Supporting Cast

Miles Freeling

by John Myers

Age 34 (looks a little older), green eyes, short black hair. Always flipping a coin (a silver dollar)

ST: 9
DX: 12
IQ: 12
HT: 9

Speed: 5.25 Move: 5 Dodge: 5

Advantages: Common Sense; Double Jointed; High Pain Threshold; Illuminated.

Disadvantages: Odious Personal Habit (Infuriatingly Smug; -2 reaction); Weirdness Magnet; Solipsism.

Skills: Guns-10; Knife-10; Hypnotism-15; Occultism-15; Psychology-15; Savoir-Faire-9; Escape-16; Fast-Talk-16; Lockpicking-9; Politics-17, Stealth-13; Streetwise-15.

Quirks: Perpetual, often unnerving, coin-flipping; smart mouth; playfully cryptic.

A slender man of average build and a much greater than average air of self-assurance, Miles Freeling is a collector of secrets and a player of games. He's most at home when confusion and paranoia rule the day, slipping quietly on to the scene to make promises he seldom keeps. He haunts the metaphorical back alleys behind the halls of power, and his playground is the globe -- if there's an arms deal being closed, or an assassination being planned, or a serious theft to be contemplated, then Miles seems (or claims) to know something of it. Many theorize that he was once a part of the intelligence community, but Miles denies it. "Just a hobby," he'll insist. "And I'm just here to help out."

Miles tends to show up when the characters have involved themselves in something a little too large or complex for comfort -- in an Illuminati campaign, for instance, or a game that edges toward the darker truths in the CthulhuPunk or Voodoo settings. If the players seem stuck for a solution to a tricky problem, or can't find a way out of a dilemma, Miles will arrive, ready to trade his services for their problem. He never shows up unless he knows that he's needed, badly.


"Man you've really mucked this one up, haven't you? Oh well . . . I can offer you a piece of advice that should get you out of this predicament"

"What? You're still not mad about that, are you?"

"I've seen some messes before but . . . Hey! Where are you going?"

Article publication date: February 12, 1999

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