Pyramid Pick: Aberrant Players Guide

Pyramid Pick

Aberrant Players Guide

Published by White Wolf Publishing, Inc.

Written by Andrew Bates, Bruce Baugh, Deird're Brooks, John Chambers, Chris Haddad, and Steve Kenson

192 pages; $25.95

White Wolf's game of superhuman conflict often asks, "What would you do with the power of a god?" The main book, however, doesn't really fully address that question.

The Aberrant Players Guide, on the other hand, does -- and the answer is far more than merely "anything you want to." This supplement, which answers a great many questions about White Wolf's Aeon Society universe, is the ultimate tool kit for a player or Storyteller (despite the name) who wants to explore or expand the possibilities of being more than human.

Despite the usual White Wolf tendency to include large amounts of in-character fiction and graphics, the guide is packed from cover to cover with useful ideas, new abilities, new ways of looking at old abilities, ways to tinker with the system, and meatier sections on organizations that had only been hinted at before.

As promised, the new powers range from the merely impressive, such as Psychic Link, to the literally godlike, in the case of Universe Creation. All are well-detailed, and the virtual omnipotence available at the highest levels is reserved for novas with power levels well beyond those of starting characters. The experience cost for such abilities is also staggering, which should allow Storytellers to keep them away from power gamers for the length of . . .

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Article publication date: February 2, 2001

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