventure in any part of the East Coast.
  • Complete helicopter rules for GURPS.
  • Ten mini-adventures for GURPS or Car Wars, each set in a different part of the region.
  • "Escape from Poughkeepsie," a complete adventure for GURPS Autoduel. Can you survive the bombed-out ruins, radioactive hot spots, and the "Townies" long enough to recover a disk lost for 25 years?

(This is a digital reprint of a supplement designed for Car Wars and GURPS Third Edition.)

67-page PDF. Stock #30-6301, $2.99.

Shipped September 18, 2014

Pyramid #3/71: Spaceships II

The Ship of Things to Come!

If we're ever to dwell among the stars, the odds are good we'll be using spaceships. Fortunately, this month's Pyramid will help ensure you're not caught empty-handed and star-struck! This armada of adventure includes:

  • "Reign of Steel: Deep Space," where GURPS Reign of Steel author David L. Pulver takes that setting nearly two decades into the future . . . and deeper into space. Learn about spaceships (in GURPS Spaceships format) from the various robot factions and get an extensive look at the desperate world of 2064.
  • "Smugglers' Blues," a look at moving high-risk, high-profit items from Point A to Point B, with insights into how the art of smuggling might change at future tech levels.
  • "Strange Objects at Rest," a collection of four systemless sleeper ships and generational spacecraft, which prove that sometimes it's best to let sleeping pods lie.
  • "Vehicle Imbuements," a system that expands the options of GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements to the realm of transportation. Let your vessels dodge, speed, ram, or self-repair like never before!
  • "The Captain's Boat," an optional GURPS tweak that helps starting heroes afford expensive starships . . . by making them Patrons!

This month's Pyramid also beams aboard a Random Thought Table that sparks your customization creativity, plus an Odds and Ends that expands space-time options by allowing innovative players to design the look and feel of a campaign. With this issue of Pyramid, you'll be exploring the final frontier like never before!

37-page PDF. Stock #37-2671, $7.99.
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Shipped September 11, 2014

GURPS Ultra-Tech: Weapon Tables

Future Firepower Facts in a Flash!

While GURPS Ultra-Tech covers all aspects of sci-fi stuff, the most referenced section is always the weapons. Do I want the heavy X-ray laser pistol or the electrolaser carbine? What kind of range do the bad guys get with their EMP gun? What are the options for someone looking to spend $100 on hand grenades?

For these common questions, why flip through the entire book when you just want the weapon tables? That's why we created GURPS Ultra-Tech: Weapon Tables. It's all the raw data you need, in 20 easy-to-reference pages.

Note: This product is bundled with the PDF version of GURPS Ultra-Tech; if you have already purchased that product, you do not need to purchase this one.

20-page PDF. Stock #37-0207, $2.99.
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Shipped September 4, 2014

GURPS Classic: Rogues

It Takes a Thief . . .

When brute force won't get the job done, you need someone with . . . skills. A specialist. Preferably someone who doesn't let a lot of nagging concerns about law or morality get in the way.

Whether you're looking for just the right character to round out an adventuring party, or a dangerous NPC to challenge your players, GURPS Rogues has what you need -- 29 different templates, letting you quickly create the scoundrel that's right for the job.

Templates include . . .

  • Thieves who are only in it for the money, such as the armed robber, cat burglar, pirate, pickpocket, housebreaker, and forger.
  • Rogues who have other goals than mere material gain, like the spy, hacker, evil mastermind, mad scientist, and saboteur.
  • Charmers who work more with people's minds than with lockpicks and prybars . . . the con man, bard, fixer, gambler, prostitute, and street doctor.
  • Mysterious figures who work on the shadowy edges of society -- the tracker, poacher, assassin, master thief, smuggler, mobster, and black marketeer.

Each template comes with four complete characters, drawn from a wide range of settings. All told, you get 116 ready-to-use sample characters, as well as historical background and information on the technology and tactics that shaped their professions.

GURPS Rogues follows (stealthily) in the footsteps of GURPS Warriors and GURPS Wizards, our two previous books of characters and templates.

131-page PDF. Stock #30-6413, $7.99.

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