Pyramid Review

Shadows of Europe (for Shadowrun)

Published by FanPro

Written by Audun Myhra Bergwitz, Lars Blumenstein, Rob Boyle, Mikael Brodu, Elissa Carey, Dag Fossmo, Alistair Fraser, Anders Hølsted, Nathaniel Jouen, Steve Kenson, Maciej Kowalski, Stephan Meijerhof, João Nunes, Costán Sequeiros, Peter Taylor, Florian Weiss, & Tobias Wolter

Cover by Klaus Schwerinski

Illustrated by Steven Bagatzky, Eric Desideriu, Kjell Eriksson, Marcio Fiorito, Mike Grills, Fred Hooper, Chris Lewis, Larry MacDougall, Steve Prescott, Klaus Schwerinski, Karl Waller, & Shane White

Cartography by Mikael Brodu

240-page perfect bound soft cover; $25.00

It is fair to say that the Shadowrun RPG gives much of its attention to the various nations of North America. Europe has received relatively little coverage; just three countries have been detailed in English, with the London Sourcebook covering the United Kingdom of the Sixth World, the Germany Sourcebook covering that country, and Tír na nÓg exploring the now-Elven-dominated united Ireland. German fans were also able to read a further sourcebook, Deutschland in Den Schatten Zwei, plus the campaign, Shockwellen. Both of these were official supplements, while Walzer, Punks and Schwarzes, and the French language Shadowrun France and Chrom & Dioxin, were all regarded as being semi-official. Despite the semi-official status of the last three, they -- together with the other supplements listed above -- all serve as the basis for the latest Shadowrun supplement, . . .

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Article publication date: October 15, 2004

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