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The Dragon of Magdeburg

An Ogre scenario

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The Dragon is a Doppelsoldner that controls the area around Magdeburg. It has recently acquired the large Ogre manufacturing facility outside of Braunschweig, along with all of the highly trained engineers and artificers that live there.

This dramatically changes the balance of power in the region.

Two other local warlords who lack this heavy industrial capability seek to take this area from The Dragon while its forces are concentrated to the east.

What the warlords aren't counting on is The Dragon itself showing up! This is a time of scarce resources, so all of the battling factions must try to preserve their hard to replace armies.


Use maps G1N and G1S.


This is a three-player scenario. Forces are determined by both standard strength points and victory point units. (See Objectives and Victory Point section for variant scoring rules.)

The Dragon's garrison units are Blue and are defending. Blue gets 24 strength points of infantry plus 60 VP worth of units that can set up anywhere on the map.

The warlords are Red and Green (or some other third force color) and are attacking Blue and possibly each other. (Red and Green players are encouraged to think up suitably grandiose titles for themselves).

The attackers get 300 VP each (no cruise missile units - if they want Ogres, Mk II or MkIs only). One warlord enters between hexes 0822 and 0118 while the other enters between hexes 0801 and 0106.

The warlord who rolls highest on the die either gets to move first or choose which entry zone he wants.


Starting on turn 2, the Blue player rolls a die at the beginning of each of his movement phases - on a roll of 1 or 2, The Dragon (a Doppelsoldner) enters from any hex on the east edge!


Any Blue unit can withdraw from the east edge. Warlord units can exit from their respective entry hexes.

Special Rules

Overrun Combat (8.0) is in effect. Damage to terrain (13.01) is in effect, but to due to the sturdy construction of the factory buildings, only vehicular overruns cause automatic damage to town hexes.

Combat engineers are available for purchase. These specialist troops, armed with nasty close in weapons like flamers, plasma guns and explosive charges, have their attack strengths tripled in overrun combat and receive a +1 bonus to their die roll. They cost twice as much as normal infantry.

Each side must designate one unit as a CP. This CP can be a purchased Ogre (if more than one is purchased by a faction its identity can be kept secret and recorded on a side note) or a mobile CP unit that can be acquired for no VP cost.

The CP for the Blue player is The Dragon. If The Dragon withdraws, it still acts as the Blue CP.

If a faction loses its CP, it skips the movement phase for the remainder of the game.


Scoring is by VP, except instead of getting points for destruction of enemy units, VP are subtracted from a faction's total for units they lose (or for damage to Ogres).

Each town hex is worth 50 VP undamaged, 25 VP damaged, and nothing if destroyed. All town hexes begin the game controlled by the blue player.

Victory Levels

If one faction controls all of the town hexes, they get an automatic decisive victory. If The Dragon is destroyed, the Blue faction gets an automatic decisive defeat.

Otherwise, a faction wins a standard victory if has scored twice as many victory points as any other faction, or a marginal victory if they have 1.5 times the victory points. Any other result is a draw.

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