Pyramid Review: Another Fine Mess (for the Fudge RPG)

Pyramid Review

Another Fine Mess (for the Fudge RPG)

Published by Grey Ghost Games

Written by Ann Dupuis

32 pages; $8.95

Another Fine Mess is a wonderfully original adventure. It is designed for use with the Fudge roleplaying system but can be easily adapted to any system that has stats for animals.

The premise of AFM is, at its core, a standard one for fantasy games: a party of adventurers, including rangers, warriors, thieves and a (sort of) magic-user, must enter a subterranean complex to rescue a friend from an evil sorcerer. What makes Another Fine Mess unique, however, is the fact that the members of the adventuring party are all animals, and relatively normal ones at that.


At the adventure's outset the eight animal companions (the PCs) of a ranger/mage (known to them as "The Master") find themselves in a bit of a pickle. While investigating a number of disappearances in the wilderness, The Master himself disappears, leaving his companions to their own devices at his campsite. To make matters worse, the ranger's familiar, a cat named Shadow, receives a brief telepathic cry for help from the Master. Since the animals are the only good guys for miles around, it falls to them to save him.

While it uses the Fudge system, Another Fine Mess is a totally self-contained game, including six pages of "All the Rules You Need to Know." The fact that such rules can be presented in six pages is one of the beauties of Fudge. The compact nature of these rules is enhanced . . .

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Article publication date: May 4, 2001

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