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This article originally appeared in Pyramid #14

by Brandon Cope

Mariel O'Malley, psionic doctor

5'3", 105 lbs.; long and straight blonde hair, brown eyes, pale skin, 29 years old.
ST: 9 [-10] DX: 11 [10] Speed: 6.25
IQ: 13 [30] HT: 14 [45] Move: 6
Damage: Thrust 1d-2; Swing 1d-1
Dodge: 6 Block: n/a Parry: 5 (Knife)
No armor; no encumbrance

Mariel O'Malley, psionic doctor Point Total: 140

Attractive [5]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Psychic Healing (Power 3) [9]
Status +1 [5]

Pacifism (Self-Defense Only) [-15]
Reputation -2 (among doctors) [-3]
Minor Vow (repay debt to school) [-5]

Dislikes pets [-1]
Uncomfortable around children [-1]
Blames herself for her mother's death [-1]

Astronomy-13 [4]; Diagnosis-12 [2]; Electronics Ops (Computers)-15 [6]; Electronics Ops (Sensors)-13 [2]; Engineer (Hovercraft)-14 [6]; First Aid-15 [4]; Free Fall-13 [8]; Knife-12 [2]; Mechanic (Hovercraft)-14 [4]; Physician-14 [6]; Savoir-Faire-15 [4]; Surgery-13 [8]; Swimming-13 [4]

Psionic Skills
Healing-12 [2]


Fantasy: Drop Electronics Ops, Engineer, Free Fall and Mechanic skills and exchange Astrology for Astronomy and Literacy for G-Experience.
Contemporary: Drop the Free Fall skill and add the disadvantage Secret (will cause Utter Rejection). Mariel will keep her psionic ability a secret, using it only in emergency situations, in order to avoid ruining her credibility as a professional (and her license being revoked).
Near Future: As contemporary.

Mariel O'Malley had always longed to be a doctor, but did not want to disappoint her mother, who was a vehicle designer. So while she learned how to design and repair hovercraft, she served as an auxiliary paramedic to satisfy her desire to practice medicine. During her training in a technical college, her mother learned she was dying from a rare disease. Mariel was sure that it was her fault that her mother died; had she trained in medicine rather than engineering she could have saved her mother (or so she has convinced herself).

Shortly after her mother's death, Mariel entered medical school. After several years, she graduated and began working for a small frontier hospital (as repayment of her education loan). After only a few weeks, she began noticing that her patients healed more rapidly than those of other doctors. At first her peers dismissed it as luck, but they gradually began to grow more concerned.

Eventually the hospital administrator called in the authorities, fearing that she was using unapproved experimental procedures. During this inquiry her psionic abilities were discovered. It was determined that they were manifesting themselves without conscious effort, but that she would be capable of learning to control her abilities.

While there is nothing illegal about her abilities or her use of them, she was promptly fired from the hospital and her local medical license suspended. The root of these actions is the administrator, who, unknown to others, has a pathological hatred of psis. Mariel is now stuck on the planet with no money to leave, unable to (legally) practice medicine and with a huge debt to the medical school. She is currently working as a mechanic in a small hovercraft rental company.

"If only the human body was as simple as a Pulsar VI sports-hover."
"If only the Pulsar VI sports-hover was as simple as the human body."

Adventure Seeds

Bishop Morg, bodyguard

6'8" tall, 225 lbs, dark brown fur, light grey eyes, 37 years old.
ST: 14 [45] DX: 12 [20] Speed: 6.5
IQ: 10 [0] HT: 14 [45] Move: 6
Damage: Thrust 1d; Swing 2d
Dodge: 6 Block: n/a Parry: 6 (Axe)
No armor; no encumbrance

Bishop Morg, bodyguard Point Total: 140

Attractive [5]
G-Experience [10]
Toughness (DR 1) [10]

Code of Honor (Mercenary) [-5]
Bad Temper [-10]
Bully [-10]
Greed [-15]
Overconfidence [-10]
Paranoia [-10]
Racial Reputation -1 [-5]
Minor Vow [-5]

Doesn't like heights [-1]
Treasures family axe [-1]
Likes to learn non-combat skills [-1]
Avid chess player [-1]

Axe/Mace-12 [2]; Beam Weapons (Lasers)-16 [16]; Brawling-14 [4]; Diplomacy-10 [4]; Electronics Ops (Computers)-12 [6]; Electronics Ops (Security Systems)-12 [6]; Fast Draw (Power Holster)-13 [2]; Fishing-11 [2]; Games (Chess)-15 [10]; History-11 [6]; Karate-12 [4]; Leadership-11 [4]; Politics-10 [2]; Savoir-Faire-12 [4]; Tactics-10 [4]; Xenobiology (Terrestrial)-10 [2]

Gormelite-10 [0]; Terranglo-10 [1]

Vibro axe (fine quality, engraved handle), 3d+2 (5) cutting.
Heavy laser pistol (with power holster and variable-beam option), 2d impaling.

Fantasy: Morg works very well in a fantasy setting with few changes. The GM will have to decide whether or not to change his race or introduce the Gormelites into a fantasy campaign. Drop G-Experience, Beam Weapons, Electronics Ops and Xenobiology regardless. Change Karate to Sword-14. Add Naturalist-10, Bow-12 and Riding-11. Add Illiteracy.
Contemporary: Morg will be human. Drop G-Experience, Paranoia, Racial Reputation, Beam Weapons and Xenobiology. Add Guns (Pistol)-16 and Astronomy-10.
Near Future: As contemporary, though if space travel is common enough, he may have G-Experience.

Bishop Morg is a very unusual member of his race. He takes part of his name from a playing piece in his favorite non-combat activity, chess. Unlike many bodyguards (and most Gormelites), Morg has made sure he learned some skill from each patron he has served for any length of time. Since he has worked frequently with diplomats and scientists, Morg has acquired many skills unusual to his race and profession.

Even with his good range of non-combat skills, Morg is still a competent warrior. Like most Gormelites, he prefers to use an axe; in Morg's case, his favored weapon is a vibro axe that has been in his family for several generations (as typical of Gormelites, it was received as a prize in ritual combat rather than simply being handed down). Aware of its limitations, however, Morg carries a laser pistol for added security.

Morg is very comfortable around alien races and has no reservations about what race or gender he will work for. He does, though, prefer to work for a patron who he can learn some new skill from, especially spacecraft-related ones. Fortunately for Morg, he isn't as ugly as most Gormelites, which helps in dealings with other races.

A final peculiarity is a strange vow Morg took shortly after he left the Gormelite's homeworld several years ago — never to kill another Gormelite, regardless of the situation. No other Gormelite has been known to take such a vow and Morg refuses to discuss the matter further.

"I challenge you . . . to a game of chess."
"The Farayans may have had reasonable objections to the exploration of the ruins on their world, but my axe doesn't recognize religious arguments."

Adventure Seeds

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