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N E W     R E L E A S E S!

Shipped September 26, 2001

Expansion 1 - Death Match (for Frag)
Coming hot on the heels of the Frag boardgame (coming in July) is Death Match. This first expansion set introduces rules for team play, and new board features like barrels, color-coded doors, and water. The Death Match map connects up with one of the maps in the original Frag to create a large playing surface for team games.

This new expansion set makes your Frag games bigger, wilder, and deadlier - let the Death Match begin!

Stock #1341, ISBN 1-55634-556-9, $14.95

Battle Cattle: The Card Game
Battle Cattle, the hilarious game of cow-to-cow combat, is now a card game. America's finest beefsteak puts on armor, grabs the big guns, and goes at it hoof and horn. It includes six full-color cow cards, 110 full-color playing cards, and short, easy rules. Fast, fun, quick to learn . . . and your foes are hamburger.

Worse yet . . . this game is fully compatible with Car Wars: The Card Game! Combine the two . . . take your hot rod out to the pasture and go gunning for Bossy . . . but remember, Bossy shoots back!

Stock #1409, ISBN 1-55634-555-0, $24.95

GURPS Cthulhupunk
The classic horror of the Cthulhu Mythos meets the dark future of cyberpunk . . . CthulhuPunk! The investigators now have supercomputers, cyborged bodies, and deadly new hand weapons - but the breakdown of society has given the malevolent entities of the Mythos new breeding grounds for corruption and decay.

Produced in cooperation with Chaosium, Inc., GURPS CthulhuPunk provides a complete game world, as well as all the important entities, monsters, spells and malevolent tomes from Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu, converted into GURPS terms.

This new printing features a chilling cover by Christopher Shy.

128 pages. Stock #6070, ISBN 1-55634-561-5. $22.95

Floor Plan 3 - Underground Lab

Once it was a missile silo, ready to spew atomic death. Then the government abandoned it . . . and the Professor moved in. Now the huge underground silo houses level after level of experiments . . . cages for beasts or prisoners . . . and Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

Or use the alternate sheets and descriptions to play this as an active missile silo, complete with missile - or a wrecked, deserted military base after some future holocaust.

This set includes 8 maps . . . two-sided, with hexes on one side and squares on the other, to fit any campaign! Plus . . . a sheet of classic Cardboard Heroes miniatures for your Horror campaign: the mad scientist, his assistants, the ragged survivors who besiege his lab, and the Giant Ants!

Stock #7303, ISBN 1-55634-505-4. $16.95

Paneuropean Set 1 - Fencer Cybertank (for Ogre Miniatures)
The Paneuropean answer to the Ogre was the long, lean cybertank they called the Fencer. The gigantic turret with its two long guns is menacing enough, but the Fencer's real punch is its load of 20 missiles. This set comes with two different turrets: standard (making the Fencer a 125-point unit) and brand new, upgunned Fencer-B (150 points).

Stock #10-2201, ISBN 1-55634-486-4. $19.95

GURPS Atlantis Limited Edition Hardcover
This is the second in our new line of signed and numbered, limited edition, hardcover titles. Each one has exactly the same content as the regular softcover version, but with a custom binding in classic style:

There are only 100 of these top quality books available as single volumes, exclusively from Warehouse 23.

Please read our Limited Edition Hardcovers information page, which includes a listing of currently and soon to be available titles, details on the LEH line, and policies.

Hardcover, 128 pages. Stock #80-1003, ISBN 1-55634-478-3. $49.95

O C T O B E R - 2 0 0 1

Square Grids
A simple, useful package: four 28" x 32" sheets, each printed on both sides with a grid of 1" squares and a lighter grid of 1/4 inch squares. Create your own maps for d20, Frag, the original Car Wars, RoboRally, or any other game that uses a grid system!

Stock #5199, ISBN 1-55634-603-4. $6.95.

GURPS Monsters
They chase you, baying, through woods far from home. They lurk in the shadows to grab the unwary. They possess your friends and change them subtly. They smash through your bedroom wall and are on you before you can even scream.

The latest in SJ Games' "Summer of Horror" series (which is now moving into Indian Summer . . .), GURPS Monsters is the definitive sourcebook on the creation and dramatic use of distinctive, memorable monsters in different genres and settings, with complete stats, descriptions, and adventure seeds. Some can be fought; some can be fled from . . . and with some, all you can do is scream.

Stock #6418, ISBN 1-55634-518-6. $22.95

GURPS Deadlands: Weird West
The year is 1877. The place is the American West . . . but haunted by the forces of darkness. Undead gunslingers, hostile Indian spirits, strange cults, and -- worst of all -- the sinister Reckoners. The Civil War drags on, while federal agents and Texas Rangers struggle to deal with otherworldly menaces while hiding the awful truth from the public Back East.

Deadlands, from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, is now the setting for a series of GURPS worldbooks. Adventure as a shootist, a card-slinging huckster, or a prospector searching the ruins of California for that supernatural stuff, "ghost rock." Saddle up, hombre. The Weird West awaits!

Stock #6760, ISBN 1-55634-455-4. $22.95

N O V E M B E R - 2 0 0 1

Deluxe Illuminati
They're all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere, and where can you find the only truth? Certainly not in the game of Illuminati. Fnord.

By popular demand, Deluxe Illuminati (not to be confused with the trading-card version, INWO) is back in print! This new edition features full-color cards and improved money chits... but it's the same game you know and fear, of secret conspiracies battling for world control.

The phone company is controlled by creatures from outer space. The Congressional Wives have taken over the Pentagon. And the Boy Sprouts are cashing in their secret Swiss bank account to smash the IRS! Two to six players compete to grab powerful groups and increase their wealth and power. No ploy is too devious, no stratagem too low, as you scheme your way to victory.

Stock #1305, ISBN 1-55634-384-1. $34.95

Hacker, Deluxe Edition
Can you break into the world's toughest computer systems? In Hacker, players sail through the Net, competing to invade the most systems. The more systems you crack, the more you learn, and the easier your next target is. You can find back doors and secret phone lines, and even crash the systems your rivals are using. But be careful. There's a Secret Service Raid waiting for you!

Designed by Steve Jackson, Hacker requires guile and diplomacy. To win, you must trade favors with your fellow hackers - and get more than you give away. But jealous rivals will try to bust you. Three busts and you're out of the game! This new Deluxe Edition combines the original Hacker and Hacker II - The Dark Side in one edition with all-new components.

Hacker won the 1992 Origins Award for Best Modern-Day Boardgame - and Hacker II - The Dark Side won the same award the next year! Now both great games are back in one great package.

Stock #1313, ISBN 1-55634-564-X. $34.95

Planetary Survey 6 - Darkmoon (for GURPS Traveller)
Darkmoon is an inhospitable planet of ice with no atmosphere - which makes it the perfect place for a prison. Even if a prisoner was to escape his cell, or even the prison altogether... where would he go? But the corporation that runs Darkmoon's prison has its own plans for their charges, and they might be better off on the ice.

Darkmoon is written by David Pulver, author of many GURPS favorites, including Technomancer, Space, Robots, Mecha, and the upcoming Transhuman Space.

Stock #6806 ISBN 1-55634-532-1. $10.95

Paneuropean Set 3 - Superheavy Troop and Missile Tank Squadron (for Ogre Miniatures)
The backbone of the Paneuropean army is its armor squadrons. This set contains two Thor Superheavy Tanks, three Ajax Missile Tanks, two Hammer Light Tanks, and 6 squads of infantry, and is worth 60 points.

Stock #10-2203, ISBN 1-55634-488-0. $19.95

Ogrethulhu Miniatures: Ogrethulhu Set 1 - Ogrethulhu Mk V
"Foxtrot Base, this is Galahad 1222, responding as ordered to Sector Gamma-7... no worries, I'm the fastest, slipperiest thing out here... OK, this must be what your sensors picked up... it's big, big as an Ogre, but the profile isn't quite... My God, what IS that thing? Is that a tenta<click>..."

When an Ogre Mk V is possessed by an unspeakable Eldritch Horror, the result is a doubly-unstoppable killing... well, not exactly a machine, but a creature of inhuman cyberintelligence and unholy hungers, with tentacles, claws and a never-blinking eye...

Stock #10-1401, ISBN 1-55634-566-6. $19.95

Postcards from Brom: Dark Fantasy (from Cartouche Press)
Brom is one of the best-known fantasy artists working today, and Cartouche Press is proud to bring you 20 of his finest pieces in this postcard set. You know his work from D&D, Dark Sun, Deadlands, and countless card games. Brom is a true modern master of the genre, Michael Friedlander wrote in the introduction to Brom's Darkwerks art book. I am thoroughly convinced that Brom is well on his way to creating his own monumental series of works, much like Frazetta's Conan, Jones' Robert E. Howard, or St. John's Burroughs series.

Collectible fine art, without the high price!

Stock #60-2001, ISBN 1-55634-558-5, $19.95

Chez Geek 3 - Block Party
Chez Geek is back! This new supplement - illustrated, of course, by John Kovalic - includes 55 more cards. More people, more crummy jobs, more pets, more food, weed, and nookie!

Special bonus: The box is oversized, to hold ALL your Chez Geek cards. The outside of the box shows the Chez Geek apartment building . . . take the lid off, and the inner box shows what's happening INSIDE . . .

Stock #1336, ISBN 1-55634-562-3. $16.95

GURPS Character Builder
At last... an official character-creation program for GURPS. The Character Builder lets you design, optimize, store, modify, and print out characters in all the most popular genres. All the system's standard advantages, disadvantages, and skills are supported. Lots of extras, including a die roller, round out this package.

(For Windows only. Sorry, Mac fans.)

Stock #5401, ISBN 1-55634-024-9. $24.95

GURPS Steampunk Hardback
GURPS Steampunk won the Origins Award for Best RPG Supplement of 2000. Then it sold out! Now it's back in print in a new deluxe hardcover edition with the same great full-color cover art. Written by William Stoddard, this book combines the mood of cyberpunk with the setting of an alternate Industrial Age, where computers run on steam power, walking colossi stalk the battlefields, flying ironclads rule the skies, and science is the new frontier. It covers the real events, politics, and personalities of the Industrial Age, as well as the weird science that could have been created . . . vehicles, robots, airships, and more.

Hardcover, 144 pages. Stock #6049, ISBN 1-55634-605-0. $34.95.

GURPS Best of Pyramid 2

Pyramid Magazine has been bringing you the best in gaming since 1993. Here's a second volume of the best of Pyramid's GURPS coverage, all in one convenient place.

GURPS Best of Pyramid 2 includes the "Unlimited Mana" variant rules, The Hole -- one of the most requested articles ever, straight from Pyramid Issue #1 -- plus the complete run of Terra Incognita and Warehouse 23 features from the paper edition, and lots more!

128 pages. Stock #6130, ISBN 1-55634-542-9. $22.95

GURPS Steam-Tech
The Mad Scientists, Illuminated Thinkers, and Inspired Tinkerers of the Steampunk Age have brought their finest, their deadliest -- and their strangest -- work together in one place. GURPS Steam-Tech has it all, from weapons and armor to analytical engines, automata, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, and even living plant and animal creations!

GURPS Steam-Tech is compiled by William Stoddard, author of the Origins-Award-winning GURPS Steampunk, and is a must for Steampunk and other Victorian-era campaigns.

Stock #6422, ISBN 1-55634-563-1. $22.95

Prepare for your finest hour as GURPS explores the defining event of the 20th century - World War II.

GURPS WWII provides an overview of the war that transformed the globe, reviews of the nations and armies in the thick of the fighting, and descriptions of their primary weapons and vehicles. It also includes a modular vehicle-design system, for tailoring equipment in alternate-history campaigns or simply perfecting the unstoppable tank!

GURPS WWII will also serve as the core book for a complete line of GURPS WWII volumes. These will further illustrate specific nations and theaters, the naval and air wars, additional equipment, and much more.

Stock #8001, ISBN 1-55634-565-8. $28.95

Ogre Miniatures Combine Set 9 - Laser Towers and Turrets
Hold your ground with these powerful structures. Three laser turrets and two huge laser towers (3" tall!) will provide a deadly umbrella over your base area. These finely detailed miniatures are cast with both resin and metal parts. The set is packaged in a reusable plastic box and adds 54 points to your Combine force.

Stock #10-2109, ISBN 1-55634-540-2. $19.95

Combine Set 12 - Ogre Mk. IIIB (for Ogre Miniatures)

The Mk. III-B was an upgunned version of the trusty Ogre Mk. III, adding two more missiles and another main battery. It was a very effective unit and remained in production as the most potent cybertank of its size class, even after the Mk. V was developed.

The Mk. III-B is packaged in a reusable plastic box and adds 120 points to your Combine force.

This box contains a complete Ogre Mk. III-B; a "repair kit" with an extra tower and set of guns) in case of battle damage; a "swimming tower" to represent the Ogre when it's underwater; and a record card.

Stock #10-2112, ISBN 1-55634-590-9. $19.95

D E C E M B E R - 2 0 0 1

It came from the depths of the sea. It had been "merely" an Ogre Mark V cybertank. Now it was something more... something hideous, unnatural, dripping slime... something that ATE the forces sent to stop it. And that was just the beginning...

This new book, written by Steve Jackson, brings Things That Man Was Not Meant To Know into an Ogre campaign. If you thought the Ogre was hard to stop, watch out for Ogrethulhu. And watch out for its hellish SPAWN!

Stock #3203, ISBN 1-55634-591-7. $8.95

Ogre Scenario Book 1
Lots of Ogre adventure, at a bargain price. This book includes seven complete scenarios, requiring only the original maps from Ogre. In "Hammer & Anvil," an Ogre stumbles into a trap... now, can the trap survive what it's caught? In "Run For The Border," an Ogre tries to defect to the other side. In "Black Knight," a demented Ogre holds a pass against both forces. Plus four others!

16 pages. Stock #1342, ISBN 1-55634-606-9. $5.95

In Nomine Anime
It's a new take on In Nomine . . . but it works. This book showcases how perfectly the world of angels and demons fits the "anime" style of art and fiction. Just shout "Gabriel's Flame of Vengeance!" and fry those evildoers . . . or serve the Archdemon of Technology by building a giant mecha and piloting it against Heaven! Includes discussions of character types, hints for in-genre roleplaying, and complete campaign backgrounds.

32 pages. Stock #3325, ISBN 1-55634-596-8. $9.95

Out on the streets, it's you, your service revolver, and your partner. Remember to wear your vest. The day you forget it is the day some punk pops a cap in your gut.

GURPS Cops is an in-depth look at the world of the police officer. Players can recreate their favorite cop show with details about police forces through history, different sorts of police jobs, what investigations are like in the real world . . . through the courts and sentencing. This is a gritty, no-punches-pulled book for the player and GM who want a realistic game.

128 pages. Stock #6534, ISBN 1-55634-458-9. $22.95.

GURPS Deadlands Dime Novel 2 - Wanted: Undead or Alive
Sean Bailey was a mean ol' cuss... and that was before a ghost rock mine caved in on him. Now he's out to get even with the people who killed him off. It's up to bounty hunter Caleb Harling and his friends to stop him before he turns Bailey's End into a ghost town.

Wanted: Undead or Alive! is the second in our series of fiction set in the world of GURPS Deadlands. There's also GURPS game information, so GMs can run their own adventures in and around Bailey's End.

32 pages * Suggested retail price $8.95
Stock number 6782 * ISBN 1-55634-567-4

Floor Plan 4 - Mall of the Dead
You can get anything at the mall. But what good will the bounty of American consumerism do you when the dead walk again, and naught will satisfy them save the very flesh from your bones?

Mall of the Dead is the latest in the Floor Plan series. Eight large, double-sided maps give you the entire layout of the multi-level mall. The maps use 1" square grid on one side, and 1" hex grid on the other, so the maps are equally useful for GURPS, d20, and many other systems.

Mall of the Dead also includes a sheet of Cardboard Heroes (zombies, of course), adventure seeds, plus stats for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, the zombie-fest RPG from Eden Studios.

Stock #7304, ISBN 1-55634-557-7. $16.95.

GURPS Miniatures - Giant Ants
Scuttling faster than a man can run... mindless, implacable, hungry to feed the hive... the Giant Ants!

Whether your game is Horror, Atomic Horror, or Steampunk, these sinister minis, sculpted by Richard Kerr, will bring new chills to your players. The set includes six realistic ants, the mad scientist who created them, and his sinister assistant Igor. The human figures are 29mm scale. The ants are more than human-sized in 29mm, but can be used with other scales as well.

Stock #13-0201, ISBN 1-55634-524-0. $19.95.

Lightstrike: The Art of John Zeleznik (from Cartouche Press)
John Zeleznik has one of the most vivid artistic visions in science-fiction and fantasy art today. Fans know his work from Shadowrun and RIFTS, as well as GURPS Robots, Reign of Steel, Vehicles, Ogre, Atomic Horror, and many others. Cartouche Press is proud to bring Lightstrke: The Art of John Zeleznik to lovers of cool art everywhere.

Stock #60-1002, ISBN 1-55634-560-7. $24.95

The Art of John Van Fleet (from Cartouche Press)
This month's Cartouche Press book showcases a graphic talent second to none: John Van Fleet. In this 64-page full-color book, you'll find some of his best work, including covers and pages for Batman, Star Wars, and White Wolf's Vampire . . . and a 13-page authorized graphic novelette for The Matrix, never before printed!

64 pages. Stock #60-1003, ISBN 1-55634-559-3. $29.95.

J A N U A R Y - 2 0 0 2

GURPS Vehicles Expansion 1
Time for a tune-up! David Pulver's long-awaited supplement for GURPS Vehicles has dozens of vehicular design options and components. Create supercavitating submarines that race through the ocean at Mach 1, monstrous cybertanks invulnerable to anything short of a nuclear weapon, and elegant spacecraft that ride the solar winds on magnetic sails. There are plenty of options for mundane vehicles as well, with expanded rules for building everything from historical sailing ships to combine harvesters.

32 pages * Suggested retail price $8.95
Stock number 6541 * ISBN 1-55634-601-8

GURPS Traveller: Heroes 1 - Bounty Hunters
First in a series of mini-books that spotlight interesting professions for adventure! Bounty Hunters gives templates for character design, and goes into detail about the risks and rewards of hunting criminals for money. Campaign ideas and adventure seeds are included, along with several completely worked out characters. This book will jump-start lots of Traveller adventures!

32 pages * Suggested retail price $8.95
Stock number 6880 * ISBN 1-55634-613-1

Ogre Miniatures: Last War Set 1 - Convoy
Trucks are the mainstay of any army’s supply lines. And in Ogre, they’re great moving targets. This box contains a dozen-wheeled trucks from the late 21st century, suitable for use by any army, and a dozen modular cargo loads of several different types. They’re packed in our standard reusable plastic box. Use them for "convoy raiding" or "evacuation" scenarios . . . or for longer, operational campaigns.

Suggested retail price $19.95
Stock number 10-2501 * ISBN 1-55634-615-8

Pokéthulhu Miniatures
Hellishly cute eldritch horrors . . . eating human souls and strawberry ice cream with equal glee . . . Pikathulhu and his friends! Based on the John Kovalic cartoons from Dork Storm Press' Pokéthulhu RPG, sculpted by Richard Kerr, this parody set is . . . insanely funny. You get a giant Pikathulhu, his demented young trainer, and four small thulhus.

#14-0101 ISBN 1-55634-526-7. $19.95

Cthulhu Valentines (from Cartouche Press)
Eight cards for those you love in the worst way! Want to celebrate Valentine's Day... differently? Your loved ones will appreciate these Cthulhu-themed Valentine cards. And if not, you can just build some NEW loved ones.

Each card has an illustration by a different top fantasy artist, including Ashley Wood, Bill Koeb, Jason Felix, and Christopher Shy... and a macabre but heartfelt slogan. We think Lovecraft would approve. Give them to your friends, or save them to gloat over!

Suggested retail price $19.95
Stock number 60-2004 · ISBN 1-55634-612-3

Clyde Caldwell's Heartbreakers (from Cartouche Press)
Best known for his Heavy Metal, The Savage Sword of Conan, and Dungeons & Dragons work, Clyde Caldwell has been a great name in fantasy art for almost 20 years. This inexpensive postcard set features five of Caldwell's most beautiful fantasy women. Mail them to your friends, or keep them for yourself.

Suggested retail price $5.95
Stock number 60-2005 · ISBN 1-55634-614-X

Frag Deadlands
The fast-moving "first person shooter" boardgame... mutated into the Weird West! This is a complete game which combines the award-winning Deadlands background with the fast, fun Frag rules. Play as a magic-using huckster, an undead Harrowed gunslinger, or a Mad Scientist... frag your foes on the main street of Doomtown, and hang them on the gallows!

You don't need the original Frag to play... but if you have them both, you can combine them.

Boxed game. Stock #1342, ISBN 1-55634-606-9. $34.95

GURPS Horror, 3rd Edition
Horror has always been one of the most popular GURPS settings. This new Third Edition has been revised and updated by Kenneth Hite. It replaces the old historical settings with three brand-new campaign frames designed specifically for horror play. The focus is widened from supernatural horror to include psychological, cosmic, conspiratorial, and other subgenres. And many monster types are given racial templates so they can be used as PCs!

With all new illustrations by Christopher Shy, this book will terrify players in new and unexpected ways...

128 pages * Suggested retail price $22.95
Stock number 6004 * ISBN 1-55634-179-2

The Best of JTAS
For over 20 years, the Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society has been the voice of Traveller and its fans. In February of 2000, Steve Jackson Games revived JTAS as an online magazine. The Best of JTAS collects in one volume the very best articles published online in the year 2000, as picked by JTAS editor Loren Wiseman. The Best of JTAS has material for GURPS Traveller, of course, but many articles can be used in any Traveller campaign - or any other science-fiction setting, for that matter.

128 pages. Stock #6625, ISBN 1-55634-568-2. $22.95.

Transhuman Space
In the last decade of the 21st century, advanced biotech and interplanetary colonization have transformed our solar system into a setting as exciting and alien as any interstellar empire. Pirate spaceships hijacking black holes... sentient computers and artificial "bioroids" demanding human rights... nanotechnology and mind control.

Transhuman Space is the core book of a new "hard" science fiction series, created by David Pulver and written by the top GURPS authors. More Transhuman Space books will appear though 2001 and 2002.

Stock #6700, ISBN 1-55634-454-6. $34.95

Ogre Miniatures: Ogrethulhu Set 2 - Spawn of Ogrethulhu
When the Ogrethulhu started EATING its victims, the fleeing survivors thought they had seen the depths of horror. But the madness had barely started. Because soon the pods on the monster’s back began to swell. Then they burst wetly, and the victims emerged... unthinkably changed.

The Ogrethulhu creates its own infantry support from its victims! The Spawn are packaged in a reusable plastic box... 72 infantry figures of 12 different and disgusting types. These monstrosities are somewhat larger than normal infantry, giving sculptor Richard Kerr more scope for his twisted imagination...

Suggested retail price $19.95
Stock number 10-2702 * ISBN 1-55634-604-2

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