Black Flag

Capture The Flag Variations for Frag

by DensityDuck! (aka Mike Powers)

In Frag, Capture The Flag can be as much fun as Deathmatch, if not more. But even CTF can be more interesting with a few minor changes to the way the game is played. This article presents some concepts for changing CTF games in Frag, taken from the many interpretations of the game seen in First-Person Shooters; and since you don't need to be a computer programmer to change the way a boardgame plays, you can even try some of these yourself.

CTF Alterations

These are small modifications that can have an effect on the way the game plays, but don't change the basic rules of the match. These can be applied to any CTF game.

Variant Game Types

These modifications change the basic nature of the game, though the getting and keeping of flags is still be basic idea.

No-Team Flag (NTF)

Neither team starts with a flag. On the first turn, a flag spawns in a central area between the bases. If a team member carries the flag back to their base, their team scores a point; the flag respawns in the central area. The first team to score four points wins.


Destroy the Flag (DTF)

One team has a base with a flag; the other team must do 10 points of damage to this flag. The flag always rolls as if it had Health 4. Once the flag is destroyed the round ends and the teams swap roles. The team that destroys the flag in fewer rounds wins.


Steal the Flag (STF)

One team has several flags in its base; the other team must take them out of the base to any of several "escape areas" (define these locations before the game starts). Once all the flags are in escape areas the round ends and the teams switch; the team that completes the objective more quickly wins. Flags can be returned in this game mode.


No-Base CTF (NBF)

There are two flags, but they spawn on a randomly-determined weapon space rather than in a set location. Either team's players can pick up either flag. If a player is holding their own flag and picks up the enemy's flag as well, his team scores a point, and the flags respawn in random locations. If a capture is not made in eight rounds, the flags will "hop" and respawn again; characters carrying the flag at the time automatically lose it. (This prevents one team from taking an early lead and then simply sitting on one flag for the rest of the game.)


Article publication date: April 12, 2002

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