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Battle for Sheffield

An Ogre scenario

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Date Line: Spring 2079

The Paneuropean High Command needs infantry to capture the OGRE Factory at Sheffield. The assault force is composed primarily of "Pikeman" Mk I cyber tanks, lead by a new "Burghut" Mk II cyber tank, with conventional support. The Factory has a small, dedicated defense force and is hurriedly preparing 2 additional OGRES.

Maps & Overlays

GEV Maps: Left side S1, North UP; Right side G1, North UP, bridge at 2013 is SP30

City tri-plate on G1S right side (2215,2216,1216) Sheffield Ogre plant SP60 structure located somewhere in the adjoining city area (defender's digression) use strongpoint counter to indicate.

Defender gets 12 rubble ridges and 1 bridge SP20 he MAY deploy on anywhere on G1S at setup.

Stacking Limit: No more than 6 squads can occupy the Factory hex.


2 Players or Teams. Paneropean and Combine.

Combine: regular forces and Mk II start anywhere on map G1.

Paneuropean: forces deploy from anywhere on the left edge of map S1.

  • Combine Forces
    • Mk II Ogre [BNJ-231 "Benji"] - 1 Mk II OGRE
    • 15th Sheffield Home Guards [Col. Richard Smyth] - 6 Armor, 20 INF units
    • 122nd Artillery Battery [Cpt. Dave Lynch] - 4 Howitzers (Fixed or Mobile)
    • Mk III Ogre [SHP-153 "Shepard"] - 1 - Mk III OGRE Ready on Turn 3
    • Mk V Ogre [BLD-062 "Bulldog"] - 1 - Mk V OGRE Ready on Turn 5

    Note: The defender may swap out howitzers for conventional units at standard rate.

  • Paneuropean Forces
    • XII Landsknecht Cyber Assault Division - 8 Mk I "Pikeman", 1 Mk II, OGREs
    • 5thHapsburg Regiment [Gen Karl Rinehart] - 20 Armor, 20 Infantry Units
    • Assault force may use GEVPCs and/or swap their Infantry for Marines or Engineers at standard rate.
    • No fixed Howitzers, maximum of 2 Mobil Howitzers, and no crawlers.


Paneuropean: None

Combine: Mk III Ogre on Turn 3, Mk V Ogre on Turn 5, both deploy from the factory.


Units may escape on any traversable terrain on any map edge.

Victory Conditions & Special Rules

A Paneuropean infantry squad may attempt to hack the factory mainframe during the attack phase of its next turn after moving into the factory. Only one attempt per turn, success is a 6 on 1d6. Each additional, consecutive turn a Paneuropean squad occupies the factory 1 is added to the die roll, after six consecutive turns, it is automatically taken. If the combine retakes the factory before a successful hack, the Paneuropean player would have to start over.

Complete Combine VictoryAll Paneuropean infantry destroyed and at least 1 Ogre survives.
Marginal Combine VictoryFactory intact, but no friendly Ogres survive.
DrawFactory Destroyed.
Marginal Paneuropean VictoryFactory captured.
Complete Paneuropean VictoryFactory captured, 20 points of armor and/or equivalent Ogres survive.

Game Length: 40 turns.

Scenario Variants

This scenario is designed for the GEV terrain and standard ramming rules. Advanced players may wish to experiment with the SHOCKWAVE OVERRUN RULES. This makes infantry truly fearsome within a city, consider revising the stacking limit down to 3 for the factory.

"Spawning Ogre" Scenario: Using available assemblies, the factory produces additional Ogres after turn 16 at the following rate:

  • 3 Turns for a Mk I
  • 5 Turns for a Mk II
  • 9 Turns for a Mk III
  • 11 Turns for a Mk III-B
  • 13 Turns for a Mk V

Defender must write down what he is building, no changing in mid-build.

The attacker gets an additional Mk 1 "Pikeman", 1 armor unit and 1 Infantry on turns 14, 20, 26, 32, and 38, these to enter on road grid 401(north edge) of map G1N.

Balance: If the PE assault force is winning too often, have the Combine deploy the larger Ogres sooner. The Combine player could be handicapped by using 2 Mk III-Bs instead of the Mk III and Mk V.

Historical Note: Paneuropean forces eventually overrun the factory to capture the Mk III and Mk V templates, so they have no Ogre larger than Mk II. The Mk IV, Mk VI, Fencer, Ninja, Vulcan and Doppelsöldner designs have not yet been invented.

The Ogre Scenario Book 2 PDF, combining all of these scenarios, may be purchased on Warehouse 23

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