Division 15 Madness!

by Joe Taylor

The Broadside

Division 15 Madness!

Be the first in your circuit to own this new dueling sensation. Protected by the thickest armor and armed with 2 compliments of triple shotguns, this beauty will sink all opposition.

The next time you enter the arena, be sure to "cross the T" on your opponents and given 'em the Broadside!

The Broadside -- Luxury, hvy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant, four heavy-duty tires, driver, gunner, 6 vehicular shotguns; 3 linked left, 3 linked right. Armor: F45, R50, L50, B45, T5, U5. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 92.5, HC 3, 5,760 lbs, $14,900.

The Sniper

Score hits from across the arena with this deadly killer. Its high-resolution targeting system will make you lethal at long range and its extra ammo capacity means you don't have to be stingy with your shots. Sit back and fire away with the Sniper!

The Sniper -- Midsize, hvy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant, four PR tires, driver, recoilless rifle w/HEAT ammo in turret, one extra HEAT magazine, hi-res single weapon computer. Armor: F44, R44, L44, B44, T33, U5. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 100, HC 3, 5,177 lbs, $13,874.

The Rocket Warrior

With the advanced weapon system of the Rocket Warrior, you will be able to take out even the most heavily-armored opponent with one shot, guaranteed. You can't miss with its five laser-guided heavy rockets and you'll be well-protected behind its tough armor. Each rocket is individually linked so they can be fired in any combination! It makes a deadly partner in team events and a sure winner in solo matches.

Rocket Warrior -- Compact w/carbon-aluminum frame, x-hvy chassis, heavy suspension, medium power plant, four PR tires, driver, 5 laser-guided heavy rockets; 2 front, 1 in right-mounted rocket EWP, 1 in left-mounted rocket EWP, 1 in top-mounted rocket EWP, each linked to front light laser, single weapon computer. Armor: F55, R55, L55, B55, T5, U10. Four 10 pt. armored wheel hubs. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 90, HC 3, 4,195 lbs, $14,855.

The Incinerator 2050

Fire and explosion: the number one cause of low-division arena deaths. Now they can be at your command with the 2050 model Incinerator. Its unique side-mounted flamethrowers allow a driver-gunner team to BBQ opponents on either side -- a real crowd-pleaser! This year's model features a highly-requested improved fire extinguishing system.

Incinerator 2050 -- Luxury, x-hvy chassis, heavy suspension, super power plant, 4 PR tires, driver, gunner, flamethrower w/HT ammo right, flamethrower w/ HT ammo left, improved fire extinguisher, targeting computer (for gunner). Armor: F40, R50, L50, B40, T5, U10. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 100, HC 3, 6,600 lbs, $15,000.

The Mini-Panzer

Its APFSDS rounds will knock out the opposition while its sloped armor is thick enough to withstand the toughest punishment. It's a good thing the Germans didn't have this baby, but it can be yours today!

Mini-Panzer -- Midsize, x-hvy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant, four PR tires, driver, anti-tank gun w/APFSDS ammo front, extra APFSDS magazine, single weapon computer. Sloped armor: F60, R50, L50, B50, T9, U10. Four 10 pt. armored wheel hubs. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 92.5, HC 3, 5,757 lbs, $14,280.

Article publication date: October 13, 2000

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