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The Last War: Australia

Nestled against the Coral Sea, Australia was spared the worst of the Last War. Its natural isolation proved, as ever, its best defense, keeping it from becoming either a battleground or an unwilling combatant. Of all the nations of the 21st Century, Australia was the one least changed from the 20th. Its parliamentary government survived the new century fairly intact, and both its trade and foreign relations remained relatively stable.

While officially a neutral state, Australia had definite Combine sympathies. It gave refuge to many British units fleeing the fall of Britain, including the remnants of the English and Scottish governments, and the Royal Family. These exiles remained independent, although they received support from the Australian government, including land grants on the northern coast, clustered along the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Australia's own concerns centered on its Asian neighbors, especially expansionistic Nihon. The Australian military depended heavily on hovercraft, and outfitted most of their infantry with marine battlesuits, including their Combat Engineers.

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