Supporting Cast

Arturo Dellamanteri

by Michael Breen

Art by andi jones

Supporting Cast: Arturo Dellamanteri ST 9
DX 14
IQ 10
HT 8
Move 4.75

Advantages: Handsome [15]; Comfortable Lifestyle [10]; Reputation (among culture conscious) [7]; Ambidextrous [10].

Disadvantages: Low Pain Threshold [-10]; Alcoholism [-15]; Bad Temper [-10]; Combat Paralysis [-15]; Gluttony [-5]; Impulsiveness [-10]; Intolerant (Poor) [-5]; Overconfidence [-10]; Stubbornness [-5]; Odious Personal Habits (Rude, Demanding, Selfish, Vain, Imperious) [-10].

Skills: Riding (Horse)-16; Artist-15; Calligraphy-16; Sculpting-16; Falconry-9; Fencing-14; Architecture-13; Mathematics-10; Carousing-6; Gambling-10; Savoir-Faire-12; Jeweler-13.

Age: 27.

Description: Blonde hair, quite handsome with only his well worked hands betraying him as anything but a noble. He always seeks to be well-dressed, however his wardrobe suffers when he is partying.

Quote: "God has given me the talent and it is up to you all to recognize and reward it."

Arturo Dellamanteri was born in a small village of poor, hardworking parents. They gave him the best education and upbringing they could afford. Around his 12th birthday, it became evident that he had artistic talents and he was sent to apprentice under a master artist and craftsman. His master was of the old school of hard, menial labor and endless practice, which Arturo rebelled against constantly. But the young man quickly showed great skills in many of the arts and soon had learned all the master could teach him. At the same time his estimation of his own abilities and worth increased a thousand-fold. Arturo had received several commissions from rich merchants and nobles during his apprenticeship, which gave him the necessary funds to tour the great centers of art to study the old masters and proclaim himself the newest master to all in hearing range. He learned to appreciate the finer things in life and then some. Gourmet food, fine wine, beautiful women, and untold other luxuries made him a bit soft as well as disparaging of those things which reminded him of his humble roots.

He soon became one of the most famous figures in all the lands, for both his artistic talents and his misbehavior. His sculptures, paintings, and other works graced the homes of the rich and powerful and decorated government buildings, guild halls, and churches. But wherever he went loud parties, duels, misadventures with ineligible maids and maidens, and gambling debts were left in his wake. Half of the world wanted his work no matter the cost -- the other half wanted his head just as much.

When encountered, Dellamanteri will be at the height of his abilities and arrogance. Although able to get a commission almost anywhere, his gambling and partying will usually leave him short of funds, or being chased by some woman's husband or brother. Even when he is completely drunk, he will only associate with those of near-equal or higher social standing, and even if with his betters (in nobility or ability) he will brook no one treating him less than an expert in any and all subjects, even if he knows nothing about them. He is quick to start fights and even quicker at finding someone to finish them for him. It is difficult to say if he is more dangerous as a friend or a foe.

Although designed as a Fantasy/Renaissance character, Arturo is easily adaptable to any genre or era. Simply change his skills to reflect the current art forms and the hobbies of the rich and famous.

Adventure Seeds

The party has been hired by a nobleman or merchant to retrieve Dellamanteri from some far off land and return him for a valuable commission. However, before they can do that they must find him, get him out of the entanglements he is in, and prevent him from getting in any new ones, without killing him themselves.

A member of the party (especially one with little or no artistic talent) will be mistaken for Arturo and will be held liable for a laundry list of indiscretions and misdemeanors that the artist managed to get into. The PC will be facing serious punishment, up to and including death, but will be given simple permanent exile if he will create a work of art for the local church. The PCs must then figure out how to extricate their comrade from this situation.

Dellamanteri hires the party to act as escorts/bodyguards while he is in their city. This will essentially degenerate into a continuous string of mishaps and misadventures, some of which might hurt the party's own reputation. The PCs will have to put up with Arturo's condescending attitude and bad manners in order to get their pay.


Megacorps expect to get what they pay for, whether it's a first-class run against a competitor or a beautiful work of art for the front lobby. The group is hired to find out why Mr. Dellamanteri decided not to complete the generous assignment given to him and to convince him to return and finish the job. The group will also insure that he does get the project done and prevent any interruptions. This will be difficult, as Arturo has managed to offend all sorts of corps, street samurai, deckers, razorboys, and other assorted folks with bad attitudes and killer gear.

Black Ops/Horror

Dellamanteri has been given a commission from a mysterious stranger living in a dark and secluded manor. The assignment is to paint a strange "mythological" creature at a specific time, using all sorts of exotic materials provided by the stranger (gee those smell funny). Of course the painting is actually part of a ritual to summon That Which Man Was Not Meant To Know. The party will need to stop this from occurring, hopefully without hurting the artist (who is after all an important cultural figure). The stranger, his minions, and the manor itself will provide all sorts of obstacles, but the biggest will be Arturo himself. Whether due to magical compulsion or dedication to his "artistic vision" he will refuse to stop painting, and will even continue to work in the middle of a firefight.

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