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The Hidden Lab

An Ogre scenario

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The Combine has discovered a Paneuropean bio-weapons lab hidden in the jungles of Nova Brasilia. A Combine-backed mercenary force is dispatched to destroy it while giving still allowing for plausible deniability.


The defender gets 4 buildings, 3 20 SP admin buildings and 1 80 SP strongpoint, all set up camouflaged at least 6 hexes apart on map G2S. The defender gets 6 AU of artillery (MSL, MHWZ and/or HWZ), along with an additional 18 AU of dummy artillery, 6 AU of additional armor and 18 INF.

The 6 real AU of artillery must be set up within 1 hex of the lab, no more than one unit per hex. The remaining buildings must also have 6 AU of artillery set up within 1 hex of the lab (no more than one unit per hex); this can be all dummy units or some of the additional AU can be used for real artillery to set up next to the building and some dummy units can be placed elsewhere. The remaining building gets 3 INF set up in it; the remaining AU and INF may be set up in or north of hexes S2- XX05. The defender also gets reinforcements (see below).

The attacker gets 3 waves of forces: The scout wave consists of 6 AU of GEVs and/or LGEVs, and enters on turn 1. The attack wave consists of 16 AU of armor and infantry, and may enter at any time beginning on turn 2, but no later than turn 5. The cleanup wave consists of 8 AU of armor, 12 INF, and 4 cruise missiles; the missiles are fired from off-board unless AU are spent for crawlers (1 AU each).

The cleanup wave enters in its entirety on the third turn after the lab is identified (per 11.06), except for off-board cruise missiles, which may be saved indefinitely. The attacker does not have to reveal his forces to the defender until they enter the map, but they must all be selected and put aside before the game starts. The attacker may see the defender's setup before finalizing his forces, but cannot change them once the first wave enters.


Use maps G2S north of S2N. The defender places up to 12 hexes of overlays anywhere they want in or north of hexes S2-XX05. The overlays are placed before the attacker selects his forces.


At the beginning of turn 2, the defender rolls for reinforcements using the same rules as for the Raid scenario (p. S4), but using the table below.

ResultReinforcementEntry Hex
1Heavy TankG2-0712
22 Light TanksG2-1612
3Missile TankG2-0115
53 INF squadsS2-0104
62 AU units, defender's choiceS2-230

Additionally, on turn 6 the defender gets 12 AU of fast armor (M3 or better) and infantry entering together from hex G2-1612 or G2-2315. All INF must be riding vehicles on entry, but may dismount at any time following 5.11.3.


Defenders may escape from the north, east, or west sides, but only after the lab is destroyed. Attackers may escape only from the south side.

Special Rules

13.01 (terrain destruction) and 13.06 (dummy units) are in effect. 13.02 (bridge destruction) may be used. 13.05 (camouflage) is not used (use 11.06 for hidden buildings). Additionally, the lab can only be fully destroyed by cratering it, either via cruise missile or self destruct (the strongpoint is just the surface entry). To cause the lab to self destruct, the attacker must do the following:

  • Eliminate any enemy units in the lab hex itself.
  • Reduce the strongpoint to 60 SP or less.
  • Overrun the lab hex with INF. Instead of attacking the SP, each INF squad may make a 1-1 attack to enter the lab itself on an X result; like overrun attacks on buildings, they get 2 attacks per overrun. Once inside, they are taken off the board, as they can no longer be attacked by units on the board unless they leave.
  • After the overrun is over, the INF spend MP to attempt to override the labs defenses (if they have any left after the overrun, they may start immediately, otherwise they start the next turn). For each MP spent, each INF squad makes a 1-1 attack on the lab, with an X result indicating one safety interlock has been bypassed.
  • On the defender's turn, they get 1 1-2 attack for every full 10 SP remaining on the strongpoint. Each attack is made against a single squad of INF.
  • Once 4 interlocks have been bypassed, one INF squad must remain to trigger the destruct, but any remaining INF may attempt to run away from the lab hex to escape the destruction. It costs 1 MP to exit the lab, at which point they move normally.
  • The lab gets one additional turn to attack any INF that have not exited yet (if it has enough SP remaining), and the lab explodes at the end of the attacker's next turn. When the lab explodes, treat it as a cruise missile explosion, except that everything outside the lab's hex is treated as being 2 hexes further away (since the detonation was underground).

Objectives & Victory Points

The primary objective is to destroy the lab; if it survives, the defender wins. Standard VP rules apply to all units. The admin buildings are worth 5 VP each, the strongpoint is worth 20 VP by itself, or 50 VP if the lab is cratered. Dummy units are worth 1 VP each to the defender if they remain on the board at the end of the game.

Victory Levels

The winner is determined by the survival of the lab: if the lab is destroyed, the attacker wins. If the lab survives, the defender wins. The strength of victory is determined by comparing the number of victory points gained by each player, as follows:

  • Winner ahead by 100 or more points: decisive victory.
  • Winner ahead by 25 or more points: marginal victory.
  • Winner ahead by less than 25 points: pyrrhic victory.

Scenario Variants

Engineer Scenario

Instead of cruise missiles, the attacker gets 4 GEV-PCs and 6 Engineers. Each Engineer squad carries a suitcase nuke, which can destroy the lab. To do so it must overrun the lab, as above, but instead of triggering the self-destruct, they must spend 1 turn in the lab to plant the nuke. If they survive the defender's turn, the nuke is placed on the attacker's turn, and will go off at the end of the attacker's next turn.

The Engineers may leave the lab on the turn that the nuke goes off; they do not have to remain behind. If the Engineers are killed before they can plant the nuke, the lab may be self- destructed as above. Engineers are worth 4 VP if killed.

Ogre Scenario

Instead of the attack wave forces, the attacker gets a single Ogre Mark VI, and the scout and cleanup waves each get an additional 2 AU. The defender gets 8 additional AU to spend on initial forces, and rolls for reinforcements beginning on turn 1, rolling twice per turn on even-numbered turns. Use 13.03 for both initial forces and reinforcements - only rolls of 6 (2 AU, player's choice) may be used for Ogres, and the Ogre rolls to determine the a entry hex when it enters.

The Ogre Scenario Book 2 PDF, combining all of these scenarios, may be purchased on Warehouse 23

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