Basic MOO Commands

After you login (using your Pyramid username and password), you can use the following commands to talk and move around the MOO:

Looking around:

who           -> see who's online
look          -> look at the current room, see the topic and who's here
look <player> -> Look at an another player in the room


say Whatever
OR "Whatever    Others in the room see: Fred says, "Whatever"
emote waves 
OR :waves       Others in the room see: Fred waves.
p <player>=<message> Send a private message to someone.  They can be 
                     in the same room or in a different room.
`<player> <message>  -> Others see: Fred [to playername]: Hey there.  
think <message>            -> "Thought" bubbles:   Fred . o O ( message )

Rooms and Movement:

@join <player>      -> Join another player in a different room.
@rose                     -> shows the various exits from your current location
Type the direction you want to go, to walk that way, i.e. "north" to go north.

Getting Started:

@rename me to "newname" -> you can change your name once you login, but even if 
                           you do, you still must login using your main pyramid 
@desc me as "whatever"  -> sets your description (what others see when they look 
                           at you)
@gender [male|female]   -> sets your gender (shows up as part of your 
@messages me            -> shows various messages you can configure on yourself

@read-log   -> If a chat is going on, this shows you the contents of the
               current chat log, up to this point.  Won't work if the
               log is greater than 60K. Beware of spam!

help   -> More helpfiles.
date   -> What time it is, local (central) time.
@quit  -> Log off.
Additional help is available online; just type help once you login.

For more info about MOO, check out our Metaverse MOO resources page.

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