Cars for 2050

by James Hintz

Art by andi jones

The Long Shot

Tired of getting knocked out in the first three seconds of a Division 20 duel? Then drive the Long Shot!

It's not big, pretty, or heavily armed, but it carries more armor than Fort Knox. Laugh at the stunned faces of your opponents as your composite armor shrugs off the heaviest weapons fire. Let patience be your crew chief as your opponent empties his big guns. Then swoop in for the kill with your turreted shotgun, triple loaded with ammo.

Strength, endurance, longevity; When you can't outgun the opposition, outlast them. The Longshot from Whirling Duelist Motors.

The Longshot: Compact, x-hvy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant w/PC and SC, four PR radial tires, driver, vehicular shotgun in turret, two extra VS magazines, five flame cloud dischargers; 2 left , 2 right, 1 back, all linked together w/ link to turret, hi-res single weapon computer, no paint windshields, heavy duty anti-lock braking system. Metal Composite Armor: F12/30, R5/27, L5/27, B5/27, T12/30, U1/5. Four 10 pt. wheel hubs, four fake wheel guards. Acceleration 10, Top Speed 123, HC 4, 4,440 lbs, $19,856.

The Tsunami Warrior

Drive the duelling sensation for the 2050 season, The Tsunami Warrior.

Experience the power of the elements with the Warrior's incendiary rockets and heavy composite metal armor. Your Division 20 opponents will know you have mastered the waves with one look at the new HoloBlue (tm) paint job. Duel with the forces of nature at your side. The Tsunami Warrior from Fuji Motors.

The Tsunami Warrior: Sedan, ex-hvy chassis, hvy suspension, super power plant w/SC, 4 HD radial tires, Driver, Micro-Missile Launcher in turret w/mag and 20 shots incendiary ammo. Micro Missile Launcher left side linked to turret. Spear 1000 mine dropper w/ mag and 9 shots spider mine ammo. 2 oil dischargers,1 left,1 right, hi-res single weapon computer. Sloped laser reflective metal composite armor: F5/23, R4/20, L4/20, B4/24, T6/25, U1/5. 4 Composite wheel hubs 1/5, 2 composite wheel guards back 1/5. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 115, HC 4, 6,120 lbs. $19,995.

Cars for 2050

The Bullseye III

Atlantic Industries presents The Bullseye III, redesigned for 2050. Arena ready for Divisions 10, 20, and 30.

Only the Bullseye III has the twin laser guided rockets that will knock out your opponents in one shot. Drive the Bullseye and drive to the winners circle in style.

Div. 30 Bullseye III: Luxury, x-hvy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant, four-steel belted solid tires, driver, twin linked laser guided armor piercing heavy rockets in turret, targeting laser in turret, laser guidance link, recoiless rifle w/HEAT ammo bumper triggered back, hi-res targeting computer, heavy duty shock absorbers, heavy duty anti-lock brakes. Sloped armor: F45, R32, L32, B35, T30, U5. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 90, HC 3 6,595 lbs, $29,919.

Div. 20 Bullseye III: Sedan, x-hvy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant w/PC, Four PR radial tires, driver, twin linked guided armor piercing medium rockets in turret, two 3-shot rocket magazines fed into turret. targeting laser in turret, laser guidance link, machine gun w/HD ammo bumper triggered back, targeting computer, Armor: F45, R45, L45, B45, T20, U4. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 90,HC 4, 6,116 lbs, $19,402.

Div. 10 Bullseye III: Midsize, Lt chassis, Lt suspension, medium power plant w/PC and SC, 4 standard tires, driver, twin linked laser guided armor piercing light rockets in turret, two 1sp rocket magazines fed into turret, targeting laser in turret, laser guidance link, junk dropper w/mag linked to turret and BT back, light flamethrower w/mag linked to JD and BT back. Armor: F15, R15, L15, B15, T15, U5. 4 10-pt wheel hubs. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 97.5, HC 1, 4,315 lbs, $9,880.

Div. 15 upgrade: Remove junkdropper w/ mag, two 1sp RM, 2 links , and one bumper trigger. Add Two 2 sp rocket magazines, 2 pair LGAPLtR's, HRSWC, HD brakes, 1 paint discharger, upgrade FT ammo to high temp, and add 10 points of armor. 4,320 lbs, $14,980.

Article publication date: January 21, 2000

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