Pyramid Review

Sprawl Survival Guide (for Shadowrun)

Published by FanPro LLC

Written by Rob Boyle, Elissa Carey, Drew Curtis, Lance Hawvermale, Eleanor Holmes, Adam Jury, Robyn King-Nitschke, Peter Taylor, Alexandre van Chestein, and Jakko Westerbeke

Cover by Jim Nelson

Illustrated by Dave Allsop, Eric Desideriu, Marko Djurdjevic, Chris Lewis, Larry MacDougall, Klaus Scherwinski and Karl Waller

144-page b&w softcover; $24.99

The recent run of releases for the Shadowrun RPG has tended to focus on the "Gee-Whiz!!" factor of the Sixth World. They have also been accompanied by a campaign of interlinked scenarios that have tied into events of 2062 and 2063, so that Dragons of the Sixth World worked as a complement to Survival of the Fittest and Wake of the Comet involved the shadowrunner player characters in the events described in Year of the Comet.  Not so the latest sourcebook for the game, the Sprawl Survival Guide, which takes a look at the everyday aspects of life in the North America of 2063 from both inside and out of the shadows.

Unlike most Shadowrun sourcebooks, which should never fall into the hands of the players, both players and GMs can use the Sprawl Survival Guide as it presents them with a handle on life in the Sixth World, all given in a number of differing voices. These voices are not the commentary common to all Shadowrun sourcebooks, which is delivered by the on-line denizens of the Shadowland BBS -- though they are still there -- but rather more authoritative ones delivered . . .

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Article publication date: November 7, 2003

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