Supporting Cast

Hazran, Crusading Dragon

by Brandon Cope

Art by andi jones

Supporting Cast: Hazran, Crusading Dragon

Dragon Stats

ST: 30 [175] IQ: 12 [20] Speed: 12 (air), 6 (ground)
DX: 12 [20] HT: 15 [60] Move: 12 (air), 6 (ground)
Damage Swing: 5d+2 Thrust: 3d (as dragon)
Dodge: 6 Block: n/a Parry: n/a
Armor: natural armor (PD/DR 2/3); no encumbrance

Human Stats

ST: 15 [0] IQ: 12 [0] Speed: 6.25
DX: 12 [0] HT: 15 [0] Move: 4
Damage Swing: 2d+1 Thrust: 1d+1
Dodge: 6 Block: 6 Parry: 6 (Broadsword)
Armor: chainmail (PD/DR 3/4); medium encumbrance

Point Total: 737

Advantages: Animal Empathy [5]; Alertness +2 [10]; Damage Resistance +3 [9]; Extra Hit Points +45 [225]; Firebreathing (2d damage, 6 hex range, costs 2 Fatigue per use) [54]; Infravision [15]; Flight (Winged) [30]; Magery 3 [35]; Passive Defense +2 [50]; Sharp Claws [25]; Sharp Teeth [5] (only Animal Empathy, Alertness +2 and Magery 3 are usable in human form).

Disadvantages: Bully [-10]; Gluttony [-5]; Obsession (Destroy Order of St. George) [-10]; Secret [-30]; Sense of Duty (to Dragonkind) [-10].

Quirks: Doesn't talk much; Keeps to himself (both only when human); Plays with his food; Constantly curses dwarves (both as human and dragon).

Skills: Acting-11 [1]; Area Knowledge-14 [4]; Brawling-14* [4]; Broadsword-12* [2]; Crossbow-12* [1]; Flight-16 [16]; Heraldry-11 [1]; History (Humanoids)-17/11 [4]; Psychology (Humans)-17/11 [4]; Savior-Faire (Local human culture)-12 [1]; Shield-12* [1]; Stealth-11* [1]; Survival (Mountains)-13 [4].
* -- learned in human form (-4 to skill in dragon form, at best).

Languages: Dragon-12 [0]; Dwarvish-12 [2]; one human language at level 12 [2].

Grimoire: Beast Soother-15 [4]; Purify Air-15 [4]; Reptile Control-15 [4]; Sense Foes-15 [4]; Simple Illusion-15 [4].

Weapons: Broadsword (2d+3 cut, 1d+2 imp); Bite (2d cut); Firebreath (2d fire).

Author's note on character construction: Since Hazran is intended to be encountered (at least initially) as a human, it seemed appropriate to drop the bad Reputation dragons normally have and replace it with a Major Secret. Also, his History and Psychology skills were given the standard +5 specialization bonus. Finally, since Firebreathing costs dragons fatigue, which isn't standard for the Firebreathing racial advantage, I applied the -10% limitation (from Supers) of Always Costs 2 Points Fatigue. The original cost was 60 points.


Contemporary: Perhaps Hazran is an alien setting the path for an invasion, or a member of the Cabal trying to infiltrate an organization that has given them problems. Replace Broadsword with Guns (Pistol)-14 and Shield with either Occultism-11 or Area Knowledge (Earth)-12.
Near Future: As contemporary.
Space: As contemporary, but replace Guns with Beam Weapons.


As a dragon: 30' long, 1100 lbs., gray hide with horizontal red streaks, dark blue eyes. As a human: 6'3", 185 lbs., brown hair and moustache, dark blue eyes, deeply tanned skin, mid 20s.

Hazran is an atypical dragon about 80 years of age, unusual in that he has taken it upon himself to protect dragons from other races. Most of his early life was spent in a normal fashion, hoarding treasure and fending off the occasional thieves who came for it, although he has spent some time studying humanoid races. After defeating one such group of would-be looters, he discovered an ancient enchanted necklace among their possessions.

Over the next year, he discovered that it was originally crafted by a dragon, allowing any of member of dragonkind to shapeshift into a human, dwarf or elf, while still retaining all of his abilities (though strength is reduced by half and flight is impossible); to other species it is useless. In addition, the wearer is immune to the effects of any magical scrying or mind-control spells.

When Hazran realized the potential of the artifact, he then devised a plan to train his human form as a warrior, eventually gaining entrance into the Order of St. George, a group dedicated to the slaying of dragons. Once inside, he would cause as much damage to their cause as possible, culminating with the slaying of the order's leader.

Much to Hazran's dismay, most other dragons do not support him and instead are suspicious of his motives; some dragons even feel that once he is a member of the Order, Hazran will use his special knowledge of dragons and the Order's hatred of them to eliminate many nearby dragons, thus reducing Hazran's competition.

In human form, Hazran goes by the name of Hewe. To reduce the chances of blowing his human cover, he speaks very little to humanoids and stays away from them when it doesn't serve his plan. So far, Hazran has not tried to take dwarvish form, though he is considering an elvish disguise for escape.

"The safety of the individual means nothing if one's race is endangered."
"Dragons are the loathsome spawn of Satan and should be destroyed as swiftly as possible." (when in human form, of course . . .)

Adventure Seeds

* The PCs have just applied for membership in the Order along with several others (including Hazran). They are sent to slay a rampaging dragon (Hazran), with the survivors, if successful, gaining admission into the Order. The quest starts well, but gradually things begin to go wrong, eventually leading to the death of one of the party members. It seems obvious that one of the questers is responsible. Hazran plans to be the sole survivor and stage the dragon's death. If that plan fails, then the beast will miraculously escape.

* A dragon aware of Hazran's actions and certain that Hazran is not being truthful about his intentions, secretly tips off the party to Hazran's basic plan. The anonymous message also includes a rather vague description of the human form. The adventurers will not only have to find Hazran, but they also have to convince the leaders of the Order that it has been infiltrated.

Article publication date: June 11, 1999

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