The Twenty-Five Points Gang

by Stephen Dedman

The following NPCs are designed to be used when a GM or PC need a small gang of 25-point or 75-point criminals for a -10 point Enemy disadvantage, a supervillain's Ally group, a crowd in an underworld dive, a cellblock riot, a few "cut-outs" for an Intelligence Organization, some dupes for the Illuminati, or even some trouble-prone dependents.

Most character backgrounds are presented with modern-day campaigns in mind, particularly GURPS Supers and GURPS Voodoo, but most will only need a few changes to adapt them from any setting from the far future to the Old West or even earlier.

Aaron "Harry" Kosminski, Crooked Cop

ST: 11 [10] Basic Damage Thrust: 1d-1 Swing: 1d+1
DX: 11 [10] Dodge: 5 Parry: 6 (Shortsword) Block: 5
IQ: 10 [0] Basic Speed: 5.25 Move: 5 (6 running)
HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Alertness +1; Contact (Street, skill-15, available on a 9 or less, somewhat reliable) [2]; Legal Enforcement Powers [5]; Patron (Houston PD, appears on 6 or less) [8].
Disadvantages: Duty (on 12 or less) [-10]; Greed [-15]; Secret (Criminal activity) [-10]; Sense of Duty (fellow cops) [-10].
Quirks: S.C.A. member; Sings (loudly and badly) when drunk; Tries to avoid physical work; Wants to become a Vice squad detective; Collects antique and modern weapons.
Skills: Acting-9 [1]; Administration-9 [1]; Area Knowledge (Houston)-9 [1/2]; Brawling-12 [2]; Computer Operations/TL7-9 [1/2]; Criminology/TL7-7 [1/2]; Detect Lies-9 [2]; Driving/TL7 (Car)-11 [2]; Fast-Draw (Pistol)-10 [1/2], (Shortsword)-10 [1/2]; Fast-Talk-8 [1/2]; First Aid/TL7-9 [1/2]; Forensics/TL7 [1/2]; Guns/TL7 (Pistol)-14 [2], (Shotgun)-13 [1]; Holdout-9 [1]; Interrogation-9 [1]; Judo-9 [2]; Knife-10 [1/2]; Law-8 [1]; Motorcycle/TL7-10 [1/2]; Professional Skill (Law Enforcement)-10 [2]; Riding (Horse)-9 [1/2]; Running-7 [1/2]; Savoir-Faire-9 [1/2]; Shield-10 [1/2]; Shortsword-12 [4]; Stealth-10 [1]; Streetwise-10 [2].
Maneuvers: Arm Lock-10 [1]; Choke Hold-8 [1]; Retain Weapon (Pistol)-1.
75-point version: Add Combat Reflexes; High Pain Threshold; Rank/1 (Detective); +1 to IQ and IQ-based skills, +1 to DX and DX-based skills.
Gear: Glock-17; AMT backup in concealed ankle holster; Baton; Heavy Flashlight; Small switchblade knife; Tear gas spray; Second Chance Standard vest; Leather jacket; Boots; Swiss Army Knife; Handcuffs; Police radio. Police car contains Remington Model 870 shotgun; Police Riot Helmet; Police Riot Shield; First Aid Kit; other equipment. Shotgun, first aid kit, S.C.A. weapons and armor, etc., at home or in own car.
Appearance: 28 years old; Razor-cut dark brown hair, small moustache, tanned complexion, blue eyes; 5'11", 160 lbs. When not in uniform, wears leather jacket, blue shirt and pants, sunglasses, and boots.

Harry Kosminksi is a third generation cop, and it's never occurred to him to become anything else. Most of the time, he's reasonably honest -- he's careful not to be caught doing anything that might bring the department into disrepute, and gives value for money when bribed -- but he's slightly more ambitious than most of his family, with dreams of taking control of a large part of Houston's sex industry. He's reluctant to involve his fellow cops too heavily in these plans, but not averse to using police cars and equipment in his extra-curricular activities. He's always heavily armed, usually armored, and uses the police computers to keep track of any opponents. He can also find criminals for hire if he needs other services performed.

Campaign uses: Harry is not an enemy to be brushed aside lightly; if killed or injured, he will be avenged by his fellow cops, unless the PCs also manage to find evidence of his corruption. Alternatively, Harry might be a useful police contact for the PCs, or even an ally: PCs caught in illegal activity may well prefer to be arrested by an ambitious crooked cop than an honest one. At different stages of his career, he may be encountered as a detective, behind the desk at the evidence storeroom, or anywhere else he can be useful/dangerous to the PCs.

Other settings: Harry's essentially identical relatives may be found in most large cities in the US and elsewhere, and in most eras since the Roaring 20s or even earlier. He can be adapted to other times with only minor changes (such as replacing Computer Operations with Intimidation), and may well survive into the far future.

Dr. Byron "Benny" Factor, Underworld Doctor

ST: 9 [-10] Basic Damage Thrust: 1d-2 Swing: 1d-1
DX: 11 [10] Dodge: 5 Parry: n/a Block: n/a
IQ: 13 [30] Basic Speed: 5.25 Move: 5
HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Contact (Street, skill-15, available on a 9 or less, somewhat reliable) [2]; Reputation (+2; small group of people, recognised on 10 or less) [2]; Wealth (Comfortable) [10].
Disadvantages: Callous [-6]; Overweight [-5]; Reputation (-2; small group of people, recognized on 12 or less); Secret [-20]; Weak Will -1 [-8].
Quirks: Mild lecherousness; Enjoys the company of criminals; Dislikes being called "Benny," but will tolerate it from people he fears; Fascinated by tattoos and skin diseases; Collects more videos than he has time to watch.
Skills: Area Knowledge (LA)-13 [1]; Artist-10 [1/2]; Diagnosis/TL7-11 [1]; Disguise/TL7-13 [2]; Driving/TL7 (Car)-9 [1/2]; Fast-Talk-12 [1]; Language (English)-13 [0], (Latin)-11 [1/2]; Merchant-13 [2]; Physician/TL7-14 [8]; Psychology/TL7-11 [1]; Streetwise-12 [1]; Surgery/TL7 (Cosmetic Surgery)-18 [8], (other surgery)-12 [0]; Tattooing-11 [1/2].
75-point version: Add +1 to IQ (and IQ-based skills) and +2 to DX (and DX-based skills); increase Wealth to Wealthy; remove Overweight.
Gear: Surgery; good clothing and shoes; sports car; doctor's black bag (in car).
Appearance: 31 years old; Light brown hair, pale complexion, brown eyes; 5' 9", 195 lbs.

As a young man, Byron Factor was studious, plump, respectable, and unadventurous, though addicted to cinematic sex and violence. His parents sent him to medical school expecting him to become a dermatologist, but away from their influence, he decided to specialize in plastic surgery, and by the time he turned thirty, he had reduced the noses and inflated the breasts of more than a hundred wannabe starlets, as well as writing false prescriptions for many. When one of his patients died in his bed, he panicked, and asked his street contact to help him dispose of the body.

Since that night, Byron Factor has secretly done a lot of work for local criminals to pay off this debt, which he thinks of as "an agreement" rather than "blackmail." He's known to well-connected crooks as a good plastic surgeon and competent medic who doesn't ask embarrassing questions; among LA's medical establishment, he's known as a sell-out and widely suspected of criminal activity (though he's never been charged or even openly accused).

Campaign uses: Dr Factor can provide discreet medical care to PCs who live outside the law, invaluable inside information to crimefighters (if interrogated successfully), or help keep a PC's other enemies alive.

Other settings: Criminals have used surgery in the hopes of concealing their identities since the 1920s, and may continue to do so for centuries to come.

Daisuke the Wolf, Bandit

ST: 13 [30] Basic Damage Thrust: 1d Swing: 2d-1
DX: 12 [20] Dodge: 5 Parry: 7 (Axe/Mace) Block: n/a
IQ: 9 [-10] Basic Speed: 5.5 Move: 5
HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Rapid Healing [5]; Fearlessness/2 [4].
Disadvantages: Berserk [-15]; Bully [-10]; Code of Honor (Pirate's) [-5]; Poverty (Struggling) [-10].
Quirks: Hates farming; Enjoys watching fish and birds; Incompetence (Navigation); Always keeps at least one weapon within reach, even when sleeping or bathing; Mild phobia (cats).
Skills: Axe/Mace-14 [8]; Bow-10 [1]; Climbing-10 [1/2]; Gambling-7 [1/2]; Intimidation-8 [0]; Judo-10 [1]; Karate-10 [1]; Language (Japanese)-9 [0]; Polearm-12 [2]; Riding (Horse)-10 [1/2]; Running-8 [1/2]; Shortsword-11 [1]; Stealth-10 [1/2]; Survival (Mountains)-8 [1]; Swimming-11 [1/2].
Maneuvers: Arm Lock-12 [1]; Disarming-11 [1].
75-point version: Add Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, +1 to IQ and IQ-based skills, +1 to ST.
Gear: Naginata; Kama; Leather do (corselet); Old padded cotton kimono; wooden sandals; straw hat; belt pouch containing personal basics; dice and dice cup.
Appearance: 28 years old. Long face with pointy jaw and long nose; dark grey hair, cut short with knife; tanned complexion; brown eyes; tattoo of wolf on right arm, long scar on neck; 5'7", 135 lbs.

The third son of a peasant farmer, Daisuke grew up during the Warring Provinces era. He received some training as a foot soldier, and has seen combat -- always from the losing side, which rather spoiled his taste for the soldier's life. When his lord's army was routed and disbanded and his family killed, Daisuke joined a pack of bandits led by masterless samurai. His nickname comes from his long face and prematurely gray hair, as well as his ferocity.

Daisuke enjoys melee, but rarely uses ranged weapons, for fear that he might go berserk and attack his own allies.

Campaign uses: Daisuke may be encountered as a bandit, a bodyguard, a sentry, or in the obligatory tavern brawl. He rarely works alone, but usually makes up the brawn part of a brains-and-brawn team.

Other settings: With a different name and gear and other minor changes, Daisuke might be reincarnated anywhere -- especially in settings where guns and/or ammunition are difficult to obtain, but muscle is still effective. To change him into a medieval European brigand, replace Judo, Karate and his maneuvers with Brawling and Knife; to adapt him to a high tech world, replace Bow with Guns (Pistol or Shotgun) or Beam Weapon (Blaster), and Riding with Driving or Motorcycle.

Fritz, Henchman

ST: 15 [45] Basic Damage Thrust: 1d+1 Swing: 2d+2
DX: 11 [10] Dodge: 6 Parry: 8 (Brawling) Block: n/a
IQ: 8 [0] Basic Speed: 6.25 Move: 6
HT: 14/19 [45]

Disadvantages: Hunchback [-10]. Zombie Advantages: Doesn't Breathe [20]; Doesn't Eat or Drink [10]; Extra Hit Points +5 [25]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Immunity to Disease [10]; Immunity to Poison [15]; Injury Tolerance (No Blood) [5]; Invulnerability (Mind Control) [75]; Single-Minded [5]; ST +1 [10]; Temperature Tolerance/10 [10]; Unaging [15]; Unfazeable [15]. Zombie Disadvantages: Bad Smell [-10]; Cannot Learn [-30]; Dead Broke [-25]; Disturbing Voice [-10]; Eunuch [-5]; Hidebound [-5]; IQ -2 [-15]; Low Empathy [-15]; Monstrous Appearance [-25]; No Sense of Humor [-10]; No Sense of Smell/Taste [-5]; Obdurate [-10]; Reprogrammable Duty [-25]; Slave Mentality [-40]; Social Stigma (Dead) [-20]; Unhealing [-30]; Unliving [-50].
Skills: Axe/Mace-12 [4]; Brawling-13 [4]; Driving/TL7-9 [1/2]; Intimidation-10 [0]; Knife-12 [2]; Language (English)-8 [0]; Lifting-13 [1]; Stealth-11 [2]; Thrown Weapon (Axe)-12 [2].
Maneuvers: Neck Snap-13 [2].
75-point version: Add Independent Body Parts advantage (p. UD59), and +1 to HT.
Gear: Remington Model 870 Shotgun; Throwing Axe; Large Knife; Leather jacket; jeans; shirt; Boots.
Appearance: Greenish-grey complexion; shaggy white hair; amber eyes; huge hands and feet; 5'8", 180 lbs.

Fritz was the favorite henchman of mad scientist Dr Theodore Munro, whose atrocities including maiming suspected mutants to see what powers they would come up with to compensate. When Munro's lab was discovered and attacked by a super-team in 1940, Fritz hid in an airtight radiation chamber. The chamber was buried when the lab was destroyed, and when Theodore Munro, Jr. located it ten years later, the hunchback's corpse had barely decayed. After some experimentation, Munro Jr. was able to revive his father's assistant, and put him to work. While he did mostly menial tasks around the lab, Fritz's specialty was stealing bodies -- dead or alive, according to demand.

Munro Jr. required expensive equipment and chemicals for his experiments, and was soon deeply in debt to his black market suppliers. Fritz managed to keep most debt collectors at bay, but one was impressed enough by the hideous creature that he offered to hire him. Since then, Fritz has spent at least one night a week as a debt collector for loan sharks, taken part in several armed robberies and hijackings, and played bit parts in a few horror films.

Campaign uses: Fritz may be sent to kill, kidnap or frighten a PC, or one of their allies or dependents. He may also be encountered as a sentry at a mad scientist's secret lab or a crime boss's fortress, or be ordered to guard the PCs when they've been captured. (He's an extremely good sentry, able to stand guard almost indefinitely without needing food, sleep, or a power pack recharge.) He's rarely used as a bodyguard, however -- few people are willing to put up with the smell.

Fritz will not become an enemy of his own volition -- he doesn't have any -- but he may be used to replace an enemy who the PCs have killed, as he will not let the death of his master prevent him carrying out his orders.

Other settings: Fritz is designed for use in a Cliffhangers, Atomic Horror, or Supers campaign, but he can appear in any setting where weird science is appropriate. To create zombie henchmen for fantasy or secret war campaigns, see GURPS Undead.

James 'Little Jim' Athy, Bank robber

ST: 9 [-10] Basic Damage Thrust: 1d-2 Swing: 1d-1
DX: 13 [30] Dodge: 7 Parry: n/a Block: n/a
IQ: 10 [0] Basic Speed: 6 Move: 6
HT: 11 [10]

Advantages: Combat Reflexes [15]; Reputation (+2 to dime novel writers, yellow journalists, and anyone who hates the police and banks; recognized on 7 or less) [2].
Disadvantages: Bad Temper [-10]; Bloodlust [-10]; Low Pain Threshold [-10]; Overconfidence [-10]; Reputation (-2 to law enforcement and potential victims; recognized on 7 or less) [2].
Quirks: Mild phobia (snakes); Touchy about his small size; Likes spicy food and Mexican girls; Names his guns after his old girlfriends; Horrible hangovers.
Skills: Animal Handling-8 [1]; Area Knowledge (New Mexico)-9 [1/2]; Climbing-11 [1/2]; Cooking-9 [1]; Escape-10 [1/2]; Fast-Draw (Pistol)-15 [2], (Shotgun)-13 [1/2]; Filch-11 [1/2]; Guns/TL5 (Pistol)-17 [8], (Shotgun)-14 [1/2], (other)-13 [0]; Holdout-9 [1]; Intimidation-11 [4]; Lasso/Riata-11 [1/2]; Language (English)-10 [0], (Spanish)-8 [1/2]; Riding (Horse)-13 [2]; Running-8 [1/2]; Sex-Appeal-9 [1/2]; Stealth-11 [1/2]; Survival (Desert)-8 [1/2].
75-point version: Add +1 to IQ and IQ-based skills, +1 to DX and DX-based skills, replace Low Pain Threshold with Skinny, add Ally Group (small, appears on 12 or less).
Gear: Colt Lightning in Kansas Loop holster; Double-barrel 20-gauge shotgun; Pony; Linen Duster, shirt, Levis, vest, bandana, Stetson, cowboy boots with fancy spurs; personal basics.
Appearance: 19 years old; Tanned complexion; strawberry blond hair; blue eyes; 5'7", 130 lbs.

James Athy grew up in New York's notorious Five Points district after the Civil War. Short, scrawny and thin-skinned, he was easy prey for neighborhood bullies until a gang leader recruited him as a runner. Athy's life changed forever when he was given a .22 pistol and discovered that he was a better shot than any of his enemies. One month, five murders and a robbery later, the 16-year-old Athy fled to New Mexico, where he became a cook on a ranch until he shot a cowboy who laughed at his accent. Another rancher bailed him out of jail and recruited him to fight in a vicious county war. When the war ended, Athy and two friends rode to a nearby county, and after spending the last of their money, robbed the bank. Reports of his skill with a gun spread, and soon bad likenesses of his face were appearing in newspapers and on Wanted posters.

Campaign uses: Athy would make a good enemy for a gunslinger in an Old West campaign, an ally for an outlaw, and a quarry for deputies and bounty hunters. He may also be hired to kill a PC who gets in the way of a wealthy cattle baron. Athy is often overconfident, and unlike most gunmen of the time, he prefers to challenge his enemies to fast-draw competitions rather than shooting them in the back -- but he's not stupid or suicidal.

Other settings: With very minor changes (Driving instead of Riding, an FN HP-35 instead of a Colt Lightning, etc.), Athy could resume robbing banks in a GURPS Cliffhangers game and get the same sort of press coverage and mixed reactions. After the 1970s, when bank security improved, he would have to lower his sights to convenience stores and other easy targets, and his reputation would probably suffer -- but he might still become glorified by yellow journalists, as in the movie Natural Born Killers. He might also work as a hired gun in most TL5+ settings, and because of his low pain threshold and lack of unarmed combat skills, will do almost anything to stay out of jail.

Kiet, kickboxer

ST: 11 [10] Basic Damage Thrust: 1d-1 Swing: 1d+1
DX: 13 [30] Dodge: 7 Parry: 8 Block: n/a
IQ: 9 [-10] Basic Speed: 6 Move: 6
HT: 11 [10]

Advantages: Toughness 1 [10].
Disadvantages: Poverty (Poor) [-15]; Proud [-1]; Status -1 [-5]; Unattractive [-5]; Youth/1 (17 years old) [-2].
Quirks: Believes everything his sister tells him; Secretly likes country and western music; Mild phobia (snakes); Refuses to beg, and steals only from foreigners; Distrusts cops, soldiers and blonds.
Skills: Boxing-12 [1]; Filch-11 [1/2] Karate-12 [2]; Knife-12 [1/2]; Language (Thai)-9 [0]; Motorcycle/TL7-12 [1/2]; Running-9 [1/2]; Survival (Urban)-8 [1].
Maneuvers: Axe Kick-11 [1]; Back Kick-11 [1]; Elbow Strike-11 [1/2]; Hit Location (Karate)-11 [2]; Hook Kick-12 [1]; Jab-10 [1/2]; Jump Kick-11 [1]; Kicking-12 [2]; Knee Strike-12 [1]; Riposte [Karate]-9 [1]; Roundhouse Punch-10 [1/2]; Shin Kick-12 [1]; Spin Kick-12 [1]; Spinning Punch-11 [1].
75-point version: Add High Pain Threshold, +2 to ST; increase Boxing to 14 [4], Karate to 15 [16], and Survival (Urban) to 9 [2].
Gear: Old leather jacket, ragged jeans and T-shirt, hard shoes (+1 to kicking damage).
Appearance: 17 years old, but looks older because of battered face; dark golden skin, black hair, dark eyes; 5'7", 140 lbs.

Kiet grew up in Thailand's Golden Triangle, but was sent to Bangkok by his family when they could no longer afford to feed both him and his father's heroin habit. He found his sister Sunee, also an addict, working in a brothel; her pimp and supplier, noticing that Kiet was tough, quick, and not particularly bright, decided that he had potential as a kickboxer. The pimp, acting as his manager, paid for his training, gambled on him, kept most of his meagre winnings, and occasionally employed him as a courier and bouncer.

Campaign uses: Kiet may be an opponent for PCs in a full-contact martial arts contest, a member of a street gang, or a bouncer in a seedy nightclub. He may also come to the rescue of a woman or a fellow street kid if he thinks the PCs are harassing them -- or lend aid to a female, Asian or obviously poor PC. In a Supers campaign, he may be a wannabe superhero sidekick.

Other settings: A young tough like Kiet, who sees martial arts as a means of leaving the streets, might be encountered in the poor parts of many towns. While Muay Thai was not well known in the USA before the 1970s, he would be well suited to any modern day, Cyberpunk, Autoduel or Space campaign.

Lisa Parkes, Criminal Lawyer

ST: 8 [-15] Basic Damage Thrust: 1d-3 Swing: 1d-2
DX: 10 [0] Dodge: n/a Parry: n/a Block: n/a
IQ: 14 [45] Basic Speed: 4.75 Move: 2 (in wheelchair)
HT: 9 [-10]

Advantages: Beautiful; Contact (Street, skill-15, available on a 9 or less, somewhat reliable) [2]; Contact (Police, skill-12, available on a 6 or less, usually reliable) [1]; Contact (Business, skill-15, available on a 6 or less, somewhat reliable) [1]; Reputation (+3; large group of people, always recognized) [5]; Voice [10].
Disadvantages: Bad Sight (Nearsighted, wears contacts or glasses) [-10]; Paraplegic [-35]; Reputation (-3; large group of people, always recognized). [-5].
Quirks: Won't defend rapists or child abusers; Doesn't use drugs, and rarely drinks alcohol; Prefers vegetarian food; Likes wearing the shortest skirts she can get away with; Closet science fiction fan.
Skills: Administration-12 [1/2]; Area Knowledge (San Francisco)-13 [1/2]; Bard-14 [1/2]; Computer Operations/TL7-13 [1/2]; Detect Lies-9 [0]; Diplomacy-15 [2]; Fast-Talk-12 [1/2]; Forensics/TL7-11 [1/2]; Guns/TL7-11 [1/2]; Interrogation-12 [1/2]; Language (English)-14 [0], (Latin)-12 [1/2]; Law-16 [8]; Psychology/TL7-13 [2]; Research-13 [1]; Savoir-Faire-15 [1/2]; Sex-Appeal-11 [2]; Streetwise-12 [1/2]; Swimming-8 [1/2]
75-point version: Increase Wealth to Comfortable; add Eidetic Memory (30 points, and increase IQ-based skills accordingly), Charisma/1 and Status/1.
Gear: Wheelchair; laptop computer; mobile phone; AMT backup in concealed holster.
Appearance: 28 years old; Long auburn hair; pale complexion; green eyes; shapely legs; 5'5", 125 lbs.

Lisa Parkes was already cynical about the legal process when she started law school, but she became truly bitter after seeing the wealthy drunk driver who'd killed her date and left her confined to a wheelchair, get away with a suspended sentence and fine. Convinced that the law existed to protect the rich, so she decided to become rich. Specializing in personal injury lawsuits, she was so skilled at manipulating juries that she was invited to join a team of lawyers defending a millionaire accused of murder. Since then, she's defended many high-profile criminal cases; she's expensive, but she rarely loses. Criminals who can afford her services react to her at +3; prosecutors and cops, at -3.

Campaign uses: Lisa Parkes may frustrate the PCs' attempts to put criminals in jail, and might make regular appearances in a Supers campaign. Less law-abiding PCs may need her services themselves. Lisa could even be a minor criminal mastermind, sending her former clients out to perform crimes so they can pay for her skills, or to dispose of inconvenient witnesses or jurors.

Other settings: A wheelchair-bound female lawyer is best suited to modern-day campaigns; a male version (most probably a disabled war veteran) might be encountered as early as the Old West, though he would be less effective with the all-male juries common until more recent times. In an ultra-tech setting where paraplegia can be cured with bionics or transplanting cloned parts, Lisa would need another obvious disadvantage to elicit pity from juries, such as a Weak Immune System acquired from medical malpractice.

Sam Gacy, Gumshoe

ST: 10 [0] Basic Damage Thrust: 1d-2 Swing: 1d
DX: 11 [10] Dodge: 5 Parry: n/a Block: n/a
IQ: 11 [10] Basic Speed: 5.25 Move: 5
HT: 10 [0]

Advantages: Alertness +1 [5]; Contacts (Street, skill-15, available on a 9 or less, somewhat reliable) [2], (Police, skill-12, available on a 12 or less, usually reliable) [4].
Disadvantages: Curious [-5]; Post-Combat Shakes [-5]; Poverty (Struggling) [-10]; Unluckiness [-10].
Quirks: Shy around women; Hates loud noises; Talks (softly) to cats; Doesn't smoke or drink; Reads pulp magazines in the office, but Shakespeare and poetry at home.
Skills: Acting-10 [1]; Administration-10 [1]; Area Knowledge (Chicago)-12 [2]; Astronomy/TL6-8 [1/2]; Cooking-10 [1/2]; Climbing-10 [1]; Disguise-10 [1]; Driving/TL6 (Car)-11 [2]; Fast-Talk-12 [1]; Guns/TL6 (Pistol)-12 [1]; Holdout-10 [1]; Language (English)-11 [0]; Literature-9 [1/2]; Photography/TL6-11 [2]; Running-8 [1/2]; Scrounging-10 [1/2]; Shadowing-14 [8]; Stealth-12 [4]; Streetwise-11 [2]; Survival (Urban)-9 [1/2].
75-point version: Remove Unluckiness; add Eidetic Memory (30 points; increase IQ-based skills accordingly) and Night Vision.
Gear: S&W M10, Camera and binoculars, all kept in briefcase or in car (dark gray Ford Model A). Wears overcoat (reversible), gray suit, shoes (with soft soles, +1 to Stealth when trying to move silently), and hat.
Appearance: 38 years old. Brown hair, cut short; brown eyes; 5'9, 150 lbs.

A man of extremely average appearance and little ambition, Sam Gacy has often been described as a born follower. After returning from France at the end of the Great War, he found a quiet job in a film processing workshop in Chicago, spending his lunch breaks and evenings walking around and taking photos. He might have kept up this routine for the rest of his life if the workshop hadn't closed after the stock market crash, leaving Sam unemployed.

Fortunately for Sam, a P.I. who'd noticed his eccentric habits hired him to do some legwork, and Sam soon became accomplished at shadowing people and photographing them unawares. He rarely cares who, or why, as long as he can afford to pay the rent and live in peace.

Campaign uses: Sam can help a PC by tailing his enemies, or vice versa.

Other settings: A character like Sam could survive in almost any large city at almost any time. Before 1919, replace Driving and Photography with other useful Thief/Spy skills, such as Pickpocket or Starglazing. By 2000, Sam would be carrying a cellphone and a digital camcorder, but his (or her) car and gun will still be the most inconspicuous available. In later eras, he might equip himself with Nightshades (p. UT121) and a Varicloth suit (p. UT60), but the basic character will still be the same.

Tori Adore, Armed Robber

ST: 10 [0] Basic Damage Thrust: 1d-2 Swing: 1d
DX: 11 [10] Dodge: 5 Parry: 6 Block: n/a
IQ: 10 [0] Basic Speed: 5.5 Move: 5
HT: 11 [10]

Advantages: Attractive; Contact (Street, skill-12, available on a 12 or less, somewhat reliable) [2]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Reputation (+2; large group of people, recognised on 10 or less) [2].
Disadvantages: Addiction (Cocaine) [-15]; Compulsive Carousing [-5]; Compulsive Spending [-5]; Greed [-15]; Reputation (-2; large group of people, recognized on 10 or less).
Quirks: Alcohol intolerance; Doesn't trust or respect men; Collects teddy bears and gold; Dislikes silence; Always wears at least one cross.
Skills: Acting-9 [1]; Area Knowledge (USA)-11 [2]; Brawling-11 [1]; Dancing-9 [1/2]; Disguise-10 [2]; Driving/TL7 (Car)-9 [1/2]; Fast-Talk-10 [2]; Filch-10 [1]; Guns/TL7 (Pistol)-12 [1]; Holdout-10 [2]; Intimidation-10 [2]; Judo-10 [2]; Language (English)-10 [0], (Spanish)-8 [1/2]; Merchant-11 [4]; Savoir-Faire-9 [1/2]; Sex-Appeal-13 [6]; Stealth-10 [1]; Streetwise-10 [2]; Survival (Urban)-9 [1/2]; Video Production/TL7-9 [1/2].
Maneuvers: Knee Strike-12 [1].
75-point version: Add +1 to DX (and DX-based skills), and +1 to HT (and HT-based skills); increase Appearance to Beautiful and Wealth to Comfortable, and add Voice.
Gear: Handbag contains AMT Backup, handcuffs, tear gas pen, hand stunner (pp. HT 100-101), Swiss Army knife, wig, camera, a change of underwear, assorted sex toys, cosmetics, and other personal basics. Usually wears respectable middle-class clothes, expensive lingerie, high-heeled shoes or boots, and a wig.
Appearance: 26 years old; black hair, olive complexion, dark brown eyes; 5' 6, 125 lbs.

Like too many teenage girls, Rosa Valdez ran away to LA in search of her fortune. She went from stripping and lap-dancing to appearing in adult films under the name "Tori Adore," becoming mildly notorious (+2 from fans of X-rated videos; -2 from anti-porn campaigners, her victims, and other strippers who know about her sideline). She was soon being paid handsomely to travel the US as a feature dancer at clubs, but spent the money as fast as she made it. Using the internet and her reputation, she began setting up 'dates' with wealthy businessmen in hotels near the airport on her last night in a city; after having sex with these men, she would then steal their wallets and trousers and any other valuables -- sometimes stealthily while they sleep, sometimes at gunpoint, sometimes by handcuffing them to the furniture, sometimes by disabling them with tear gas or the stungun -- and photograph them, then be on a plane before they could catch her. Because of the photos and the potential humiliation, none of her victims has ever gone to the police. Sometimes her contact will help her select a particularly profitable victim (or away from a dangerous one), but she prefers to act on instinct.

Campaign uses: Tori is basically a thief, though she will fight - possibly even kill -- if the reward is great enough. She is most likely to enter a campaign by stealing something that the PCs will have to recover (a patron's address book, keys to a secret base, a superhero costume hidden in a belt-buckle, etc.) as discreetly as possible.

Other settings: Sex has been used to lure men into being robbed and/or blackmailed for centuries. An earlier version of Tori would probably need a male accomplice (someone like Daisuke would do nicely), but few other changes. A TL8+ version would have the Extreme Sexual Dimorphism bio-mod (p. BIO62; reduce Holdout and Fast-Talk by one point each) and possibly other modifications such as Stingers and a Flesh Holster (p. UT68-70).

Article publication date: June 8, 2001

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