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Ryan Dancey Steps Down as D&D Brand Manager

According to a letter/e-mail Ryan Dancey has been distributing among friends and industry professionals, Mr. Dancey has stepped down as Brand Manager for the Dungeons & Dragons line at Wizards of the Coast. He is not leaving WotC, but instead has been reassigned to "special projects," which is, as Mr. Dancey says, "where Vice Presidents go at Wizards of the Coast when they are preparing to take on new challenges."

He is succeeded by Keith Strohm, who is now the head of the tabletop RPG business unit and the new Dungeons & Dragons Brand Manager.

Ryan's letter is reprinted here, with permission.

* * *

Dear friends & family,

I wanted to write and let you all know that the time has come for me to make some changes here at Wizards.

Two years ago, I was tasked with figuring out what had gone wrong at TSR, developing a plan to fix those problems and move the tabletop RPG business forward, and take responsibility for managing the Dungeons & Dragons brand, including the development of the new edition of the game.

That responsibility was something that I had been dreaming about since I was just a kid. Finally getting to live that dream has been one of the best experiences of my life.

After a lot of hard work by a whole lot of people, all of those objectives have been fulfilled. The business is healthy and growing. We have developed a five year plan that should provide a roadmap for the exciting changes in the years ahead while still remaining . . .

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Article publication date: October 19, 2000

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