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In 2085, armored warfare is faster and deadlier than ever. Hovercraft, tanks, and infantry slug it out with tactical nukes. But the most feared weapon of all needs no human guidance. It's a giant cybernetic tank bristling with guns and missiles.

It's the Ogre.

Ogre, initially released in 1977, was Steve Jackson's first game design. It is now available in three forms:

  • A large-format boardgame, Ogre Sixth Edition.
  • Rules for play with miniatures, the award-winning Ogre Miniatures. A variety of plastic units are available.
  • The Ogre video game on Steam.
  • The Ogrezine 2 Kickstarter

    Ogre News

    September 21, 2018: Ogrezine 2 Kickstarter Rumbles On

    Our Kickstarter for Ogrezine 2 is in full swing, crushing stretch goals beneath it's treads. We've already raised the total of articles from 5 to 11 (plus a bonus or two!) and we will create a POD version of Ogrezine and Ogrezine 2 with a special introductory price. We are closing in on releasing PDFs of maps G1 and G2 to all backers at $3 or higher and a POD version of the Ogre Scenario Books 1-3 is very attainable. Plus there is still another amazing stretch goal just waiting to be revealed!

    The articles flowing in are amazing. We've already got some fiction lined up, an interesting rule variant, and a scenario for fans. I'm reviewing still more fiction, scenarios, and some articles for Ogre Miniatures. At this rate, we will need to schedule an Ogrezine 3! Having said this, we have not locked down all of the articles for this issue and have plenty of slots still undecided. So, send me your submissions! We want this issue to blow Ogrezine out of the water. Writer's Guidelines are published on our website.

    I've got some great art submissions as well but would be remiss if I didn't mention that we would love to see more! What is your vision of the Last War? Please share it with the world. You can find the Artist Guidelines here.

    Ogrezine via Kickstarter has got to be one of the most amazing gaming deals in the world. Where else can you get so much game material for just $3? Even your Uncle Louie doesn't have this good a deal! And don't forget the playmats. We will be announcing details of Playmat M2 shortly and for those of you that missed Playmat M1, there's an opportunity to get both of them. And yes, we do have international shipping options!

    So click over to the Ogrezine 2 Kickstarter and check it out. And if you've pledged already, let others know. The next stretch goal is a killer! And send me your: 

    • Strategy articles
    • Scenarios
    • Fiction
    • Variants
    • Game Aids
    • Miniature Guides
    • Artwork
    • Cartoons
    • and anything else!

    See you soon!

    -- Drew Metzger

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