This article originally appeared in Pyramid #22


by Lynette Cowper


Go Fish!

If I want to cancel Go Fish! with a Plot card in my hand (like Hoax), when do I play it — before or after my opponent names the card he's looking for?


If he asks for Hoax, can I use Hoax to cancel Go Fish!?

No — you have to play it before he names the card he's looking for.

Can he ask her for hidden plots which duplicate an exposed plot card?

Yes. However, the exposed Plot card is not affected in any way by you having a duplicate hidden Plot because Go Fish only affects hidden Plots. For example . . . your opponent is sitting there with two Reverse Whammys on the table exposed. You have reason to suspect that she's got a lot of Reverse Whammys in her deck and, therefore, may still have one or more hidden in her hand. So, you plop down Go Fish and pause to give her a chance to cancel it if she can and so desires. She doesn't and you name Reverse Whammy. Unfortunately for her, she has one in her hand. Now, you get that one but not the two exposed on the table and she has to pay the Plot penalty as well, but not on the two exposed — she isn't affected or penalized in any way by the two sitting on the table.

Must Go Fish! be played only on my turn?

No, you can play it whenever, so long as you don't play it during a turn in which you have looked at her hidden Plots or deck.

Good Polls

Does this card triple the Power of eligible groups if they aid the defense of a group in another Power Structure?

No. This card only aids Defense, which is defending a group in your own power structure. It has no effect on Interference, which is aiding an attack or defense of a group in another player's Power Structure.

What about non-token "free action" defenses, like Italy defending Weird groups, do these get tripled power?

If it's a defense, it counts.

March on Washington

Can you use this plot to substitute for needed actions that specify Illuminati actions or the actions of a specific group?


Can March on Washington be used on a plot card that specifies the benefiting group that uses its action (Dictatorship) or only on plots that require up to 6 power of a specific type?

It can replace any action that merely requires an alignment of power 6 or less, including Dictatorship and its ilk. It can't replace actions for Plots that require Illuminati actions or a specific group action.


Can you Nevermore! a card on your first turn, before other players have had a chance to go?

It may be played on your first turn.

NWO: The Magic Goes Away

Only NWOs can affect a player before their first turn, but this NWO takes away automatic takeovers. Can you use TMGA before someone's first turn?


NWO: Watermelons

When Watermelons is in play, do all Communist groups become Green as well, or Green instead (and vice-versa)?

They become both.

NWO: World Hunger

If someone plays NWO: World Hunger in the middle of an attack, do Green actions already spent still count?

Yes, they do.


An opponent unmasks himself as the same Illuminati I'm playing. Can I play a Payoff to counter his fiendish plan?

Cute. I can't see why not.

Reverse Whammy!

Player A plays a Zap on Player B. Player B plays a Reverse Whammy to send the Zap back to Player A. Can Player A then play another Reverse Whammy to send the Zap once again at Player B?

You may Reverse Whammy a Reverse Whammy, yes.

Stealing the Plans

Can I use a Stealing the Plans to steal my opponent's Hoax, which he just used to cancel one of my plots. And then use the Hoax to cancel his Hoax?


Sudden European Vacation

What type of cards does this work against? Would it work on cards such as a Terrorist Nuke on an attacking card, or a Bribery which affects the die roll and not directly against the personality?

The Plots have to be played directly on the Personality — Plots aiding attackers in an attack on the personality don't count.

What about cards like a Jake Day used to turn a Personality Weird against his or her will?

If it was played by an opponent directly on the Personality, it counts.


If a die roll is an automatic failure (an 11 or 12), is it still okay for W.I.T.C.H. to change the roll to make it a success, or does the automatic failure rule supersede W.I.T.C.H.?

You may change the roll.


If an aiding group's action is made illegal, do they get their token back? (for example, if someone plays NWO: Apathy)

They lose their token.

Is there ever a situation when I can roll the dice when the attack strength is less than 2?


If I declare a victory, but am thwarted, is it still my turn?

By a careful reading of turns 6 and 7 of the turn sequence, it seems that you must knock at this point.

What happens if an alignment change due to a NWO causes a linked Plot card to become illegal? (For instance, the Recording Industry has a Monopoly. NWO: Military-Industrial Complex is played. Since the Recording Industry is no longer Corporate, the Monopoly is illegal.)

Alignment changes from NWOs are considered permanent, therefore, if a linked Plot is made illegal due to a change from a NWO, that Plot is discarded.

During the roll off to determine who wins a speed play, can you use stuff like Terrorist Nuke or Swiss Bank Account?

Nope, because they add to your attack strength, not to your attack roll. Only those things which can affect what number you are considered to have rolled will help you here.

Can a devastated place still give attack or defense bonuses and use special abilities that do not require actions?


Does Immunity prevent that type of group from interfering in your attacks from hand? For example, is it illegal for Government groups to interfere in Discordia's attacks from their own hand?

No. They are defending the group.

Can you put group cards from your hand back into your group deck (as you can with plots)?


Under normal circumstances, two people playing the same Illuminati may not share a victory. May two people playing the same Illuminati share a Percentage of Goal victory (tournament rules)?

Only if playing Shangri-La.

Article publication date: November 1, 1996

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