This article originally appeared in Pyramid #21


by Lynette Cowper


How many action tokens do I have to remove from a Place that has more than one token (Germany, for instance) when struck by a disaster?

Just one.

Plots requiring Group deck discards

If a plot requires you to discard from your group deck (like 18 1/2 Minute Gap, or an Illuminati agent), and you don't have a group deck, can you play the plot?


Token-giving cards

The Perpetual Motion Machine reads that the linked group gains an extra action token each turn. Does that mean the linked group gains the token just in my turn or even during my opponents turn?

Just your turn, at the usual token-placement phase.


What happens if a Zap! is played in the middle of an attack, making it illegal? For instance: An opponent tries to take my California. Can I play a Zap! on the attacker to prevent him controlling new weird groups?

If a Zap! is played in the middle of an attack, and makes the attack illegal, it's treated just as any other attack that's made illegal in the middle. See the rules for details, under "Canceled Actions, Changed Alignments, and Other Surprises."

Back to the Salt Mines

This gives +10 to any non-instant attack to a place; does this include non-instant disasters?


When can you play Stealing the Plans or Hat Trick on this card?

This Plot is not discarded (unless your side does not prevail). It is either on the table, marking its effect (during the attack) or in your hand. There is never a time where it is in the discard pile (unless it is discarded because your side does not prevail).


Can Backlash be used to discard plots that cause two changes, such as Dictatorship and Messiah?

No. The card specifically says "one change."

The Big Prawn

Is the alignment change due to The Big Prawn permanent, even after the Prawn is destroyed?

The change is permanent regardless of what happens to the place or the Prawn.

Black Helicopters

Black Helicopters are lost if their linked group becomes neither Secret nor Government. Does this have to be a permanent change (Exposed!, Privatization) or does a temporary change suffice (Pizza for the Secret Meeting, OMCL, Gay Activists)?

A temporary change will do it.

Currency Speculation

This card is used like the +10 card, right? Someone said it has to be used in advance and would wait around for the next action or defense.

It's used like a +10, but is only good for the one action or defense, not for the whole turn, as in the +10 cards.


If you destroy the Dittoheads, what is their alignment?

They have the alignments they had prior to destruction.

Bill Clinton has the Dittoheads as a puppet. He is my only personality. My opponent tries to move them, using the power of Phone Phreaks. Can he?

No. Dittoheads cannot be moved unless you have another personality.

Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow

Evil Geniuses say that Resources linked to them cannot be unlinked. Does this provide any protection from Forgery or Resource destruction?

No. It merely means the link can't be moved.


If France uses a +10 booster with its free defense, does that +10 booster last till the end of the turn?


If France defends itself using it free defense ability, is its power doubled?

No. Page 9, World Domination Handbook 1.1: "If the target of the attack spends a token in its own defense, it counts double." France isn't spending a token, so there is no doubling.


Germany has a few action tokens on it. Now the controlling Illuminati plays a +10 Booster on it. In the following attack, do all the action tokens on Germany get a +10 increased power or is the power of the attack increased by ten?

By the wording of the +10s, it gets the +10 for each token.

Questionably yours, till next time.

Article publication date: September 1, 1996

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