Camping Out

An Optional Rule for Frag

by Douglas Cole

One aspect of first-person shooters that is currently absent from Frag is the sniper strategy: that really irritating dude perched in some unreachable nook with a sniper rifle and a juvenile fascination for head shots. He's everywhere.

Frag is turn-based, however, and there are currently no real benefits to taking long-ranged shots. Closer is nearly always better, and mentioning "opportunity fire" draws the response of, "What's that?" Naked aggression is the way to go.

For those who feel the need, only one small rules change is required to put the Camp back in Camping Out: Allow movement points to be saved and used to interrupt others turns.

New Weapon:
Sniper Rifle

Ammo: 4

A powerful rifle with a telescopic sight. Divide range by three when figuring to-hit rolls. Damage: 4d.

Special Attack: Head shot. Treat range normally, but damage is 8d.

New Rule: Camp Out

To "camp out," you must hold in reserve at least one unused movement point, and one or more attacks from your turn. During any other player's turn, you may interrupt their action if you have more movement points reserved than they do. You may only make one attack per interruption, and you must be able to see the target to interrupt. Each attack subtracts 1d6 from your remaining move total. If your move total is still higher than your target's, you may make another attack, if you have one remaining. When your move total drops to equal or less than your opponent's, they regain priority and may continue to conduct their turn. You may only interrupt any player's turn once, although you may take multiple shots at him during that interruption assuming your move total remains higher than his. Attacks and movement points do not accumulate from turn to turn. You conduct your own turn normally when it arrives.

Example: Sade Vicious has allocated three dice to movement, and has two attacks. On her turn, she rolls 14 movement points. She uses two points to move into a long corridor, and holds both attacks and 12 movement points in reserve. Fierce Frank must cross the corridor, and rolls eight movement points. One step into the corridor brings him into Sade's sightline. As she has 12 movement left, she preempts Frank's turn and attacks, leaving him wounded. She then rolls 1d, and rolls a 3. She now has nine movement points left, greater than Frank's seven. She attacks again, and Frags him. Had she rolled 5 or 6, Frank would have regained the initiative, and his turn would continue normally. Had she not Fragged him, and rolled a 1 (eight points remaining), she could attack again if she had more attacks in reserve.

This rule will allow "opportunity shots" as a player crosses your line of fire. It also makes camping out in a strategic location with a long-range weapon a valid course of action. If you can hold multiple attacks and lots of movement in reserve, you can Frag anyone who enters your line of fire!

Article publication date: March 7, 2003

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