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J A N U A R Y   2 0 2 3 

Shipped January 26, 2023

GURPS Action 2: Exploits

You have your guns and your backup guns. You have your sick ride with a trunk full of explosives, high-tech gizmos, and of course, a few more guns. You've assembled a crack team of commandos, street-smart lawmen, suave super-spies, and world-class burglars . . . maybe all of them at once! You're ready to rock and roll. All you need is a target.

GURPS Action 2: Exploits gives players hundreds of ways to show off their heroes' skills on adventures. Highlights include cat burglary, parkour, and dozens of other physical feats . . . techno-thrills ranging from stay-at-home hacking to hands-on surveillance . . . polite and not-so-polite social engineering . . . and much, much more. You're just reading the teaser, after all!

For the GM, Exploits supplies the tools to challenge and threaten a whole team of heroes. Advice on forging classic action-movie scenes into adventures that spotlight all the heroes is woven throughout it all, along with input on having cunning henchmen pull stunts of their own – up to and including using WMD! There's also GM-only material on handling Assistance Rolls and Duty, and on making everyone useful.

And of course everybody will appreciate the quick-and-dirty chase system and rules for speeding up combat, complete with new cinematic options!

52 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-6183, ISBN 978-1-63999-007-8. $15.95.

Shipped January 23, 2023

Seven Deadly Sins Die

The Seven Deadly Sins Die will make your next game simply wicked.

This slightly sacrilegious polyhedral features unique icons representing each vice. How you use it is up to you!

The key to the icons is right on the package. Perhaps your NPC is full of greed? And how about that innkeeper? Is he consumed with envy – or just a sloth . . . ?

One seven-sided black and white die; the key to the icons is right on the package! Stock #5900-03, ISBN 080742095502. $7.95.
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Pirate d6 Dice Set

Roll the bones like a real captain! These dice are a treasure worth the hunt.

Known across the seven seas for their looks and luck, the Pirate d6 Dice Set is loaded like a ship's hold with beautifully crafted dice featuring the cross 'n bones of the notorious Jolly Roger.

Time to set sail, scallywags!

Avast Ye! Get your hooks, er, HANDS on these today!

Six 19mm six-sided dice, black with white ink. Stock #5900-04, ISBN 080742095328. $13.95.
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Shipped January 9, 2023

Killer Whale d6 Dice Set

Killer whales are some of the most majestic creatures in the ocean. We’ve captured that beauty in this set of colorful d6s. Use them to bring the noble spirit of the sea to your favorite game – they can turn any game into a whale of a good time!

The Killer Whale d6 Dice Set triumphantly joins the five other sets in our "Ocean Dice" family!

Six 16mm dice in a blister pack. Stock #5900-10, ISBN 080742095458. $8.95.
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The Elder Futhark Die

Cast The Runes!

Tell your characters' fortunes - or your own - Viking style!

This set includes a 24-sided die inscribed with the runes of the Elder Futhark, along with a 20-page book of rune lore to help you interpret them. Make your predictions - it's a game and a history lesson all in one!

A 24-sided die with the Norse "Elder Futhark" runes and a 20-page booklet of rune lore. Stock #5900-24, ISBN 080742095229. $13.95.
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Hack & Slash 2 – Whack & Stash

Can your guild of adventurers handle MORE?

In this expansion for Hack & Slash, you'll find 11 new quests and a new kind of reward – Treasures! They can add to your fame – or bend a rule for a future quest. And don't worry. If you fail, you can always Shop at Wiz-Mart to pick up a Treasure or two!

*This is not a stand-alone game. You'll need the original Hack & Slash to play

An expansion for Hack & Slash; includes 11 new Quest cards and 20 Treasure cards! Stock #5966, ISBN 080742095168. $10.95.
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Pick a Card Dice

Need a card? Roll a card!

This "deck" will never get old and ragged or ruined by a spilled drink!

Roll these dice together to get any card from a standard deck. The 4-sider gives you the suit. The 26-sider gives you the rank.

Play poker with virtual cards! (An identical pair beats a regular pair.) Or just match cards to see who pays for dinner . . .

Two dice; a 4-sider and a 26-sider. Stock #5993, ISBN 080742095724. $9.95.
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F E B R U A R Y   2 0 2 3 

Shipped February 23, 2023


In a world . . . where the line between evil and honor is drawn by a bullet, only one supplement dares to lay down the law of the gun: GURPS Gun Fu.

GURPS Gun Fu has everything you need for action-packed cinematic GURPS gunplay:

  • A description and explanation of what the gun fu genre is and how to emulate it.
  • Rules for tricky shooting and "impossible" firearm feats. Go back-to-back with your ally, or shoot weapons from foes' hands.
  • A half-dozen styles for gunfighters. Become an Ultimate Shootist or a practitioner of the Future Kill!
  • Dozens of new shooting techniques. Master the Dual-Weapon Attack, or use the Instant Arsenal Disarm to thwart your enemies.
  • Over 50 new perks for stylists. If you've ever wanted to be Cool Under Fire or Bend the Bullet, look no further.
  • Information on new weapons, gunsmithing, and cool-looking accessories.
  • A packed appendix on inspirational fiction, including tips for how to emulate some of those sources' tricks.

If you're looking for cinematic firearm action, simply slide along the floor with both guns blazing, release the doves, and pick up a copy of GURPS Gun Fu!

52 black-and-white pages. Softcover. Stock #01-6186, ISBN 978-1-63999-010-8. $15.95.

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