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Heavy Weapons Teams

Here is the current draft of the Heavy Weapon Teams rules.

Posted drafts are likely to flex a little bit as discussion continues on the Ogre forums.

Heavy Weapons Teams – Draft of 7-13-2016

3.02.2 Heavy Weapons Teams (HWT). Specialist infantry. An infantry squad armed with a portable one-shot missile. Each Heavy Weapons Team may make a single "heavy weapon attack" at Attack Strength 3 and Range 4. Once this attack is made, flip the counter to its "Fired" side. The heavy weapon may not be fired while mounted (5.11.1) or on the turn the Heavy Weapons Team dismounts (this is an exception to 5.11.3). The heavy weapon attack does not double in overruns.

A Heavy Weapons Team has an inherent Attack 1 at Range 1, which can be used both before and after firing the heavy weapon. Treat this like a regular infantry attack. This inherent attack cannot be used in any Fire Phase or overrun fire round where the heavy weapon attack is used.

Heavy Weapons Teams are deployed in special scenarios. Players can mutually agree to allow Heavy Weapons Teams in other scenarios, by trading regular infantry for Heavy Weapons Teams at a 2 to 1 ratio. As specialist infantry, Heavy Weapons Teams are worth double VPs (i.e. 4 VP per squad).

Heavy Weapon Teams may rearm from either a stocked CP depot, or a truck or hovertruck carrying "heavy weapon team missiles". They need to begin and spend one full turn in the same hex as the reload source without firing. Each missile would cost 1 VP each for unit selection and victory calculation. A Heavy Weapon Team may carry only one heavy weapon missile at a time. A truck or hovertruck may carry up to 10 missiles, or up to 5 if a squad rides in the truck at the same time. Players may receive one regular truck for "free" per ten missiles (or fraction thereof) purchased, if they so desire. A hovertruck would cost 2 VP each for unit selection and victory calculation (in addition to the missile costs). Reduce the number of "free" wheeled trucks available by one for each hovertruck purchased. Armor units and other types of infantry may not carry heavy weapon missiles due to the large protective casing within which they are transported. Heavy weapon missiles may not be attacked individually, but are destroyed if the truck or CP is destroyed.

3.02.4 Marine Heavy Weapons Teams (HWTM). Specialist infantry. Marine Heavy Weapons Teams are treated for all purposes like regular Heavy Weapons Teams, except that they move and attack equally well on land and water, and have double defense in water hexes. The heavy weapon attack is uniquely designed to be effective in both air and water. Marine Heavy Weapons Teams may use their heavy weapon attack on either surface or submerged units without penalty. Unlike regular Heavy Weapon Teams, they may rearm from hovertrucks on the water, as per the rearming rules above. Marine Heavy Weapons Teams cost 6 VP per squad, (or 3x the cost of regular infantry).

(For game purposes, use a HWT counter from a different faction to differentiate the Marine HWT squads from regular HWT squads, or place one of the numbered black disks or other marker on a HWT counter to denote its status as a Marine HWT).

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