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Ogre Record Sheet


Updated July 23, 2010

Points: 125

The first original cybertank design produced by the Paneuropean Federation, the Fencer also had the first operational missile racks. The Fencer had nothing comparable to an Ogre main gun. It carried two "secondary" batteries and 8 anti-personnel batteries. Its main armament consisted of its four missile racks. It carried 20 missiles in its internal storage bay. The Fencer starts the game with 48 tread units. The Fencer design had been in progress for a year when England fell. Some Paneuropean leaders, notably the French, wanted to press ahead with their home-grown design, while others wanted to adopt and improve on the Ogre technology that had fallen into their laps. Typically, the Paneuropeans compromised by doing both. The Fencer reached the battlefield in 2084 and was a success, but Mark III and V units produced in Sheffield, Stuttgart and elsewhere were always more plentiful in the Paneuropean forces. Later Paneuropean cybertanks, though, were developments of the Fencer. Like the Mark III and later Ogres, Fencers were articulated. However, they lacked the Ogre tower. Instead, they had a large, flat turret housing the two conventional cannons. The missile racks were located to the rear.

4 Missile Racks (Defense 4)
20 Missiles (Attack 6, Range 10")
00000 00000
00000 00000
2 Secondary Battery (Attack 3, Range 4", Defense 3)
8 Antipersonnel (Attack 1, Range 2", Defense 1)

48 Tread Units: Movement starts at 6"
0000 0000 (Movement drops to 5")
0000 0000 (Movement drops to 4")
0000 0000 (Movement drops to 3")
0000 0000 (Movement drops to 2")
0000 0000 (Movement drops to 1")
0000 0000 (Movement drops to 0)
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